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  1. OMG ladies! Jen1310, I am so sorry I think my FIL even talked to your dad at some point cause he came back telling stories about a bonfire and dj on the beach that they weren't going to refund cause of the rain but ended up doing so because they couldnt get it going. My wedding was the day before your on June 21 @ 4 on the beach with the poolside reception...so apparently she got fired during my wedding. I know that there was a lot of confusion on our day and definitely some things that didnt go like they were suppose to but nothing like yours and overall our day was good! I am so sorry but it sure explains alot as to why things were a little/lot crazy on our day. My review will be coming soon cause there were a few incidences is all I will say but nothing too major that ruined our day or trip!
  2. I am having a major issue on this, It is the one and only thing that my FI has been adamant about that he wants! We were going to go for 2 hours then then increase happened, so he was like well I at least want it for 1 hour, now that its only 6 weeks away and we have had to pay our taxes hes like well I am cutting it we don't have the money, so I think my mom and I are going to do it for him as a surprise. We are doing the free cocktail hour(this just come with rum punch and fruit punch) from 5-6 (our ceremony is at 4) at the ceremony location that way people aren't just standing around waiting for pics and I think I am going to have them play during that time!
  3. We have 60 people going and she said that she has it reserved at St. Anns for the night before the wedding, I dont know if since you have 80 if it will still work. Sorry!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by msmoodyr Couple of floral pics Minister under chuppa BM bouquet Bride and BM bouquet Again I highlyyyyyyy recommend Floral Fantasy in Negril love the chuppa! did Floral Fantasy do it or did it come through the ROR?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs.B If the order has not been placed yet, please explain to me how this would work. It has not been placed yet. How it would work is that I would place the order, I have a paypal account that you would pay me for your portion. When I get the order in I would split them up and send them to you. If you are ok with this let me know. Amber
  6. To all that are interested: There are a few of us that are going in together and doing this, we are going through Vendo direct. I talked to them and they still have what the 2009 group did so they can change it for 2010. I am hoping to get this ordered by the end of this week because we have some April brides. I am attaching a picture of the the 2009 cups so everyone can see them, the only difference is that they will say 2010. We don't quite have the 250 min order so there is still room if someone would like to go in. If you are interested, please let me know ASAP.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Mallory57 Has anyone ordered the linen shirts from this site?? I ordered a shirt yesterday for my nephew who is 9 but I can let you know what it looks like when I get it
  8. I want to do this but have not heard back from everyone that said they wanted to, right now I have 120 cup of people that say they want to for sure, anyone who wants to do this let us know ASAP!
  9. From what I have been told before the wedding the brides name goes first (mainly b/c in the olden days because the brides family paid for the wedding) and then once they are married the grooms name comes first. At least that is how we are doing it...I figure on everything in life after we are married his name will come first so during all of the wedding stuff mine can come first!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by tbrwn250 Oh I am def interested! Pens Promotional, Pens Personalized, Inexpensive Pens Personalized, Cheap Imprinted Pens,Customized Pens and Custom Beer Bottle openers by Vendo Direct.com has really cute custom color changing stadium cups but the min quanity is 250. I only need 25 but if we get alot of other people we might be able to pull it off! Please let me know!! I am interested in the color changing cups as well and would need 100 cups have these been ordered yet? If I need to place the order I am not against this at all since I have such a large order. Thanks guys and let me know
  11. Shakara - one more question for you, in regards to Grande Garden, have you received quotes from them? I am to the point where I need to start looking for my florist, I know the types of flowers and colors I want but need to start sending out emails for quotes. Thanks!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Shakara yupp I know what you mean!! Your day is only three days before mine... Thats awesome!!! How long are you staying until?? We will probably run into each other! I'm getting there on the June 22 and staying until the 26 then we're headin over to Couples We are actually leaving ROR on the 22. I am not sure what time or when or where we are going seeing as though my FI wont tell me where we are going on our honeymoon...it is driving me crazy! most of our group will still be there though til the 23 and some the 24. do you know what time yall will be there on the 22?
  13. That is totally awesome! and I am right there with you I am a little under the 5 mo. mark now and its like it has all just hit me of what I have to do. most of my bmaids have ordered their dresses and over the last 2 weeks we have had like 26 people book its gotten me so excited but then again I get overwhelmed!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by kris Hey I havent used them yet but I have put my deposit down for my flowers from there for my Feb.3/09 wedding at ROR. I think I still have the brochure/price list if you want me to email them to you..I bought 4 bridesmaid bouquets and my bouquet for 450.00...I didn't think that was too bad. could you send me the price list, ill pm you my email address right now. THX!!!!
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