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    Oct 09 Wedding in Riviera Maya

    welcome to the forum !! what are your top 3 ?
  2. tyingthe.knot

    Newbie bride 5-23-09 Huatulco Mexico

    welcome to the forum ... happy planning
  3. tyingthe.knot


    welcome to the forum !!
  4. tyingthe.knot

    Hello! I'm a newbie!

    welcome to the forum!! you will find lots of useful info here
  5. tyingthe.knot

    last minute deals to Mexico

    Hello ladies ... I have been on the search for hotel / airfare for my Mexico "research" trip ... I am hoping that I find a place for my wedding .. I have been doing very little planning and I am hoping that this trip will help me decide where we will get married. any advise is well appreciated . in my research for my trip I found this link maybe someone will find it useful http://cancun.bookit.com/
  6. this is a great thread!! It will def come in handy once I make my choice !! thanks!
  7. as of right now I am a 2010 bride as well .. but my FI wants to get married sooner like '09 my concern is that the places I am looking into are filling up fast!! I am not sure if having all this time is good for me or not ... why am I so nervous!!!
  8. tyingthe.knot

    Newbie-Hopefully Los Cabos :)

    congrats !! isn't this great there is so much info ..maybe too much
  9. tyingthe.knot

    Another Newbie for Los Cabos ...

    welcome to the forum
  10. tyingthe.knot

    Newbie Intro - March 2009 bride

    welcome to the forum!
  11. tyingthe.knot

    New and Azul Sensatori (?) bride to be!

    congrats and welcome
  12. tyingthe.knot

    Newbie...Looking for Cabo Destination

    welcome to the forum ... I have heard the dreams in cabo is very nice ( i was in the one in Punta Cana) which was very nice Dreams Resorts & Spas: Unlimited Luxury .. and also casa natalia Your Wedding at Casa Natalia best of luck!
  13. tyingthe.knot

    Where in the Playa Del Carmen area...

    welcome to the forum and best of luck I am also looking at playa del carmen or riviera maya area.
  14. tyingthe.knot

    Ah! I'm getting married!!!!

    welcome to the forum and best of luck I am sure you will find the perfect place for you!
  15. tyingthe.knot

    Newbie from Ohio

    welcome to the forum ... and best of luck