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  1. I think those were the other ones I got- Target had both of them and I bought both, but these are the only ones I have left. Let me know if you're interested. Trying to upload a photo...
  2. Hi- Not sure if you still need these, but I have 18 of the Daily Spanish for Dummies left over. Will sell for $15 plus shipping. Let me know if you're interested! Thanks, Amy
  3. This is such a great product! I also just became a distributor, so if any of you are on the west coast (Los Angeles, specifically) and have questions, want to see a demo, are interested in purchasing one, etc.- feel free to PM me!
  4. Congrats on getting such a great Plan B! My best friend got married there a few years ago and it was beautiful! (We're also fellow Gauchos)!!! I'm actually going there the weekend before your wedding for my cousins graduation from UCSB- can't wait! I know it's not Mexico, but it will be amazing! My favorite picture from my friend's wedding is the groomsmen all walking across the street from the hotel towards the beach and they're all holding Coronas. It is such a great picture with the water in the background! Have a wonderful time- it really is gorgeous there! Congrats!!!
  5. We also just got back Friday from our honeymoon at The Tides. We spent the first week at Moon Palace and the last 3 nights at Tides. I agree with most of what Ayita said- we were actually there at the same time! The road in is horrible- we weren't sure where they were taking us that first day! I understand it's because there is a lot of construction going on in the area- but it really is bad! The construction also woke us up 2 of the 3 mornings we were there. The third morning we got up early to go to the cenotes, so we missed the construction. Mosquitos and bugs were also a problem. Again, you are in the jungle, so I guess we should have expected it, but I guess my thought is that if you are spending that much money, you should have to worry about finding bugs and spiders in your room. The food is really good. We had one dinner by the pool- very romantic and private! It was a little windy, but it was too pretty to want to leave! They knew we were on our honeymoon, so we also had the rose petals every day- and even got a complimentary couples massage. The spa there is amazing! We wanted to get another massage but ran out of time. (We did have a similar experience where we called the Spa after they were gone for the day and left a message with our "butler" to schedule massages 2 days later for 10 am. We never heard back the following day and assumed it was OK. I called the night before our treatments and they told us they couldn't do it for the time we asked. The only time they could was at 3 (it was the day we were leaving and were getting picked up at 2). I explained that to them and asked why they didn't leave us a message to tell us that 10 wasn't going to work. They didn't really say anything, but ended up allowing us to come in at 11:30 that morning. It ended up OK, but definately follow-up if you ask them for something! We had arranged for a cab to take us to the airport Friday afternoon. He had driven us all around the few days we were there (his wife works at the hotel) and was going to charge us $50 to the airport. The hotel charges $120! The day we checked in they asked us when we were leaving and we told them what time our flight was. We didn't realize until the day we were leaving that they set up a car service for us and had added $120 to the check-out bill! We told them we had a cab coming and they said their driver was already on the way and was going to charge them a fee even if we cancelled. They brought the price down to $60 and said they would call our cab guy and cancel for us. We felt bad cancelling on him since he was so great the other times we needed him- but it was worth the $10 extra dollars to ride in a brand new Expedition rather than a beat up cab! So my advise is to book a cab- or tell them you are and see if they'll drop their prices- $120 is ridiculous to pay for a ride to the airport! I think I mentioned already that the food was really good. We actually had 2 dinners in Playa del Carmen since we had never been before, but we had lunch everyday at the resort. The first day there I ordered these crispy crab enchiladas. They were delicious! I had to have them everyday- we even made the driver wait while I got some before taking off to the airport! All in all, this is a beautiful resort! I wish we were there longer. 3 nights was not enough- especially since we went into town and took an all-day excursion to some cenotes one day. The service is great- everyone goes out of their way to make sure you have everything you need. It probably helped that we were there with only 4 or 5 other rooms booked so it really felt like we had the place to ourselves most of the time. One cool thing our driver told us was that Bill Gates was recently there for 2 weeks. Pretty cool considering he can pretty much stay anywhere he wants and he chose The Tides! (I'm assuming he took his yacht in and out to avoid the bad roads, though)! **On a side note- Ayita, I saw you and your husband returning from your TTD one day. You guys were coming back with your photographers and we passed you on our way to our room! I recognized you from your cake topper! (And the fact that I knew you were going to be there the same time as we were and we had pretty much recognized all the other guests by then)! I never saw you guys again or I would have said hi- but congratulations!!! If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! Enjoy!
