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  1. JSim - Like Nibsmom said, it will come for the room block contract. When I signed the contract for the room block (FYI - you will need to pay for your rooms at this time) it included the information for the freebies. Something to look out for on this contract is that it includes the number of "rooms" as well as "room nights" . For example, my husband (yay!) and I stayed for 9 nights. Instead of counting us as "1 room" this counted towards "9 nights". Most of my guests stayed for 4-5 nights so this helped. One of my guests did not book through the link and instead booked through a TA so her room nights did not count towards my total. She also was not part of the room block. Our rooms were pretty much spread out throughout the entire Grand section and she was ocean front at Nizuc.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs D To Be! hey peeps - looking for some advice from past brides. we have about 20 guests travelling with us, and although most of them are staying at mp with us, there are a few guests booked up to stay at another hotel - dreams. We did say to them that they would need to either get a room for the night at mp, or use a day pass. But my question is, with the day pass they say on the website they can only stay in til 11pm - are they strict on this?? I had two guests attend the wedding with a day pass. Just a FYI - tell them to get there with plenty of time. The MP is VERY strict with allowing outside visitors and it took them quite some time to get into the resort. I provided my WC with their names ahead of time as well and make sure they know where you are getting married (what gazebo or if you're on the beach, what near). Post wedding we were hanging out on the roof top bar and the bartender said that he could not serve them after 11:00. They have a different colored wrist band so they are told not to serve past this time. They were allowed to sit and relax and of course we could get them drinks, but I think it really depends on how busy they are and what section of the resort you are in. The roof top bar at the Grand is nice and quiet so I don't think they would have walked over and told them that they needed to leave.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by pyxystyx Hello everyone! I know it's been awhile since I've come back to the forum. But honestly, it's been difficult adjusting to reality post-wedding/honeymoon. : / (I'm sure all you recent brides know what I mean) Anyhoo, I'll be posting my review soon. FYI, to those asking about honeymoons, my HUSBAND and I ended up extending our stay by 2 nights and staying at the Le Blanc (also owned by Palace resorts) and it was PERFECT!!! Absolutely the best honeymoon place I could think of. I'll post more about it in my review. Also, to those planning right now, it's okaaaaaay- to be fair (and i think I can say this now since my DH is Mexican) I think everyone at the MP runs on Mexican time. So, if you don't hear from them until a month before your wedding- don't stress, it'll be okay. I ended up with a WC I've never spoken to until two weeks before, and everything worked out just as I planned. About the packages Tina, that's an interesting theory... we didn't purchase a package, and got everything a la carte... but we did end up spending almost $4000, and Cristina met with us twice during the week before, and was with us every second of the actual day. pyxystyx - Congratulations and welcome back!!I am definitely with you on the adjusting part! I just can't believe it's over! Also, I did not go to Le Blanc, but I talked to some people at the resort while there and they said it is amazing for couples. Maybe for our anniversary
  4. Yikes! Sorry for a million posts! This time I have a question because I'm kind of STUCK!!! I'm having my AHR on the 28th and I can't decide what to do with my hair!! At MP I had it all up due to the heat and wind, but now I'm not sure if I should have it up again in a similar style or switch it up completely and have it down?? I know this is an AHR question, but I was hoping to hear everyone's opinions here as well. Today we are suppose to get our Chinese take-out boxes for our favors. Fun! Thanks in advance
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by mrssharkey2be Thanks Nibsmom - I realised that you had already posted it after I had asked the question!!!!! should really spend more time looking thru this forum first!!!! thanks anyway - the song I (we) have chosen for signing is about 4 minutes long so that should be fine. TinaM2be - thanks for the re-assurance - its nice to know that you are not the only one in that boat!!!!!! Im sure that I will be asking more and more questions as the time goes on. Here's a quick one for anyone!!!! Is it worth upgrading to the different packages for the wedding or just stick with the complimentary one - and then upgrade a few needed items!!!! I am looking at using the tucan gazebo if possible as I think that looks lovely - is this the best choice or is another one better!!!! I just dont want it to look too bare Sorry for the neurotic