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  1. Hi everyone, I'm just posting because I'm having the same issue as you. We were married in June 2009, got our CD of pics, but have had no luck reaching the photog to get our prints. I'm trying to work with the website that my guests ordered prints from (collages.net) to see if they can help. I will let you know if I get anywhere...
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by BBtoB kimrae99 Love your new pic! Congrats! Thanks!! Congrats to you too! We'll be thinking of you this week. You'll have a fabulous time!!
  3. Welcome to the forum! Your DW will be beautiful!
  4. Welcome to the forum! Happy planning!!!
  5. Welcome to the forum!! I have zero regrets about my DW planning, thanks to this forum. This place has everything you need to plan a perfect DW. Happy planning!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureBotter Hey Girls ... paperwork question ... I need to go through all the messages on here (119 pages takes a while to thumb through!) but I'm wondering abotu our paperwork! FI and I are legally getting married at the resort. We just got a quote today to have our birth certificates and my divorce decree translated from a company and it was $310!!! A bit more then we were figuring on! Do we HAVE to have these translated? Also, it's my understanding that we have to have an Apostille from the states of our documents too. Just want to make sure this is all necessary before we put out this unexpected chunk of money!!! Thanks bunches!! HAPPY LEGAL DAY BESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey FutureBotter - We got married at the Maya and I was really worried about this exact thing. We did not have to get our docs translated. My DH is divorced so we had birth certificates and a divorce decree, none of which we got translated and everything was fine! We did get Apostilles for all of them just in case, but I'm not sure that it was necessary. Hope this helps!
  7. Hey girls!! It has been forever since I've posted because the wedding stuff has kept me so busy!! We spent 15 days in Mexico, then came home for our AHR which was on Saturday. Now everything is over and no more planning Anyway, I want to let you all know that our wedding at the Maya was PERFECTO! I would not have changed a thing. Lily was absolutely amazing. I will post a review soon. Congratulations to all the June brides, and July brides, believe me, everything will be fabulous!!!
  8. Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will find some great stuff on here!! Best wishes!
  9. Welcome to the forum! You have come to the right place
  10. I was hoping some of you that have recently gotten married could help me out with a question about paying the vendors? We still owe a final payment for our videographer and photog. However, they want cash. I asked if we could pay in USD traveler's checks, and they are nervous because their bank won't accept them unless the signatures match exactly. So I have to also provide a copy of my ID. I completely understand that they need to get paid, but it makes me a little nervous to be handing out copies of my ID too. It also makes me nervous to carry a bunch of cash around. The other thing I can do is pay the final payment via PayPal before we leave, but I'd rather give the final payment when they show up. What have you girls done? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Gail Great! We will all have a drink to celebrate- or several.... Sounds great! I'll be having several... LOL
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by amyrot Thanks for the info! I can't wait to hear all about your wedding! Are you using the Iberostar photographers? I don't hear many people using them and I'm definitely not paying the fee for the outside vendor... We are using an outside vendor, Cancun Wedding Photography. So far, they have been great. Quote: Originally Posted by Gail We will be, ceremony actually on 11th at five. We will be at gazebo if you want to stop bye at check out decor. Just planned with TA yester to upgrade us to Maya cause for 3 wks they are going back and forth regARDING OPENING. tODAY THEY SAID WILL BE OPEN, BUT WE ARE NOT CHANGING NOW. jUST UPGRADING. Things have been a mess. Soon as I know where rec is I'll let you know. look us up at pool bar at Maya, we have a fun group. If you can't find us, call our room. Under Ritz or Senge. Hope to see you. I will be at the Maya June 8 to June 16. Maybe I'll see you there!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by sunandrun Kimrae99, I just have to ask...is your full name Kimberly Rae? Mine is...just thought if yours was too that would be pretty crazy! Anyway, Have a great day! It is! Well Rae is my middle name. That is so funny LOL. My parents are both from Texas, I always thought it was a Southern name. I have to say your are the first Kimberly Rae I've met! This is too funny. A couple days ago I found out another BDW bride is going to be on my flight to Cancun in a couple weeks, and now there's another one with the same name as me! This forum is the best.
  14. And a link to the shopping center/spa complex: http://www.wildtraveldeals.com/image...star_plaza.pdf
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