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  1. Saturdays or Fridays, work best for me I have to work Sundays but if you just set a date you should go for it and maybe we can catch up again.
  2. I can do the 21st on the 28th I am having a reception for those who were not able to make my destination wedding. Did I mention that I just got back last night!!! I am a married women now.
  3. I live in Ventura County and would also love a get together. Let me know if there is something planned, or how I can help plan.
  4. I have given up carbs now just a little over two weeks. My wedding is right around the corner and I was desperate for a quick fix. My problem is that I have no self control I am unable to eat in moderation. However, if I tell myself I can't eat sugar or carbs well then I just don't. In the long run I would like to introduce back into my diet the good carbs but I am saving that for after my wedding. Hopefully, I will see results I haven't weighed myself yet because I don't want to let anything discourage me. I am going to weigh myself on the 10th of Feb. I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. 29 days are left until we leave for Mexico! I am feeling so overwhelmed with all the details, this is the home stretch and I feel like there is so much to do but I can't remember it all. Anyone else feel this way? Before I was taking everything in stride, with no worries. Now panic is starting to settle in. What if no one shows up? What if everyone shows up? What if I forget to pack something? The list goes on... The worst part is I am a flight attendant and so I feel like I even have less time to prepare since I am gone 4 days out of the week! My fi he is wonderful but he is not as detail oreinted as me so leaving him to take care of things is out of the question. Sorry, I just had to vent. Ladies if you have any advise on how you deal with stress or reminders of things that I maybe forgeting please any advise is welcome.
  6. I say British Airways all the way, they have excellent customer serivce! They are also one of the best airlines out there. Good luck with your decsion.
  7. thank you for the contact information, i look forward to hearing from him.
  8. Hi Congrats! I am so excited that you are thinking about getting married in Sayulita. My wedding is going to be in San Pancho which is right next to Sayulita and is often reffered as one in the same. I am having my wedding at Bungalows Lydia we are renting out the entire place for the weekend. You should check it out, its different but beautiful and its away from all the hussle and busstle of PV. My wedding is 3 months from now and I have so much still left undone, I would love to share ideas and info with you as I am in need of much help myself. Good luck with your decsion, keep me posted on what you decide would love to know what you find.
  9. Daryl, That would be great if you don't mind sharing their information with me. I would love to contact them to find out more.
  10. Hi Kristy Congrats! I am getting married 45 minutes north of PV and most of my vendors will be from PV so I would love to share info.
  11. I actually am a flight attendant and have had numerous brides bring their dresses on board. Technically the FAA requires that all personal belongings are properly stowed including a wedding dress. Depending on your inflight crew depends on a lot, I would ask the gate agent to pre-board then ask your crew if there is anywhere you can stow your gown other than the over head bin. If worse comes to worse, wait to everyone is on-board then put your dress on top of their items for take off and landing and then you can hold it through out the flight. I always try hard to accommodate depending on the plane sometimes there is a big stowage closet for crew bags and with the permission of the captain I'll put something like that in there. One more piece of advice turn your gown inside out before traveling, just in case anything should happen. I have heard of one bride who went through security and TSA opened up her garment bag and patted the dress down but had ink on his gloves and left marks all over the dress!
  12. So here's my update on bridesmaid not ordering dress. I tend to be extremely non-confrontational especially since this is one of my dearest friends. Needless to say I sent her a text message telling her I did not want to appear as harassing or pressuring her but when did she think she was going to order the dress. I told my fiance that I felt like a huge nag and hated it and it was really stressing me out because I feel like she has put me in such an awkward position. He suggested that I don't mention it anymore wait a couple of weeks and if she still hasn't ordered it then tell her she may not be able to be in the wedding. This feels awful.
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