questions - Im sure i will calm down soon!! Cheers Rach xxx Hello! Congratulations on selecting the Moon Palace for your wedding! You won't be disappointed! The packages are really personal preference. I know many of the recent brides who just got married at MP had the old packages. When it came time to select packages, I went through the list of add-on services, added up the total cost of the ones I liked and wanted, and then compared it to the packages. For us, it ended up being a better choice to just get the free package and add-on. As for the gazebos, they are all beautiful. I know during the planning process I wanted someone to pick "one" that they liked, but really, they are all pretty. I personally think Tucan is the quietest as it is the furthest from Sunrise (I think the busiest part of the resort). I also wanted this gazebo, but ended up with Bugamibilias. Looking back, I'm glad I got this one because I had the horse and carriage ride. We stayed in the Moon Grand section and this allowed a long ride to the gazebo through the resort. The Tucan gazebo would had only been a 2 minute ride. The chapel gazebo is nice because it is surrounded by the water, but wouldn't have worked for us because it has glass around it. My husband (so fun to say that!) does not do well with heat so the ocean breeze was a huge plus! As for bare looking - I was also worried about this because we didn't select any flowers for inside the gazebo. However, looking at my pictures we are surrounded by palm trees, sand, and the ocean. While most weddings require decorations, being married in such a beautiful location is a huge plus because the natural scenery is already there for you! One suggestion if you don't have flowers, try to place your bouquet in a spot that it will be in the pictures with the flower side facing out. I did this without thinking and it looks nice in the pictures!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Jodimichelle Jsim- Welcome!! Nina.. thanks again for your information. I am still trying to figure out a great honeymoon place! To the rest of the girls who posted their reviews recently thank you. When did you start really planning your weddings?? What do you start with? Actual wedding stuff.. I am getting a littl stressed out.. and my fiance is like just relax everything will work out.. But shouldn't i have somewhat of an idea?? ahhh Jodi I also stayed at MP for the entire trip. We were there for 10 days total and I also could have stayed longer! The day after we returned from the trip I was ready to go back because there is so much to see and do. It's really a personal preference though. If you do want to go to another resort, but want to stay with Palace resorts, I believe Sun Palace (located on the main strip) is adults only. As for what to start with planning wise, (after Save-the-Dates and invitation list) I would just start thinking about what you want your day/trip to look like. Most of the details can't be done until you have your final count, but you can think of things like colors, cocktail/reception options, how long your trip will be, out of town bags, music, etc. You don't have to go straight to formal decisions either. We had a pretty laid back wedding in Mexico, but I know for the AHR I spent a lot of time just browsing the internet and keeping notes of what I liked/disliked.
  7. ....the only thing I'm stuck on is do I wear my hair a simliar way or a different way? It was all up for the wedding and I'm not sure if I should go all up again or have it done? Any thoughts?
  8. Hi all! We were married Aug 1 in Mexico and are having our AHR on August 28th. We are having a formal reception, so I'm definitely wearing my dress! All my recently married friends have shared that they are a bit jealous that I'm getting two wears out of mine! My husband wore a linen suit at the wedding so he's actually thinking about going more formal at the reception. We are hoping to take our wedding pictures and combine them with our reception pictures to make a complete album since many of our family members weren't able to make the wedding.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by slapsappyhappy great review! Tell me about the weather, how was it during the ceremony and after? I am having my wedding the same time next year and want to know if it would be too hot to have an outdoor reception at night. What do you think? My ceremony was at 5:00. The day we got married was HOT! Under the gazebo was alright because we were in the shade and the breeze from the ocean really helped. At first I wanted the chapel gazebo with the glass to limit wind, but my husband (heehee) doesn't do well in the heat so we decided to go with an open gazebo...and I'm so happy we did! Pictures were around 5:30 and this part was pretty hot. We were very warm even on the beach. Cocktail hour started at 6:00 and by 7:00 it had signficiantly cooled down. It's still very warm, but again the ocean breeze really helps. While I was there we saw a ton of outdoor receptions. As long as they are located towards the water, I would say go for it! The were really pretty!!
