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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by StephyD Hi everyone! I'm confused... do you need to be in Mexico 3 or 4 business-days prior to your wedding? I browsed through the threads and some people say 3 days, orthers say 4. What is right? I am getting married at the Grand Palladium and the WC sent me a document that says we need to be there 3 days in advance. We are planning to arrive on a Sunday and get married on a Thursday. But my Travel Agent is telling me we need to be there 4 days prior to our wedding day. HELP! Hello! I am not sure if you have this all figured out yet or not. I was just married at the Grand Palladium last Wednesday and we went with the 3 business days. We did our license and blood work on Friday and the ceremony was Wednesday. So if you are there on Sunday the Thursday wedding would be fine as that would give you 3 business days like we had. Best of luck planning!
  2. maj2010

    Sascha Gluck - Any reviews?

    We recently booked Sascha for our upcoming wedding- the best pricing I could find out there and great pictures on his website. He has been good with responding to questions so far and I am looking forward to working with him!
  3. maj2010

    Newbie- Grand Palladium

    Hi everyone! I am getting a late start joining here as I leave in 5 weeks to head to Cancun for our wedding! We are getting married at the Grand Palladium Riviera Maya on 6/23/10. I haven't done much besides booking, getting my dress and booking a photographer. The excitement/stress of 6 weeks until the wedding started to hit me this week-hopefully it all goes as simply and wonderfully as is planned! Michelle
  4. Wonderful photographer!

    Pros: great to work with, professional, wonderful style
    Cons: none!
    We used Sascha for our June 23,2010 wedding at the Grand Palladium in Riviera Maya.    The wedding was planned in only 6 months and we debated about getting a photographer as we were "keeping it simple."  I am so glad that I chose a photographer and that it was Sascha!  It is a very difficult thing to look online and choose someone that you will probably not meet until they day they take your wedding pictures.  From the start Sascha made me feel comfortable with his quick responses to emails and questions.  It was easy to see he is very laid back and professional.    We just wanted to have professional shots for the wedding and right after, so booked Sascha for 2 hours.  It was so much more than I was expecting or thought we could get in such a short time.  Everyone, from my grandma to friends at work are AMAZED by the photos.  I didn't have any set way I wanted my photos, just that I liked what I had seen with Sascha's style.  He was so easy to work with and get along with that it seemed we had known him forever.  He managed to make all the pictures look so natural and perfect.  He exceeded any expectations that I had, and made it very difficult to narrow down and choose our prints from all he took!   I highly recommend this photographer to anyone who is having their destination wedding in the Cancun area.  I cannot say enough positive things about our experience and photos from this day.