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  1. This is a better view of the back of the dress http://pics.classifieds.weddingbee.c...102.jpg.resize
  2. Thanks for the info. Im a size 8,9. and it fits me perfect. Your bust has to be at least a 36 C or more
  3. Moonlight 102 Destination Dress for Sale I fell in love with it and bought it for my destination wedding in Jamaica June 9,2009 and I eventually cancelled my wedding very devastated. Now that I'm out of my Slump, I have to start getting rid of these things. Brings back alot of memories. I would like someone else to enjoy this Gorgeous dress. I bought it for $700 and Im willing to let it for for 600 plus shipping or best offer. Email me nbarr25@yahoo.com
  4. I would like to purchase all 40 when can we make the transaction
  5. Hi everyone, Does anyone have a list of activties for people staying in or around the Iberostar Rose Hall resort? Im trying to put together a Passport of activties and events for my guest. Thanks Tasha
  6. I can Kiss you all. This is wonderful that we can all work together. Thanks in advance for all your help on everything. Toni, Girl I would like to see those pics. my email is nbarr25@yahoo.com. Now that you said that about Sandy I feel bad cause she respond to my emails very prompt but a few times it probably took 2 days and I email her back with a waiting remark. I will not do that again cause I feel her pain. I would like to get married on the terrace cause I can wear my shoes but the beach sounds really nice I will keep that in mind. No the center pieces how did the flower company set up your center pieces because i was thinking of shipping bowls with candles and such but if they can do it it will be easier. I guess I will see them when you send the pics. Ican't wait to see them. You can add pics through kodakgallery or flickr by just adding a album. I never worked with flickr before so I don't know how it work. But with Kodakgallery you can create a album and email the album or invite people to view the album. What were your colors. Ok ok Ill wait for the pics Thanks again Toni
  7. I thought about the Iberostar Suites Resort but I have my 2 boys and they are no kids allowed at that one. And the one Im staying at is 75 per guest. I have a problem I got my packages for my guest without getting air fare included because it seems to come out cheaper for the guest. If I got the guest to get an airfare and resort package it would be over $1200. and my Wedding package is 2100 + 17 per guest is that what sandy is working out for you? I might have over 40 people. Please let me know if there are any deals out there for airfare and any special deals offered for the wedding package.
  8. Here is Sandy's email Sandy <weddings@iberostar.com.jm>; But I also went through the a travel agent to get the room deals and the honeymoon deal Sandy is just the WC. The longest she took to contact me was a day and that was when I asked for pics. Tasha
  9. Congrates all my Iberostar Brides. I will be in Montego Bay JA Rose Hall Iberostar. I have seen really nice pictures but i would like to hear about this place more. Does anyone know if any airfare deals going to JA or have a travel agent with good rates and what are those rates? Tasha
  10. OOh Yes they are on Island time down there so they will respond but not right away. I have a travel agent thats helping me a whole lot she got me great deals for my guest if your interested let me know. She works out of miami and she's Jamaican so she knows how to negotiate with them. As far as the center pieces, the coordinator told me we have to get our own center pieces but they will set everything up for us. I was thinking of just geting glass bowls with water and puting 1 pretty pink flower in it with clear rocks at the bottom. I know someone that lives 5 minutes from the resort so I was planning to ship it to them
  11. Thats ok with the 10 years because Im pretty close to that with 8years and 2kids. Tasha
  12. Hi all User name: Tashi Name: Natasha and Ino Date: July 9, 2009 Location: Iberostar Montego Bay JA Any Ideas for bridemaids dresses somthing light like sundresses Thanks all
  13. I will for sure keep you posted. When is your wedding? I been asking the coordinator alot of questions her name is Sandy? She is very nice. What are you doing for center pieces? because they don't supply your center pieces. talk soon
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    Thanks to you all. How to I gain points to open attachments
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