  10. Here is the link to my review! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t47543 I guess I should go start being productive for the day
  11. We were married at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico on August 1, 2009. Let me start by saying the place is BEAUTIFUL!!!! The resort is gorgeous, there is plenty (and I mean PLENTY) to do, and the people are friendly. We had a small group - 15 on the resort and 2 coming with guest passes. We opted for the old free package and just added on services. Below is my review: Arrival Airport - A Arriving to the Cancun airport was a breeze! We flew US Air and did not have any problems (Thank goodness!) Once we arrived, we got off the plane and received our lovely "swine flu" survey. Not a big deal at all, but just a head's up that they still do this. We got our luggage to find that something exploded in someone's luggage and whatever it was got all over ours. Luckily it didn't make it through to our clothing - Thank you Samsonite! We were in and out of the airport in literally less than a 1/2 hour. This was true for all of our guests with the exception of my brother who flew in on Friday. It took him over 2 hours. Just proves that it all depends on what flights arrive at what time. Transfers - A Our transfers were included with our reservations. The company was Traffic Tours. They were wonderful! It is especially nice that the Moon Palace is only about 15 minutes from the airport. A short ride in AC was much appreciated! Hotel - A++++ Check in went smoothly. No one in our group had any issues. All reservations were as they should have been. We stayed in the Moon Grand section of the resort. The rooms are absolutely amazing! Comfy bed, double jacuzzi, his & her sinks, beautiful shower, in room mini bar...you get the point! I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to stay there. The only "warning" is that the Moon Grand side is much quieter than Nizuc and Sunrise. It is mostly members and only 1/2 completed. For us, the smaller crowds were a huge plus. We didn't see many of the shows. When we didn't have an excursion or wedding activity, our days were typically like this: 1. Wake up 2. Put on bathing suits and cover ups 3. Eat breakfast 4. Swim in the pools until 6-7 with lunch somewhere in there. I recommend Los Tacos at the Moon Grand side. Their tacos were DELICIOUS and they were never busy! 5. Get ready for dinner 6. Eat dinner 7. Hang out around the bars Wedding Day Salon - A I opted to only have my hair done at MP. I had nails done right before I left, and decided to do my own makeup. Dolores was my stylist and I can not say enough nice things about her. I showed pictures of what I was thinking and she did a fantastic job. It stayed regardless of wind and heat. Looking back I probably would have had her do my makeup, but it all worked out. Horse and Carriage -A I wanted this to be a surprise for my guests, but when we were together one day one went by and they all immediately went "ARE YOU DOING THAT?" So, I said yes. They all still thought it was pretty neat but it took the "wow" away from the entrance a bit. Ceremony Gazebo (A) - Bugambilias. I actually requested Tucan, but I am glad we got Bugambilias as it made for a nice ride in the carriage from the Grand side! JOP (B-) - We had the civil marriage. I don't think our JOP was very fluent in English, but then again we are in Mexico! The ceremony took awhile. This wasn't because it was long, but more so because he spoke slowly. He might have just been trying to speak clearly for the DVD though. Sand Ceremony (D) - This is probably the one thing I am not happy about and each time I see a picture or this section of the DVD I find myself thinking "grrrr". For my sand ceremony we used the sand from Mexico. I had a container that we filled the bottom with sand from the beach. The guests were suppose to put a seashell (I provided ) as they entered the gazebo. The container was then to be brought up front, and we were to pour our sand over top of the seashells to "join" our guests during the ceremony. I was pretty excited about the idea because it would be something cute to display at our AHR as well as in our house. However, when I arrived to the gazebo for the ceremony, our glass jar was filled with the sand we put in, and NO SEASHELLS! SO we ended up pouring the beach sand on top of beach sand which I think looks strange. I put this request in writing and mentioned it to my WC during our welcome meeting. The entire ceremony I was trying to figure out where my darn seashells were! My question was answered when I made my way to cocktail hour. They were spread out over the tables and buffet. This looked cute, but was not what I wanted. Pictures Based upon previous MP brides recommendations, I requested David Pena. We did end up getting him, but just a FYI he usually now only does larger packages due to frequent requests for him. We did not get a large photo package so we kind of lucked out. One thing that slightly bothers me about the MP picture packages is that there are no packages where you don't have to buy an album. I really only wanted the CD as we are digital people. I want to take my MP pictures and merge them with our AHR pictures