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    May 2011 Bride :)

    Here's to all of you getting married this year!! WHOOOHOOO! I too am a May 2011 bride, exactly 4 months as of today. Happy planning everyone!
  2. I have to agree, she's really good and quick with her responses...so far no complaints here!
  3. Fivecents

    New & Married

    Hi Amy, Congratulations !!! I'm looking into a photographer and saw that you had used Micheal Weiler, he's on my list and was wondering if you'd mind giving some feedback and maybe sending me a few pics. fivecents_74@hotmail.com Also, how long before your wedding did you book your photographer?
  4. OMG!! Ladies WOW! I REALLY REALLY want a TTD session but right now I'm debating as my biggest worry right now is how much does it damage the dress if at all. Any feedback???
  5. Thank you! Now if we can only our flights settled....always one thing after another....I'm gonna crack!!! hehehe
  6. I just want to give you all a quick update.....my dad has decided to come!!!! I'm so excited.... thank you all for your kind words and for your happy wishes.....you're good vibes have come through!
  7. Hello everyone, I'm just wondering out there if people are having the same problems as I am....and if so how do deal with it because I'm about to go crazy. First off, we looked around with 3 diff. TA, my favorite one, well was going on MAT leave so that didn't work out, then the 2nd we tried, was good but too busy and the 3rd seemed very knowledgeable, had 20 yrs experience, done numerous wedding planning and all that, told us no worries....our requests were as follows, direct flights and as possible early mornings to go and coming back around supper time or night flights and again NO WORRIES. We started booking sometime in July, the deal we got was pretty good, deposits in by Sept. 24 and paid in full by Dec. 17. Now the fun part .... I get an email about 3 weeks ago that she's telling me that there are no longer any direct flights except if we go with another air line....we have to decide now because the other airline will give us the same prices but here's the catch....flights have to be booked and paid in full within 2 weeks. After many discussions...and sleepless nights...we figured best to leave it where it's at, do the connecting flights and that's that....instead of going throught the hassle of requesting more deposits and all that.... today I'm told that she still hasn't received confirmation for our connecting flights... I'm seriously going to loose it..... Has anyone gone through anything like this any suggestions or .....help!!!
  8. Thanks for your input. Any idea how much for extra baggage is it per piece or by weight? Sorry about the new thread but I did do a search and couldn't exactly find what I was looking for.
  9. Hello Ladies! Just wondering if any of you Canadian Brides who had OOT Bags if you carried all items with you on the plane or if you had it shipped at the resort beforehand? HELP!!!!
  10. OMG that is just the cutest thing!!!
  11. Hey ladies, Well right now I'm trying to get back in shape by walking/running for about 1 mile on the treadmill, then I've started the 30 day challenge with the Wii Active, which I do after my treadmill, and then do some Wii fit plus exercises as well. Once I'm done with that, I then do my own ab workout. I try to do this on a regular basis (2 on, 1 off) I love the Wii Active it's never the same routine and once I get all my trophies I'll be looking into purchasing the Wii More Active
  12. 2011 Bride here too. We have a few different locations in mind, not set yet.... We're looking into getting married in April. I'm so excited! Happy Planning to Everyone!!!