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  1. I know, looks like that's the only option. I am bringing my portable stereo. It's not to many of us, so I think the sound will be OK.
  2. Hi Girls I am going with Caribbean Package & with over 8 ppl (including bride & groom) it's extra $50 per person. That's the quote I got. Plus $300 to have ether Blue Lagoon or Poseidon restaurant. Mind you Poseidon is not even private, there will be other's at the restaurant. There was a miscommunication, as I thought that $300 extra is if I book with packages other then Caribbean. I only agreed to this terms and I am taking all of my e-mails with me, in case they want to charge me more then $50 per extra person. I had the funniest quote the other day; they want me to pay US $250 to play my own CD at the restaurant, because the restaurant is not equipped with music. LOL
  3. Hi Christina Thank you. I got engaged end of Aug. 2008, and I planed this in a little more then 2 mnth, during which I have had 3 wedding coordinators and a lot of miscommunication/changes to pricing & packages. You have a lot of time on your hands. Possibly the reason that they are not answering quickly is that your wedding is a year & the new wedding coordinator started last Tuesday. I know they have 7 weddings this month, one of which is on the same day with me. I got my last two replies within 24 hours, before it took from 2 – 10 days. I just wanted to confirm the important stuff: 1.Documents, so they can have paper work done 2.My bouquet, so I know what I am getting 3.Centerpieces, so I don’t have to worry about the cost, as it is very expensive, I am bringing my own. I think everything else could be sorted once I am there. I have PDF for centerpieces & wedding bouquets, I can send them to you if you want. Best of luck.
  4. Hi I don't have prices for all of them, just the once I enquired about here it is Centerpieces REC13 – USD 150.00 REC14 – USD 90.00 REC17 – USD 120.00 REC29 – USD 205.00 REC30 – USD 85.00 REC31 - USD $100.00 REC32 – USD 205.00 REC35 – USD 170.00 REC36 – USD 200.00 REC45 – USD 140.00 REC46 – US$140.00 REC48 – USD 250.00 REC49 – USD 210.00 I hope you have the Arrangemnts PDF from the resort to view, if not I wil send it to you.
  5. Thank you for your support! You are wonderfull. I wrote pissy/upset e-mail to manager today, as I was about to send it I decided to check my mailbox and.. OH MIRACLE! I got a reply. So the new wedding coordinator is Jaquilene (I hope I spelled it right), Mina is a group coordinator & was covering for a while. She confirmed everything & sent prices for centerpieces. I could be very happy, if I wasn't still feeling a bit upset over the whole thing. Thanks to all of you again.
  6. Thank you Yes I confirmed the date & time, it's at 5 p.m. And there is a wedding at 3 before me, and when I called today to find out if the earlier wedding will be at the gazebo (the location that I want) she did not know The sunset in Jamaica is at 5:30, which is the end of ceremony, therefore I need to take pictures before ceremony, I can't kick the other couple out, right? I don't have a TA, I booked it on line. And I can argue my way, but I don't want to argue. I am a very relaxed person, but it's my wedding (hopefully my only), and there are things one need to know, before hand. Besides planning your wedding is the fun part.
  7. Hi girls I am getting married in 2 weeks. And I have send two e-mails, more then 2 weeks ago, to confirm a few things. First it was Charmaine, who had very little or no communication what so ever, I then called and found out that they have changed coordinator, well I though luck must be on my side- NOT SO FAST! The second coordinator – Mina, promised to answer my e-mail- no e-mail for 9 days! SO I called today and spoke with yet another coordinator and she had no Fing clue who I am. I cannot stress enough to you that I am not a bridezilla, in fact my friends call me hippie, due to very ‘let’s all get a long’ attitude. I don’t want to call & argue with the resort, I know that it will totally ruin my mood. But I don’t know what to do anymore. I have only 12 ppl coming with me, it’s not a lot I know, but it’s not a ground to ignore my wedding. When I spoke to Mina, she couldn’t find my paperwork, so I faxed it again. I don’t even know at this moment that they have gotten my papers. And then I get on this site and find out that some of the girls that getting married in 2010 get e-mails & I don’t, I got different quotes for centerpieces & chair covers that some of you GP brides. Once again not a bridezilla & not a negative person, but imagine your wedding is in 2 weeks and you don’t even know that they have the paperwork in order.
  8. Yanale

    Any Russian brides?

    Hey Girls! I am having Russian, Armenian & English music at my reception. For the Russian I am using some of the Verka Serduchka songs- very ubeat, purely Russian-restaurant style. Hope it helps. P.S. Congradulations on your wedding!
  9. Congradulations & Happy Planning!
  10. Hey Don't worry. It's a very slow procces. There is an agreement form in the attachement that she sent you, you need to fill it out, make sure it has signature, package that you want, date & credit card info for the deposit. You need to fax that form to her. That document is the agrement between you & resort, she will reply confirming the date & time. That's the way I did. My wedding is on Nov. 21, 2008. Good luck.
  11. Congratulations! Happy planing
  12. Yanale

    GP Jamaica Bride

    Thank you Petals You are such a great help!
  13. Yanale

    GP Jamaica Bride

    Hey everybody! Thank you. I already picked the caribbean package & realy want reception to be in the garden overlooking the water. Charmaine said that gazebo not ready yet, but will be by November. I still have some questions for her, like price for centepieces, music at the ceremony, photographer's name & website... But she is so busy, I think there is a wedding in Oct, 08, so I wait patiantly, as patient one getting married in 2 month could be And will see... Happy planing to everyone, I will share any new info valuable with you.
  14. Yanale

    GP Jamaica Bride

    Thank you, I am very excited!
  15. Yanale

    GP Jamaica Bride

    Hello everyone I am getting married in Grand Palladium Jamaica in November 2008 This is a great site, thank you GP brides for posting info here it helped a lot.