to make a coffee table album. I was told that if I didn't want an album, I would be able to purchase a CD with 12-24 pictures on it and that would never be enough! So, we decided to just go with the smallest photo package and add on the CD. The CD had over 250 pictures on it so we are happy with that. I have carried the album around to show people some pictures here. In the end, we are happy with how the pictures turned out! I'm having a difficult time deciding which one to blow up and have framed!! Cocktail hour (A) We qualified for the included cocktail hour. This was nice. It was held in the Bugambilias terrace. I didn't eat any of the apps, but I didn't hear any complaints. We first thought we were going to rent the iPod sound system. However, we were only going to use it for the cocktail hour and they charge 2 hours minimum. Instead, I called my Mom who was still in the states and she brought our own iPod docking station we use when we play volleyball! I would suggest doing this if you have a smaller group. Everyone heard the music and it saved $$$. If you don't own a docking station, look into buying one! I think the rental was $220 and we own a nice one that costs less. Plus it's yours to keep! We listened to music in the room while we got ready for dinner, ate room service, etc. for the rest of the trip. Wedding Dinner (A-) We are having a formal AHR on August 28th so we opted to not have a private reception. We had our wedding dinner at Arrecifies in Nizuc. They had a table set up in the back for us. It is buffet salad, and the a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner where they come to the table with meat on skewers and serve it. We had one problem while we were at the restaurant. A few of our guests were served chicken that wasn't cooked. And when I say wasn't cooked, it was pretty much raw. I have no idea how they thought it was cooked when they put it down!! This was at the other end of the table so I didn't find out until later in the dinner. Our guests pretty much handled it by telling them. They apologized and brought over cooked chicken. However, they left the plate of uncooked chicken on the table all the way until we left! Ick! I would have gotten someone to take it away ASAP, but I guess they were OK with it?? Cake (B+) Because we are having an AHR, I wasn't really stressing on the cake there. In fact, I said I didn't even need one. We had the old "free" wedding package, and I was told (many times) that a cake was included. I even mentioned the cake thing at our welcome meeting and said that we didn't want to upgrade at all. At the meeting I asked which was included and she showed me the heart cake. I asked to switch to a round and got the OK. We got the chocolate and it was delicious and HUGE! Much bigger than necessary.*See cake comment at the end of review for the B+* Post-Dinner (A) After dinner we went down to the Nizuc show and walked around the vendors for a little. A few friends purchased some things and we headed back to Grand. We both got changed out of our wedding gear. I brought a "Bride" tanktop that I purchased at David's Bridal so I put that on with shorts. We hung out at the roof top bar above Caribbean with everyone for the rest of the night. On-Site Coordinator (B-) Our WC was Margarita. I had difficulties first contacting here the month prior to the wedding. I was getting frustrated so I called my Miami contact, Marlyn (who was FABULOUS) and she sent her an e-mail saying she needed to contact me. 2 hours later..BOOM an e-mail from Margarita. I forwarded her the questions which I previously sent (and were never answered) and she got back to me. Once we established communication, I always received an e-mail with answers 1-2 days after I sent it. We had our meeting the day we arrived. US Air canceled our original flight...ugh... so we arrived, quickly ate, and went RIGHT to our meeting. While I was there, I felt like things went well. Looking back, we didn't get much information. I guess I should have been more persistent and asked for detailed explanations of the ceremony, pictures, etc. I would suggest asking for a detailed walk-through of the ceremony since this is pretty much your rehearsal. We had a few "huh?" moments during the day because we were not told what to expect. Nothing extremely major though. On our wedding day there were 9...yes...9 weddings. Our WC was split between 3 of them. It didn't at all make our day any less special, but this could possibly be another reason why things weren't detailed. Margarita arrived 15 minutes late to my room, stayed for the ceremony, left 3 minutes into cocktail hour, and then I didn't see her again until dinner was just about finished. It was my understanding that she would be with us the majority of the day. She did apologize. I know it's not her fault for being over-booked, but then again it doesn't change the fact that she wasn't there very much. Overall, I decided B- for the following reasons: 1. Trouble establishing contact, but once established I got answers 2. Late of detail during meeting which I didn't realize was lack of detail until it was actually happening 3. Cake misunderstanding that was eventually resolved 4. Lack of presence the day of the wedding