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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Cattie This is my welcome letter. I stole it from someone here, I can't remember who though. I just tailored it to my wedding since we're on a cruise. Dear Family and Friends, The waiting is finally over!! Welcome to sun, sand and relaxation…Welcome to Royal Carribean Explorer of the Seas. We are both so happy and feel very blessed to be able to have you here at our wedding in Bermuda. We are especially honored that you have traveled this far to be a part of our marriage celebration. Marriage is not a culmination; it is a beginning; the beginning of a life that will grow and change in ways more wonderful then we can imagine. Many years from now when we look back upon our life, love, and this day, we will remember that it was not the flowers, music, nor food that made our day so special; our memories of sharing the beginning of our lfe as husband and wife with you, our friends and family, will be what we cherish the most. Having you here for our celebration has made our wedding truly wonderful and we thank you for sharing in one of our happiest occasions. Included is some information to help make your trip a wonderful experience. Enjoy the “goodies†included in this welcome bag. They are just a small token of our appreciation. Please make the most of your cruise with us on the Explorer of the Seas. We hope the next few days will be as memorable for you as it will be for us. With Love and Appreciation, Kathy & Paul Hope this helps you!! I think I'm going to use this. Thank you so much!
  2. Leave it to AC/DC to get the crowds dancing.
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    "beachy" music

    We're using 311-Love Song. It's kinda beachy and kinda rock. We both love it though
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    It's a great forum!
  5. Hello everyone! My wedding is on 11/08/08. I haven't seen much at the Sandals in the Bahamas. Please share you experiences =)
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    Newbie here=)

    Thanks! Yes, I have most of it planned... which is very surprising considering i'm probably the biggest procrastinator in the world! lol
  7. Wow, they are beautiful! Thanks so much for the templates.
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    Newbie here=)

    Hello everyone! I'm so glad I found this forum. It's great! I'm getting married at Sandals Royal Bahamian on 11/08/08.