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  1. Same with us....they didn't ask any of our 38 guests for travel insurance. We arrived May 1st so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it.....but what a headache and waste of money. Better safe than sorry I guess.
  2. Thought I would post this so you guys could look at some pics if you want. I've been so busy lately I haven't had a lot of time to go through them or write my review (still working on it though). The pics are organized in folders but they're not in any kind of order in the folders yet. In the "Wedding" folder (I think it's pic #95) there's a lady in a blue bikini....in the background when we're kissing.....that was actually so drunk she took a piss right beside us in the middle of our wedding..lol..but that's another story. In the "Sunset Cruise" folder (highly recommend this trip...it was fantastic) you'll see pics of us getting killed by waves on the catamaran....during one of those Josh lost his wedding ring (3rd day being married). You'll see a few of him pouting...lol. "Around the Resort" has a lot of pics of our friends and some of the resort. Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket user: k_osh pswd: wedding Enjoy...will keep working on my review
  3. Well ladies the wedding was fantastic!!!! I'll try to write the review this weekend and post some pics but I had to tell you what a great time we had.
  4. Well ladies my time has finally come...YEAH!!! We leave in 3 days and I wanted to make sure that I thank all of you for your help. Julie, Sara, Connie.....Had it not been for you ladies I would have a lot of unanswered questions and probably be a nervous wreck. But since you guys are so awesome, I'm well prepared and extremely excited about our trip. Thanks again and I will tell you all about it when I get back.
  5. Lindslou: I got manulife to type me up a letter stating my name & FI name, coverage amount, stating that they are affiliated with world access and the date of my travel. Purpleshells: Ask your administrator at work if they have an "out of province/country" card. My regular manulife card does not show it either.
  6. Here's a website that lists all the accepted companies so far by country (possibly where purpleshells agent got the information) List of approved Cuba health insurance providers - Cuba Travel News - Havana Journal Make sure you do a bit of research about the company providing your insurance....my case in point....I have coverage through my company with manulife but manulife is not on the list....on the bottom of my manulife card it states that they are a part of World Access....which is on the list. Good luck everyone!!!
  7. Hey guys....just wanted to make sure that the up and coming brides saw this thread about the mandatory medical insurance requirement coming into effect May 1 (figures it's the day we leave for Cuba): http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-travel-56853/ Will post more info as it becomes available.
  8. Just spoke with my travel agent this morning and she says there will be a list of acceptable companies being revealed sometime within the next week.....when I find out I will post. We both have out of country coverage with our work insurance but apparently if the insurance company is american based they will not accept it and you will still have to buy insurance. This really sucks....we leave May 1!!
  9. I'm just finishing up mine..it includes information about the following: wedding day timeline, currency, weather, excursions, small reminder packing list (passport, id, tickets,bug repellent, alarm clock, extra batteries etc.), informing bank you're going on vacation (so they don't freeze your credit cards/bank card), luggage restrictions....I think that's it I'm sending out my luggage tags with the brochure.
  10. I am super excited now!!! I can't imagine what I'm going to be like when it's only 1 week away..lol. Springbride2010 is getting married the day before me....so that's kind of neat that someone from the forum is actually going to be down there the same time.
  11. Thanks....info helps a lot. Want to get the pre-trip brochure out this week, since I finished the luggage tags on the weekend, and thought this would be some good information for it. Wow Sara you must be getting excited about the honeymoon....I know I would be!!!! We're actually talking about going on a Contiki tour next summer for our honeymoon. The one we're looking at is something like 9 countries in 3 weeks.
  12. Julie...CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming arrival!!! I don't think I've left my craft room in a few weeks...lol. With only 50 days left till the wedding I'm now wondering where all my time went to finish all the DIY projects I started. Can any of you ladies explain any of the excursions a bit more in detail for me. I know with the dolphin trip you get to go snorkeling, watch the show, swim with the dolphins and a lunch....but I don't know anything else about the catamaran trip, jeep safari, deep sea fishing...or if they offer anything else. Also...the bride/groom and witness sheets...did you guys e-mail them to Yaly without signatures or did you fax them down to her.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by MeganMarie We leave in 6 days Have a wonderful time...can't wait to hear about it and see the pics!!!
  14. Thanks for the info Sara...were you able to pre-book any of your excursions or did you just make sure you were at the reservation spot early. As it stands right now we arrive at 9pm so we won't be able to go until the day after we arrive. Do you remember roughly how much the excursions were...would like to give our guests a heads up on additional costs if they won't to go.
  15. Sorry Jill it was Crystal...I went back thru all the posts. I was a little disappointed about the dinner, plus I wanted to book an excursion (catamaran, deep sea fishing or jeep safari). Not sure if I'll be able to that either since we're expecting 30-40 people.
  16. Tommy Bahama has some nice shirts and pants...kind of pricey...but they have nice "island" themed items. Not sure the pants are going to be dark enough for you. Men's Apparel & Accessories - Tommy Bahama
  17. Jill: I think you mentioned a while back that Yaly sent you a map of the resort...do you still have...and could you forward it to me. Yaly responded to an e-mail I sent but she didn't attach it and I don't want to bother her again.(krista@sterlingconcrete.com) Also, I tried to book a welcome dinner for us but since we have more than 20 people going it's not possible. Thought I would let you know since you currently have 35.
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Angela~ Our wedding is July 30, 2010 at Dreams Cabo ...then we're having an AHR 3 weeks after we get home in Cambridge, Ontario at The Pines (THE Pines). I have done very little planning so far, but want to attempt some DIY projects and get going on things soon. You're going to love the The Pines...it's a fabulous place. We're getting married May 4, 2010 at Playa Pesquero in Cuba and having our AHR at a legion on August 7, 2010. The legion was obviously cheap (but we're paying for everything...including 7 people to come down to Cuba with us) but since we have friends in the catering business and entertainment (slid show and dj) I'm hoping that with the amount of money we're saving I can splurge on the decorations and transform the place . I've started shopping at Cambridge Surplus, Liquidation World, Dollarama and Michaels (with the 40% of coupon as well). Fiance has already told me that he wants to dress up for the AHR which means I get to wear the dress again
  19. Hey ladies!! For those of you looking for starfish jewelry this website has a few different designs that I haven't seen before. They have lots of other stuff as well and the prices aren't bad. Hope it helps someone. STARFISH - Search Bling Jewelry
  20. Adding the scent is such an awesome idea....I may have to steal it for my own...thanks ladies.
  21. Wow Jill I can't believe how many people you have booked already...thats AWESOME!!! I started to get excited last night when our TA told us we had 9..LOL.
  22. So many items to make...great inspiration ladies. Here's one of my items Our friends named us K'osh (Krista and Josh) kind of like "brangelina", going to put the sign in the sand close to the ceremony site
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