Flowers A- The flowers were nice. I went with the Tropical flowers mixed with Gerbers for my bouquet. Gerbers are the focal point of the reception, but I decided to go with some tropical since we were in Mexico! The boutonnieres were Gerbers. Pink for my now hubby and orange for the fathers. Corsage - I asked about 50 times (alright, I exaggerated...but for real over 5) if they were guaranteed for the wrist as this is what I wanted. I was told EACH time that they were for the wrist unless otherwise requested. Wedding day comes andddd they were pin on?!?!?! These were more of a last minute add-on, but was prior to the wedding day and confirmed. During pictures my now husband whispered - for the wrist huh! It gave us a little laugh. This is the reason for the A-. Activities We really could have spent the entire time at the hotel and not been bored. There is so much to see and do. We spent the majority of the time at the Grand section, but did make it over to Sunrise and Nizuc for breakfast and dinners. We also spent a day in the Sunrise pool which was fun. Spa - One word...AMAZING! We had a $100 credit and I purchased a 50 minute massage. I wish I would have upgraded to the 80 as it would have been worth the money. I scheduled for after the wedding to relieve any wedding day "stress" and it was fabulous! I went about 40 minutes early and used the steam room and the whirlpool. I wish I would have went in a full hour like allowed. Swimming with the Dolphins - For our package, swimming with the dolphins was buy-one-get-one. This is something I've always wanted to do and is offered at many resorts. Cost-wise the BOGO deal is a good one so we decided to do it. This is held at Wet and Wild which is owned by palace resorts. The water park was just OK. We don't have kids so if the dolphins weren't there we probably wouldn't have went. However, the swimming with the dolphins was EXCELLENT! I would really recommend it if you haven't done it before! It was such a neat feeling to be in the water with them, pet them, and take part in the tricks. We decided to buy a CD with 8 pictures so that we could reprint them at home. Cancun Palace - We decided to go to Cancun Palace to check out a resort on the main strip. It was a good time and I would recommend checking out either Sun Palace (I believe adults only), Cancun Palace, or Beach Palace while you are there. These are the hotels included in the free transportation. The ocean water is a beautiful crystal blue and it will pretty much be the only beach time you will have since the MP isn't extremely beach friendly. I am more of a pool person because salt burns my eyes so quickly, so I was completely fine with a beach day trip. I am glad we took the time to do it though. Much different environment than the MP since it is more of a condensed high-rise compared to MP beautiful spread out grounds. *If you are planning on taking the free transportation, listen when they say get there a head of time. We saw many people show up 5 minutes before and become frustrated that the bus was full. The bus was nice, air conditioned, free and in my opinion worth arriving early for. The only problem was one day when the ticket person arrived late. The bus stop was packed and when she said "who was first" everyone ran over. In the end we all got transportation. Lobster Cruise - We took this our last night there. It was a bit of a car ride, but was nice. The shuttle picks you up at MP and drives you to the marina. You then board a boat that takes you out in the middle of the water. Once you arrive, you eat a surf and turf dinner down in the lower section of the boat. The music was a little cheesy, but the food was excellent! Check out I decided to go down to request a print out of charges a day before check out because we weren't planning on any additional ones and I am glad I did so. They took the time and went through each charge one-by-one. I also pointed out which ones had a credit so that everything would be ready to go for the following day. I personally think that there is nothing worse than a bad check out!! Anyhow, after asking about the cake throughout the entire process I found a charge for $85. I called Margarita who said that a cake is not included in the free package, and I shared that I asked about this many times and I would not have had it (as I previously stated) if it wasn't included and that I wanted to charge removed. When I went to check out, the charge had not been removed. The person helping us check out called her and she then removed it. I am happy it was removed, but it was a bit of a hassle going back and forth with phone calls after discussing the cake many times. Suggestions for Future Brides 1. Make lists for wedding day preparations. I always make lists, so why I didn't do this for the big day I will never know! Right before I walked out the door I looked in the mirror and everything looked OK. I got on the carriage and realized I forgot to put on my garter!!!! At that point it was too late to go back. Luckily my mom had a blue chapstick! I stuck in in the top of my dress (haha) for my something borrowed/something blue in place of the garter! I will wear it for my AHR! 2. Keep occupied the day of. I got nervous about timing