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    April 2010 Brides

    hello ladies just thought i would pop on and let you know that we did manage to get to cyprus and got married 29th april it was gorgeous there were a couple of things that we had to fight for but it all worked out in the end glad everyone had good days i am back at work not really enjoying it but after 3 weeks off i cant see why i would lol will sort out my wedding review at some point and fill you all in on the finer details xx Mrs Jodi Sampford xx
  2. jodi_22n

    April 2010 Brides

    thanks for all the messages girls. Just hope that nothing else goes wrong. I am sorted of chilled about it as there is nothing we cab do about it. We are hoping we can arrange a trip to Jamaica next year x. But had wedding date confirmed so at least we know everything now. If anyone knows if there is a forum for cyprus brides xx
  3. jodi_22n

    April 2010 Brides

    hey ladies so i guess you can probably tell that as i am on here my flight was cancelled the volcano stopped our flight so now we have had a replan and are now going to cyprus on sunday and will get married on 29th april (i hope) so i am still an april 2010 bride (just) sucks to be still at home but nothing we can do hope everyone who has already taken the plunge this month had an awesome day and those who havent yet good luck with everything much love jodi xx (who is now off to amend her profile details)
  4. jodi_22n

    Jamaica Brides from the UK

    ok so my flight was cancelled so i didnt make it out to jamaica so gutted but on a plus note travel agents have managed to arrange for us to leave for cyprus on sunday to get married out there i know not the same but i am sure we will have a great wedding hope no one else was affected by this ash cloud xx
  5. oh i came here to look for templates and there wasnt any oh i will have to go back and search for them xxx
  6. jodi_22n

    Jamaica Bride

    congrats and welcome to the forum xx hope you find all the advice and help you need happy planning
  7. jodi_22n

    April 2010 Brides

    with regards to the dresss - my wedding shop had a travel box that is airline restriction approved (size acceptable for hand luggage) and they are packing it for me into this in the uk they have this option available in most shops as it is common that people want to take their dresses as hand luggage hope everyone is a little more prepared than i am i still have not started my packing xx
  8. jodi_22n

    Budget Resort Ideas

    hi i am from the uk so can only give you price in GBP but we are staying at the RIU Montego Bay for 14 nights all inclusive and it costs £1004 per person (not sure what that is in dollars) but we are going april-may (next week) so i am not sure on the costing around the time you are looking at we booked with Travel Agent as a package deal hope this helps and happy planning xx
  9. jodi_22n

    Sandy's RIU MoBay Review 3/20/10

    congrats on the day sorry to hear about the mess to begin with but glad it all worked out xx
  10. jodi_22n

    What time is your ceremony?

    we are currently booked in for the 2pm slot although we didnt select this the travel agents did we were just specific on the date we wanted we have tried to request the 4pm slot but were told there is another wedding already on at 4pm so we will wait and see if it is free when we arrive xx
  11. we havent decided if we want this or not but are hoping to make our decision when we get there xxx
  12. from what i could see they look fantastic i have emailed you for templates xxx thanks for sharing x
  13. jodi_22n

    The most AWESOME wedding entrance!!!

    i have seen this it amused me so much that i couldnt contain the laughter at work and then looked round to see all these peope staring at me lol ooops but all in all it was enough to entertain me at work
  14. jodi_22n

    Newbie....trying to pick BDW location

    Congratulations on the upcoming destination wedding you will find so much help and advice on here Happy Planning xx
  15. jodi_22n

    Already Booked, but still need lots of help

    Congratulations on the upcoming destination wedding you will find so much help and advice on here Happy Planning xx