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  1. The script font is Scriptina...very popular and maybe a bit overused but I love it and wanted to incorporate it. Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback!
  2. Well, the wedding is only 3 weeks away so I sent the invitations out quite awhile ago but never made it around to posting pictures. My invitations ended being a combination of ideas I got from the wonderful ladies on this forum. I would never have been able to do it otherwise! I hope that by sharing my invitations I can help another BDW Bride create her own. I had a hard time getting good pictures of the different pieces of the invitations but I hope they are good enough to help. Like many others, I used Cards & Pockets for the pocketfolds, envelopes and cardstock. Their website can be a little hard to navigate but with a little patience you can find what you're looking for. They have invitation kits, which are great because you can get exactly what you want and in the correct quantity, plus they are extremely affordable. I think my kit was around $35 for enough supplies to make 15 invitations. I couldn't find anything that I would have been happy with for such a reasonable price so, in that aspect, they were awesome! However, I did have some shipping issues with them. I ordered my supplies and their website says that unless they contact you with different information, they will ship your order in two weeks. Well, two weeks came and went without a word so I emailed them. I received a quick response but it was to tell me that they didn't know why my order hadn't shipped because it was sitting there ready to go!! I'm glad I contacted them or I might never have received it! Anyway, they shipped it the next day and everthing was great. The odd part was that a few weeks later I received another package from them...with my order again! I don't know what happened there but my only complaint would be with their lack of organization with their orders and shipping. Enough said about that. I designed the invitations with Powerpoint as I do not have Photoshop or any other design program. However, Powerpoint worked great! I had to play around with it a lot to figure out how to do everything I wanted but that would have happened no matter what program I used. I used our HP printer to print everything out and that was probably the most stressful part. I didn't order a lot of extra supplies so when the printer made mistakes, it was an issue. I highly recommend ordering plenty of extra card stock. My FI brought home a paper cutter from work to cut everything out and I found that the best adhesive for the cardstock were glue dots. I went through about three rolls of those! For the ribbon on the outside, I found that a hot glue gun worked best. Overall, I love them and I think they turned out great! I know I wouldn't have been as happy with anything someone else did and still stay within my budget. I hope this helps other BDW brides. You guys have been a wealth of information for me!
  3. Brenna

    Recommendations for a mani/pedi

    Was going to try Soleil Luna but it turns out they are closed on Sundays...the only day I can do it. Oh, well...on to searching for something else!
  4. Well, I went ahead and ordered from their webiste. I ordered the Dolce Cubic Zirconia Pearl Earrings- Dolce Cubic Zirconia and Pearl Earrings and the Sashe Pearl and Crystal Ball Clasp Bracelet - Sasha Pearl and Crystal Ball Clasp Bracelet Faux Pearl It did take a little while to get them but I did receive them by the promised time. Obviously, I haven't worn either piece yet but the quality seems really good. The pearls on the earrings are a little larger than I expected but overall I am happy with my purchase. I hope this helps someone else. Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. Hello ladies. I am considering purchasing my wedding day jewelry from annabellagio.com but have never heard anything about them. I am wondering if anyone has dealt with them at all or knows anything about their customer service? Any help would be great, thank you!
  6. I am thinking of treating myself and my MOH to mani/pedis the day before the wedding but since we're staying in a condo I won't have a spa at my fingertips. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a place on the West side for this? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Brenna

    Rehearsal Dinner or Reception

    We had the same issue as we will have around 33 people. We decided to do a luau for the reception. Generally all food, drinks and the show are included in the per person price. I know a lot of my friends would be able to rack up quite a bill for drinks alone so this was the best choice for us. We are using the Old Lahaina Luau and have heard fabulous things abou it. They also include a lei for each guest. I hope this helps! If you want to find out more, here is their website: Maui Luaus, Old Lahaina Maui Luau | Official Website
  8. This is exactly the website I needed. Thank you so much for sharing!
  9. We're using mywedding.com and it has been great so far. Easy to use and free! Here is ours: Brenna & Doug - wedding website by mywedding.com
  10. These look FABULOUS! I'm so excited to make mine. I too am planning on using fuschia pocketfolds. Glad to know they look so great!
  11. I love these! I am wanting to do a veil AND a hair flower but some friends/family are saying that may be too much. Any thoughts on this?
  12. I like the pocketfold color. Is it Bronze from Cards and Pockets? After ordering my samples I decided I want to incorporate brown but don't really want to waste time ordering more samples. I'm on a time crunch! Thanks!
  13. Love these!! I too am planning on using Cards & Pockets. Just waiting on my samples before I make my final decision. Good to know they are so great to work with!