and moved up my hair appointment by 1 hour. I really didn't need to do this and ended up with an hour of "what do I do now" time. 3. Tell your bank your going out of the country! I put my mail on hold, arranged for my cats to be taken care of, cleaned the house, caught up on laundry, but forgot to do this! We went to an ATM there and our bank thought someone stole our identity and put a hold on our account!!! Luckily good old MP includes free calls to the states, but it took forever for it to be straightened out!!! 4. Remember that the MP is a pro at doing weddings. Although I had the mix-up with the sand ceremony which upset(s) me, in the big scheme of things it's not the end of the world. I would much rather have happy guests and an amazing experience than 10 pictures with seashells added to sand. When everyone returns home they commented on how lovely the hotel was, not that they forgot my shells! Ending Comments Overall I am extremely happy with our decision to have the wedding at Moon Palace. I would most definitely recommend this hotel to anyone. I am a "once I've seen it I'm done" type of person and I would go back in a heartbeat. The only major disappointment was the sand ceremony, but we made due with guests placing the shells on top of all the sand during cocktail hour. I figured I will have professional pictures of this at the AHR. For any future MP brides - you will have a wonderful time at a beautiful resort! Enjoy every moment because it is over before you know it!!!!!
  12. Hey girls! I feel like I haven't been on here forever! We are back in PA and to be honest, I would love to turn right around and go back to MP!!! For those that are getting married there, I am jealous! We had SUCH a fabulous time! I heard nothing but positive comments from the guests that came. We had a small group (15 staying on the resort and 2 that had the day pass) and of that group every single person said that they would come back in a heartbeat. My father (who doesn't travel well) said he wasn't going to fly ever again after the wedding. By the end of the trip he was saying how much he loved the place and he wants to come back! Girls that had written a review - how did you post it? I was going to post directly on this forum, but didn't want to take up billions of space.
  13. Hi everyone! We have arrived!!!! We got here yesterday (Wednesday) and everything is going well! The trip here was pretty smooth. Our flight was actually overbooked (way to go US Air....that's what they get for combining two flights into one) so I was a little nervous about the dress. Once I got on (after already being told I had to store it overhead with the luggage) the flight attendant asked if I wanted to put it in the closet. It was a shorter closet, so I had to fold it in half, but I was still much happier putting it there. We also put FI suit in there so it worked! Airport here was a breeze - we both got the green light and as Tina said about her trip, OFF WE WENT! Traffic Tours was probably the easiest transfer we've ever had. About a 4 minute wait and we had our own car to take us. Very nice. We are staying in the Grand and the rooms are BEAUTIFUL and huge!! I highly recommend staying here for future brides. Just a FYI - no ocean views unless you get a larger suite. This isn't a big deal for us considering we will be swimming overlooking the ocean for hours We also had our meeting yesterday with Margarita. Things went pretty smoothly. One interesting thing I learned....they have a steamer in the wedding office! I was told that my dress was only to be steamed here (it was pressed at home with a special machine and will melt if it's not done correctly...yikes!) so they offered their steamer for my use for free. I will have to do it myself, but this way I won't be worrying about someone messing it up. We also decided not to use to their iPod set up. With Tina's troubles, combined with the fact that they would charge us 2 hours even though we only want it for the cocktail hour... we felt this would be better. We used the free calls to call home and my mom is now bringing our personal docking station. It will not be super loud, but it will be fine for us. Something for future brides to think about if you are using the restaurant reservation for dinner instead of a private reception. Every time we save $$$ here, it's another thing I can purchase for our AHR! Whoohoo!! Speaking of which, glad to hear you girls like your DVD's. We decided to purchase this and have a flat screen set up at our AHR for guests to view it. Only one thing I'm not super happy about...and I knew this awhile ago so it's not surprising... The photography packages do not offer anything for just a CD purchase or CD and prints. We do not want an album, but no other choice is left for us unless we only want 15-25 pictures. This would not be enough. We are planning to take these pictures, combine them with our AHR, and create a coffee table book with all of our wedding memories. Hopefully the CD pictures are formatted in a way that we will be able to do so! Alrighty, I've been laying in our comfy bed, watching random American channels, and playing on the computer for long enough!!! It's time for breakfast, blood tests, and POOL!!!!
