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  1. Petals, we used placecards and put a "C" or "B" in the lower right hand corner to indicate chicken or beef. It was pretty easy for the servers.
  2. Hey everyone, I had my wedding a few weeks ago, and have been so busy since coming back that I haven't had a chance to write anything. I don't have photos yet, but will try to post them when I can. I would describe my wedding as a fairy tale. It really was perfect. All the little details that I thought about like centerpieces etc. really didn't matter in the end. It's such a beautiful place and everyone is having so much fun, that the day kind of comes and go's and at the end you think "oh crap, I forgot to do something". Nobody else notices. A few things I want to mention. We did get a room upgrade, but had to ask for it. You also get late check-out, but again, have to ask. The pillows in the room are not very comfortable. I noticed on the last day that you can actually upgrade pillows. They have a pillow-menu. I thought I'd want to be in the honeymoon villas, but staying in the complexes was better. It'd be best to request a spot in building 26, 27, 28 b/c it's closest to all the action. Nothing on the GP side is far away. We had the wedding in the Gazaebo at 4. It was a perfect time. You'll get to spend the day in the beach/sun/spa, whatever you'd like. It was still hot at 4, but things were starting to cool down by then. The sun is at a perfect spot around 4. It sets in April, May around 6:30, so it gives you time for some photos afterwards. The hotel photographer is not as bad as their website shows, but we had our own too and it was well worth the extra cost. For the ceremony, we had the steel drum band. I didn't get to appreciate them b/c so much was going on. I think it was a good addition, but definitely not necessary. Randomly, the day before the wedding, my sister and I were in my room and had maintenance come fix the air conditioning. The guy fixing my air conditioning was singing to my sister and I. He was really really good. Goosebump good. I asked him what he was doing tomorrow (day of the wedding) at 4. He was thrilled to come sing for us. He's auditioning for Shining Star this month. We tipped him $50, and he sang a few songs during the ceremony. It was a little additional perk that was well worth the cost. His name is Steve Watkins if anyone else is interested in hiring him. You can arrange it through Jascynthia while there, or ask for him to call your room while your down there. FYI: Our best photos were at the Coral beach and the Spa. We got in our clothes the next day too and took some photos at the beach and pool area. I'll try to post some after. The reception was in the blue lagoon. We had 45 people. We rented the projector to show some videos and slide shows and hired the DJ. Paid the DJ $900 and had him play from 8-11. Huge waste of money. Speeches were going on during dinner b/c they were really slow in the service, and by the time the cake was cut, it was after 10. So, we paid $900 for less than an hour of dancing. It was fun while it lasted, but we couldn't convince them to stay around any longer. We went to the disco and had a great time there as well. The speakers didn't work very well. It's also really loud due to all of the other restaurants so I would be worried that Ipod speakers would not project loud enough. The Mic was definitely needed for speeches. I left some glass containers there as well as some gelstones. Jascynthia has them for anyone to use. The gelstones just need hydrating with water and look great in the centerpiece containers. The other glass containers and for the sand ceremony. You'll need your own jar to mix the sand into. Hope this answers some Qs. Any Q's, please ask. Nat
  3. Snow Angels, if it makes you feel any better, I'm in the same boat as yours. I do not have answers to these questions either. Haven't even heard the word cake from her yet. Funny thing is, my parents are going today and so I had to do up itineraries for all of our guests, so I'm hoping all of my unconfirmed arrangements are ok with respect to times and meals etc. Maybe I'll see you there. looks like you get married on the Monday, and I'm getting married on the wednesday. PS. I agree that they should approach their weddings the way that you suggested.
  4. I am leaving for my wedding in a week, and I'm having problems contacting Jascynthia again. Not going to panic, b/c I'm sure it'll all work out. I'll be sure to post a review when I return!!
