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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by CaraW Hello!! It all depends on what you would like to do for your vows. They will let you say your own vows if you choose to do so, but if not they will do the standard vows for you. My husband and I were planning all along to write our own vows. But the day before we left for mexico I couldn't print them off, and we decided to go with the standard vows after that. We changed it up with the wedding coordinator when we got there, which I was worried about because I thought they may still think we're saying our own vows, and they'd hold the mike up to me asking me to say my vows and there'd be an awkward silence, but it worked out perfectly and the minister knew that we were saying the standard vows and they were beautiful. Hope that helps! Cara Thank you Cara, this does help I have something, nothing I wrote personally though. If we end up not using it, just like you, I'd be fine with that too... I just don't want that awkward silence either! lol Also, I'd rather not have my personal vows running through my head, stressing me out. I'd like to be surprised and do the least amount of talking, then it would be more genuine and I won't be plagued with anxiety of getting my 'lines' right! I have Gabriela as a coordinator and have not heard from her in months! I spoke to Claudia over the phone yesterday and asked her to make notes of some of the things we would like to confirm, I'm pretty patient and easy going but with it coming up in a few weeks I'm getting anxious, it's so nice to know that it all works out It's funny because Claudia said that she would have Gabriela email me menu options 'today' as in yesterday, its too funny that 'today' in Mexico usually means 'in the possible futur' lol By the way, your back looks gorgeous in your profile pic! Thank you, Barbara
  2. Ladies, these are all so beautiful... It's making me teary eyed envisioning my day, which is coming so quickly! I need some help... I have put together a script, with the help of this thread, thank you ladies! My question is, do I just print this off and hand it to the judge? I don't know when and how I will get it to him... How did you ladies do it? Thank you.
  3. My wedding is less than a month away!!! Yikes! I have a question about vows... Do they provide you with them, or do you have to prepare something? I had found something on this forum, but was wondering how to provide it to the judge ahead of time, or are they just that good at 'winging' it? Please help!! What did you ladies do for vows? Thanks!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by laura4ever Just got back today...will tell you ladies that I was freaking out over some of the details before I went and it was amazing even though their was record breaking rain a couple of days last week!!! I will write up a review and post and even though I couldnt relax before hand...my personality...I will agree with the previous brides and say the WC's are very helpful once you arrive Thank you for that post! I haven't had much luck either, and am happy to hear that it all works out! Can't wait to hear all about it, and please post photos!
  5. LOL I have the same problem! Except it's not really my FI who is way too tall for me, it's my brother! He's walking me down the aisle and is 6 3"! I found similar a similar wedge and hope it's ok in the sand Yours are much blingier, I LOVE them
  6. Hi there, I am getting married at Barcelo colonial July 8th! Do you know what live music they offer? I know mariachi, but what else is there? Do you know the prices? Have you heard much about bringing an ipod to play your own music at the ceremony? Is the sound good? and does it limit your ceremony site if you want to play your own music? I really envisioned the white sand and blue water in the backroung... Which might be tricky if we need electrical, that's why i'm thinking live... Thanks for any help you can give!
  7. Hi Ladies, My FI and I are getting married at the Colonial on July 5th, haven't heard from Gabriela in months! I know that's its normal, so I am being patient. It's sooo hard! I was wondering if anyone could help me with something. We are toying with the idea of live music, but not sure yet because of the cost. Did anyone do live music for the ceremony? What options are there other than the Mariachi band? Do you know the cost? We can easily do our own music and bring our Ipod... Did anyone do this? How does the sound system sound? Oh and did anyone get a wooden roll out runner? Does that exist at Barcelo?? Thank you! Barbara
  8. We are doing ivory silk fans We got them at Michaels, added a heart shaped charm that says "Love" and a little ribbon. I'm also trying to think of a way to print/burn our initials onto the wood handle of the fan. They are super cute, even without our initials. I thought they would be awesome to have on each persons seat for the ceremony, practical and pretty these will double as our favors.
  9. Those using Adrian for make-up, could I please have contact information for him? Did you have to pay a fee to allow the make-up artist onto the property? We're at the Colonial, would it be the same rules for all the Barcelo resorts? Thank you!!
  10. Check out hot yoga, go everyday until your wedding!
  11. To conquer his fear of flying maybe suggest a short flight somewhere... You're in AB. Maybe fly to Edmonton or Calgary, get his feet wet!
  12. I love this thread, it will help me out sooo much!
  13. You girls are GREAT! Can I be the next BWD'er?
  14. I've seen a lot of post regarding 'real touch' flowers. Why do BDW brides choose fake flowers? Is it because you ladies want to keep them afterwards? Are they cheaper? Are you worried that Mexico won't provide exactly what you are looking for? How will you transport them? Just interested in them and wondering what the pros and cons are. Thanks!
  15. Here are what my girls are wearing. They all liked it and I even liked the color so we went with it! The color is called Auburgene? Has anyone one heard of that? In person it's not as shiny, the flash from the camera did that. I'm thinking white flowers would do, or what do you think they should have as bouquets?