  14. MrsGin09 - I was wondering the same thing about the $$ limit. We packed the bags into a suitcase and printed out a piece of paper explaining how many bags, the items in each bag, and what the cost was per item. Hopefully that will work... Also, I was reviewing my music tonight and just realized that they asked for 2songs for the end of the ceremony - 1 for announcing Mr. & Mrs. and another for walking back down the aisle. I'm totally stuck! We're actullay doing traditional songs for the ceremony, but I have NO idea what song to play when they announce us?? Isn't it usually all together? So confused! Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks girls!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by honey740 hey guys! I will post my full review later this week, but I had such an amazing time! I will wait to get all my pics together to give one huge review. One thing I wouldn't change was staying at the Grand section, it was so nice to have a huge room and it was easy to meet guests since they have a makeshift lobby and my room was literally 500 feet from it. here's some teaser pics till then! CONGRATULATIONS HONEY! I'm so happy to hear that you had a great time! All you July brides are making me so excited to get there! I really can't believe I leave Wednesday!! I will be a Mrs. this time next week!!
  16. I just sent an e-mail to the salon requesting Doris as my hair stylist! We will see what they come back with. Fingers crossed! Thanks for all the recommendations ladies! p.s. - I went to David's bridal today and picked up a white tank top with "bride" on it to wear at the airport. Maybe people will be nicer to us! lol! The logistics of how we are getting everything to Mexico is not going so well. I'm a BIG TIME over packer... 10 days + wedding + weight restrictions =
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by Betsy $500 to translate sounds CRAZY. There was an "option" at our resort to have the spanish version translated for $40. I got both before we left our resort. And I took both with me to change my name the very next day we got back to the US. Thanks for posting this Betsy! I'm also getting married at MP and am happy to hear that the translated copy you got at the resort worked out for you here. I'm definitely going to be make sure I have this done before we leave to come back home!
  18. Nina - Your picture is adorable!!!! I love the chess board location for pictures...making mental note now Hopefully I will be able to see your others before I leave! I really can't believe it's so soon! I leave in less than a week!!!! Craziness!
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMsMoulton I actually Called Claudia a few weeks ago to get a number for our 10+ guests who need to book rooms to call them and she hasn't gotten back to me so I got a travel agent because I was so frustrated with not getting any answers. It sucks because I can't even send out the invites until I can tell guests where they can call or who to contact to book it! Hmmm.... That's interesting. As soon as I got my contract/put down a deposit for the room blocks Marlyn sent me a link to put on my wedding website that allowed guests to book on their own whenever they wanted. Am I remembering that you are booking as a Palace member? Maybe this is why things are different? My experiences with Marlyn were all positive. She responded very quickly with what she could answer and eventually assigned me to an on-site to get the questions answered that she could not. Sorry you are having a difficult time with this! Maybe seeking out another TA or going back MP requesting another contact would be your best bet? Good luck!
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMsMoulton Tina Congrats on getting married!!! You looked amazing and the photos are wonderful. We are right now going around and fighting with the Moon Palace to honor some things because we didn't book our rooms through them directly but went through RCI they aren't giving us or our guests credit for anything and we have 21 ppl there so far and more to book so I am soooo mad. Did you run into any problems like that? Is RCI a separate travel agent? They say that the passport promotion is valid only if you book directly with the Moon Palace, but I know I've read of other travel agents that had a deal with them where they would honor it with them as well. Maybe your travel agent doesn't have this agreement with them? If you are booking through a travel agent, I would talk to them and see if they could contact MP and see if they could work out a deal. I do know that the promotions they give you are only the ones they have in place at the time you sign your contract and the promotions do change time to time. Hope this helps! Thanks Tina! I have decided to go with the Caribbean restaurant!