  5. Jascynthia told me that you can rent mic and speakers for $200 and if you need to rent a projector, it's $60.
  6. Thanks so much for the info. I think I'm converted to a DJ now. Crazy how much this is all going to cost in the end!!
  7. I actually haven't even mentioned the photographer issue with them, but I don't see how they can stop us. I just saw the truecolors website and was worried with the results. Mobride, It's hit or miss with the wedding planner. She's good when she gets back to you, but I think they have issues with their internet, and don't receive all of the e-mails. It's kind of annoying actually, so I'm sticking to the basics, and organizing the rest when I get down there. Turk, I am also contemplating the entertainment. We have booked the steel drum band for the wedding ceremony. As for the reception, I am unsure. Ipod, DJ, private dancing at blue lagoon vs moving up to the lobby bar vs disco?
  8. Sounds great. My wedding is there in 2 months. I have a similar size wedding. With regards to the Blue Lagoon restaurant and dancing. Did you find this worked? We also considered moving upstairs to the lobby. What would you think of this? Was the DJ worth the money? Or would your iPod have sufficed for the dancing as well?
  9. I have been to the Barcelo palace and I am getting married at the GP Jamaica in April. If you contact me after april 25th, I will be happy to compare and contrast the two. I loved the Barcelo Palace, although I did find the nightlife a little blaah, so this will be a good comparison for you. PS. We also have lots of singles going to our wedding.
  10. Julie, I looked into the hotel photographer, and was pretty disapointed. Here is the website for the hotel photographer: True Colors Photo.com There are some other really great photographers from Jamaica listed in another forum here (Jamaica Wedding Photography by Paula and Damian : Photojournalism, Tensing Pen, Montego Bay and Wedding Professionals Association Jamaica). Unfortunately, they are pricey. Upwards of $1900 for 5 hours. In lieu of this, we are bringing a photographer with us. She's going to get some shots throughout the week as well. Through our tour company, we were given a free trip once we hit 34 people. We used the free trip to pay for the photographer so that we could get some nice photos to document the day.
  11. If you have it in hard copy I can't imagine that they cannot honor that price? We have also booked the steel drum band, and we were originally quoted $300. I have also been interested in contacting the manager of the hotel regarding these issues, and we actually talked to him once on the phone. He was going to phone us back in 10 minutes... Maybe he meant Jamaican time? turk, if you do get in contact with him, I'd be interested in what he has to say. How can we budget for a wedding when the price keeps changing and increasing after the fact?
  12. Go back to the main BDW form page and click on Wedding reviews under the subtitle Share your wedding/engagement story. Under wedding reviews, you will find Caroline's review of her wedding at the Grand Palladium Jamaica. It's a very nice review and she's added lovely photos. Hope that helps.
  13. Petals, depending on whether you go with the tropical or carribean package. The tropical, you choose a set menu from the a la carte menus. I think the menus are all on palladium addict. You get a choice of one each appy, main, desert apparently. The menus for the carribean package, where you spend $50 a plate was e-mailed with the large wedding package that they sent out. I know that others have had meal substitutions however. I think Caroline did something different that the standard menus if I remember correctly. Actually, here photos of the beef and lobster were not an option for the menus that were e-mailed to me. I have 2 people in my group with food allergies (gluten and whey) and Jascynthia is getting back to us with a special menu. I think if you want a specific menu item it can be arranged in advance. Let me know if you need anything sent to you. I have it all somewhere on my computer. Nat
  14. Thanks Josh. Your photos were great! We can't afford to bring a photographer with us. Did you get a chance to look over the work of the hotel photographer?