  6. Thanks everyone! I am so beyond happy with the photos- they are absolutely amazing! The palm leaves weren't hard to walk on at all- at least not that I can remember. It was pretty windy, too- and they didn't blow away either!
  7. 5 year warranty- nice! Thanks, I'm excited now!!! Can't wait to get it...
  8. I just ordered it. After calling 4 times, I finally got someone who placed the order for me- although said that the total still came out to $295 (including shipping and tax) and that the 20% off is credited back through the credit dept. later. So who knows if it will actually get credited back, but I went ahead and got it anyway. I had a giftcard which I was able to apply towards it, so my total came to $236.44. Not sure why I just bought it- other than I have wanted a Dyson for sooo long- but I just got a vacuum a couple of years ago, so wasn't really "looking" to buy another! BTW, Macy's told me their return policy for this is only 180 days. I'm now worried if something happens after that I can't return it. Do you think Sears or Bed, Bath and Beyond are better for that reason Maybe I'm just having buyers remorse... : )
  9. First saleswoman would not do it for me- now on hold with a second one. She's trying to tell me the same thing! Maybe they caught on and have sent a memo out telling them not to give the discount anymore!!! This sucks!!!
  10. shoot- I'm on hold and the woman is telling me that she can't apply the discount since it's an electronic item!!!
  11. Wow- almost everything sold out immediately! I still have the fans and the candle available if anyone is interested... Thanks!
  12. What we put in our bags: We used the cheap tote canvas bags and ironed on our "logo". Everyone loved these and even the guys used them to go down to the pool! I had bought nice brown glossy paper bags first, then at the last minute changed my mind and got the canvas totes instead. Soooo glad I did! Anyway, inside we had: 1 large water bottle (with our own label) per guest 1 Corona and lime (per guest)- BIG HIT!!! Hand sanitizer- (definately used- especially since swine flu outbreak) Pepto Bismol chewable tablets- (may not have been, but glad I had them in there just in case) Imodium tablets- (may not have been, but glad I had them in there just in case) First aid kits (band-aids, etc.) Shout wipes- also, not sure if they were used by guests, but I used mine! OFF insect repellant wipes- not sure if used, but again, I used mine! Keychain bottle openers from Acapulco (everyone loved this along with the Coronas) Travel size sunblock- (I used it on the honeymoon- think some guests used it as well since they were so small and easy to take to the pool) Kleenex Candy, cookies, chips, granola bars Thank you card Itinerary I think that's it. I didn't feel like I had left anything out and was pretty happy with everything I put in.
  13. Haha!!! I didn't catch that either... it is WEIRD!!! OK, so my DH has family out there now- and it was his uncle's cool bus we took the following day. My DH... no longer FI! : )
  14. I just got married in Acapulco a few weeks ago right on the beach and it was definately windier than I thought it was going to be! The day before, I considered moving it inside because I was worried about the noise of the waves, the wind, etc. I'm not sure if I would do it differently if I did it all over again. It was nice being outside right on the beach, but I got one of those long veils because I thought it would look pretty blowing in the wind, but I guess I should have switched places with my FI because it was blowing in my face the entire time! I think at one point my dad had to hold onto part of it because it was blowing so much! Finally I tucked it in my arm and then it stayed put. The other thing was we had a unity candle ceremony and it took about 5 people to finally get the candle lit because of the wind. I haven't asked my guests about the noise- and I haven't seen my video yet, but we made sure to get microphones, so hopefully our guests could hear us! The wind seemed to die down a little by the time the reception started, so it wasn't a big deal for that part. Maybe during January it won't be so bad
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