  21. Whoops! I forgot to mention.... 90 bobbie pins! WOW! LOL Whatever works, right?!
  22. Thanks for the suggestions Tina! I might send back an e-mail to the salon requesting her! I'm going to pick up my make up tomorrow so I will talk to one of the people there and get suggestions. Also, thanks for the head's up about the capacity and the Caribbean restaurant! That sounds like a great idea! If we put in our names ahead of time and have everyone gather on the rooftop they won't realize that they are waiting! Whoohoo! What type of food do they have there? We are arriving on Wednesday (7/29) and guests start arriving on Thursday so we will be busy bees on the first day! Originally our flight was suppose to arrive around 10, but they canceled our flight and rescheduled us on one that doesn't even arrive into Mexico until 12:30...argh! I was super nervous about the 3:00 three days prior thing, but I e-mailed the hotel immediately and they reassured me that it should be fine. Fingers are crossed for an on-time flight with easy customs! My parents are bringing the suitcase with the OOT bags so we won't have those to worry about. We do have to decide on luggage and figure out how we are fitting all of our stuff inside though!
  23. Welcome back Tina! I know many have already said it, but I wanted to say thank you for all of your posts! I really appreciate you taking the time to go on here and post your mini reviews Not to mention your pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!! I had my trial at home today for my hair! She did is loose, but I'm hoping they are able to replicate it there with a more finished look. I didn't book for make up (which I'm hoping I don't regret), but I'm thinking of just doing it myself. With it being so hot I'm just planning on using a bronzer-type powder which I will take along to touch up, a neutral lip gloss, and the big deal would be eyes. Guess we'll see! Tina - I was wondering what your thoughts were for the different restaurants? We are having our wedding dinner at the Arrecifies restaurant for 17 (We lost a guest). I also sent an e-mail asking if we could book a reservation for 15 for a welcome dinner. They said we could have a reservation at either Manglar (Italian buffet at Nizuc Lobby), Gondola (Italian buffet in Sunrise Lobby), or Fragata (Seafood buffet). I wasn't a huge fan of buffets for this, but they stated that Barracuda is not available. I thought about just going to a restaurant the day of and taking my chances, but I'm not sure what the capacity of the hotel is like. I know earlier brides said it was near empty due to swine flu drama, but haven't read anything like that recently (thank goodness!) Any suggestions? I wish there was a restaurant in Grand Moon that would hold us, but nothing has that as an option. Also, thanks for the suggestions for the flowers! I'm doing an all Gerber daisy theme and was thinking about just selecting when we got there. I'm starting to think I'll do a little google searching and find an image to e-mail as a suggestion for them.
  24. Quote: Originally Posted by nibsmom Hey hey! Well, we've moved from the MP to our honeymoon locale - the Excellence Riviera Cancun....and while it's very nice, I actually am missing the MP a lot...it's way more stuffy here. Anyways, my colors were watermelon pink (from David's), orange, and teal and they were amazing against the natural scenery. Everyone was commenting on how beautiful the colors were. My local courthouse and registry also said I didn't need to register or file my marriage certificate. I guess when you go to social security and all that, that's good enough. I'll be back in about a week, and I'm excited to write my review. Like Tina said, there were a few minor things that happened that irked me, but nothing big enough to complain about. Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again!!!! I haven't seen any pictures yet...I'm SOOOO excited to see pictures!!!! Yayyyy! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I can't wait to read all about it! How did the blood tests go? I'm sure your pictures will be absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy your honeymoon!
  25. soon2bemsleblanc - CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy to hear that everything went wonderfully and that you enjoyed your trip to Moon Palace! Your picture above is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Were your colors pink and orange? The presentation of the high top is very nice! Instead of selecting specific colors for our wedding, everything is based off of the warm colors of Gerber daisies. There were too many colors I loved to choose from! Orange and pink will certainly be a part of our wedding though! Any suggestions for upcoming brides? Quick question - Did anyone have (or plan to have) the legal marriage in Mexico ? I called my city hall to ask what records they needed from me since we were getting married in Mexico and got a very rude "NOTHING". The person I talked to was not very helpful to say the least. I just feel like we would need to do something locally so that they know we are officially married. Maybe just having the marriage certificate in our possession is enough? If so, they could have just said that! Sorry for the venting! Any help is appreciated! Congratulations again to all the July brides! I can't wait to see pictures and hear all your reviews!!! 9 days until we leave and 13 until we say "I do"! Yayyyyyyy!
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