  15. Hey Caroline, congrats, you looked gorgeous in your photos and the resort looks like it did a really great job. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind: 1) Temperature wise. I'm getting married in 3 months at this resort and our time slot is 5:00. Does it generally cool off by then? Were you hot? I'm trying to convince my groom and his groomsmen to wear a linen suit, but I don't want to make them sweat their butts off. Thought? 2) Upgrade to the honeymoon suite. Did you pay for this beforehand? Jascynthia told us we'd have to upgrade to get it. Shower with no hot water? Was there an indoor shower? Or did you have to bath the whole time? I can't remember the last time I had a bath prior to getting ready for anything and the thought of a cold shower doesn't sound inviting. 3) Would you recommend the ipod and speakers? Could you have had your first dance at the reception with the steel drum band? I was pondering this option. We also have the blue lagoon restaurant booked for the evening. 4) After party better upstairs then at the disco? Is there room to dance at the upstairs longue? What time does it close? 5) For all of us that are getting married here in the near future, is there anything that afterwards you thought you wish you had known so that you could have done differently? 6) Ceremony, was the officiant prepared to do a sand ceremony, or did you need to provide the script? Thanks so much, Nat
  16. Congratulations Carolyn, can't wait to see the review and the photos. We've all been waiting in suspense for your return, being the first to marry at the new gazebo.
  17. I guess I'm back to the tropical package too. It's what I wanted originally, but then I was told the same as you Petals. I think we should invite Jascynthia to this forum so that she can clarify what is what and make sure we are all being told the same things.
  18. Hey ladies. I have actually gotten in contact with Jascynthia. I didn't get into all the details with her about the differences in the packages. We basically knew what the differences between the packages were from Charmaine and previous posts. If you want your reception private, you have to pick the $50 per person beyond 8ppl package and then pay an additional $300 to rent the blue lagoon. You can rent it for 3 hours and then pay an additional $100 per hour to rent for longer. You can hire a band or DJ and this is the only way to have a speaker system, so an ipod will not work unless you bring your own speakers to the resort. I wrote to Jascynthia about this and she said she'd forward my concerns onto the manager. No response from him unfortunately. Thought this was supposed to be the easy way to get married huh? I decided to wait until 2 months before my wedding, b/c it seems like you don't get any responses from them until your wedding is in queue. Hope that helps.
  19. User Name: nbro Name: Natalie and Julian Location: Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Jamaica Wedding: April 15, 2009 in JA: 05/11/09 - 05/23/08
  20. Thanks for the ideas girls. This is great!! What do you do with the sand after? Cap the vase and bring it home? It would seem to be bad luck if you got rid of it later. Then I suppose it could be romantic to let it blow into the ocean at the end of the honeymoon??
  21. Thanks Christina, I really don't think it's that bad. All that's really important in the end is: Bride Groom, Family, Friends, Rings, Booze, Food, Sand, and a pool. Aside from any major catastrophe, these things are all definates at this point, so all is well. All the rest is just minor details really.
  22. Best of luck Carolyn. All the best. Can't wait to hear the review!
  23. I got a reply about the upgrades to the honeymoon suites. I assumed that you'd get upgraded automatically if you were getting married, but apparently you have to book at lease a suite to get upgraded to a honeymoon suite and this is only based on availability when you check-in. Msg from Jascynthia: "NO, UPGRADES ARE BASED ENTIRELY ON AVAILABILITY WHEN YOU ARRIVE AND IS ONLY GIVEN TO THE NEXT CATEGORY… SO IF YOU BOOKED A SUITE AND UPGRADES ARE AVAILABLE WHEN YOU ARRIVE, YOU WILL BE UPGRADED TO THE HONEYMOON BUNGALOW. BUT IF YOU BOOKED A JUNIOR SUITE, ANY AVAILABLE UPGRADE WOULD BE TO A SUITE (NEXT CATEGORY) IN THIS CASE YOU WOULD NEED TO PAY THE ADDITIONAL COST IF YOU WISH TO BE IN THE HONEYMOON BUNGALOW….. Definately too bad because we can't afford a suite on the possibility of an upgrade!! Nickled and Dimefully yours, nbro
  24. Maybe it would be a good idea to get Jascynthia on the forum. That way we'd get answers from her more expediently I have been waiting patiently for an e-mail response for weeks now. This would be the thrid time that I sent the same questions with no response. Does anyone have David Canso the hotel managers e-mail address?
  25. Thanks Martee. I also contacted Jascynthia via e-mail 2 weeks ago and have yet to receive a response so I'm also waiting patiently. I realize that she's probably swamped. I'd be interested to know which restaurants can accomodate your group. Please post when you find out.
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