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  1. Hey Ladies! I have two couples attending my wedding that are coming from a different resort. Does anyone know how much the day pass costs and how late they can stay at the resort? Want to make sure they can stay until the end of my reception Thanks! 17 days till Mexico!!
  2. Thanks so much, that helps me out a lot! Yeah, 2 hours isn't very long to pay $500 for a dj... definitely going to have to think on that one. You looked gorgeous and I love your dress! That ceremony set up looks great too!!
  3. Congrats on your wedding! Sounds like you are super happy with how everything turned out - that's awesome! Can't wait to see pictures! Just wondering if you ladies are in the same predicament as me... I told Rocio I wanted the private reception at La Laguna, but I am seriously having second thoughts! I am having about 40 guests, and at $55 per person, that really adds up! I am wondering if I should go the free dinner route, and then do a cocktail reception instead?? Can you still have a DJ if you are doing a cocktail reception, because I have DJ Bob all booked and ready to go, and my crowd LOVES to dance. Totally torn on what to do.... yikes! Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Your pictures look gorgeous Sarah! Another question for you.. Did you get your hair and makeup done at the spa? If so, how did that go? Were you happy with how everything went? Thanks and Congrats!
  5. Awesome planning thread! I am using the same colors, so you gave me a lot of inspiration and ideas. Congrats!
  6. Hey Stephy, I also deliberated between 3 and 4 pm... tough call! 4pm will probably be a little cooler and less of a break for the guests before the reception, but 3 pm gives you more time for pictures, etc.. I think you will be fine with the 4 pm ceremony.. they are pretty short. You will have two solid hours for pictures, so that should be good.
  7. Congrats Stephy D! I am getting married at GP Riviera Maya on December 2, 2010. I am so excited! My ceremony is at 3pm on the beach gazebo, and then I'm having a private reception at La Laguna at 7. I also booked Claudia Rodriguez Photography. I thought it seemed so far away, but time flies when you are planning a wedding! Your date will be here in no time! Happy Planning
  8. Hi Ladies! I know you love a challenge! Found this photo on google and these are the exact color/style of dress I am looking for. I love how they look great on all shapes and sizes! Any idea who makes this dress?? Thanks for your help
  9. Congrats! I'm getting married at the same resort in December!
  10. Day 7 of Level one tonight! I have lost 3 pounds so far! pumped! (17 more to go!) Definitely not AS sore as the first few days, but Jillian is still kicking my a*s! I have made a great playlist and I turn up the tunes during the workout to keep me motivated. Keep it up ladies!
  11. Finished my day 3 of Level 1 yesterday.... ouch. Those lunges will be the death of me! I will squat all day long, but those lunges kill me! Feeling good though - 3 days of eating healthy and shredding with Jillian! I hope this soreness eases up a bit though! I can only do two "real" pushups! haha Sticking to the knee ones for now.
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