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  1. Hello fellow Brides, Thank you for all of your input. After a lot of thinking and research we have decided to change our wedding venue and location. Could you please update the list by taking my name off of the Nov. date. Also, Cappuccino: we were quoted under $1700 but I believe we might have been quoted lower because we were booking before the opening of the hotel. My advise would be if you are somewhat flexible on your dates, inquire what is the price difference if your departure is on Monday rather than Friday (we decided to do that, as weekend does not count as official working days required for a civil wedding). Good luck to all of you with your planning! The photos are gorgeous, so your day will be fantastic!
  2. The funny part is that who knows how many of the wedding/ bridesmaid dresses we are purchasing now that in 20 years time someone is going to be rolling their eyes over and wondering what we were thinking about!
  3. Found new photos from December! Azul Sensatori Dec 2008 001 pictures from friends & fun photos on webshots
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by katken Oh dear. I think I'm going to contact my travel agent and see what she has to say too. I've also shared the trip advisor link with my guest and now hoping it's lost in their emails so they don't see this. I'm trying to think of the best way we can collectively make a difference. I'm not sure all of us flooding Fabio/Tiffany with questions and emails is going to help. I'm wondering if the TA route is the best one...like everyone talk with their TA and see if they can be the ones that get some answers for us. I think they have different, higher-up contacts at the resort and if they're in jeopardy of losing business they may be able to get us some answers. Biggest problem = water - in my opinion. If the showers were constructed poorly with water seeping out, there's not really an easy fix for that. It seems plumbing and water issues are repeated over and over on the reviews along with the beach, which is more out of their control. At the end of the day, I'm stuck. I've got more than 45 guests already booked for their trip to Sensatori with deposits down. I've also already ordered my invites. I don't know what else I can do besides remain positive and hope it's all fixed for all of our weddings. I'm going to contact my TA, Berman Travel. If anyone has any other suggestions on how we can collectively make a difference by doing something professional and respectful (because I really feel like yelling at Karisma right now) please post your ideas. I agree on many aspects of your response. I think the best route is to contact the TA first. After I receive an answer from them on our options (if we can change destination if the hotel does not improve within 6-4 months before the big day), I will send an email to Karisma (not wedding coordinators - I think they have very little say about this) re-phrasing the TripAdvisor's last bride' comments. My FI and I also very much agree that internet is a very powerful tool, and if our stay was ruined along with 60-70 of my guests, nothing would stop me from making it loud and clear on any review website I would come across. The part that bothers me are the staff who were ignoring the complaints and talking about the person in Spanish. That does not bode well.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by jhawkev On the makeup application subject, the prices are always inflated. For those of you that don't want to pay the $165 at the resort. Consider getting it done at home and have the artist teach you how to apply it yourself for when you get down there. And this is super important, be careful which sunscreen you use on your face under your makeup too. You want to make sure it's the type that absorbs the rays not reflects. Otherwise, it will affect the turnout of your pictures and you will look white or pasty and blurry in your photos. Another thing I wanted to let everyone know is that if you are getting spa packages while you are down there. Please do not get a facial before or the day of your wedding! I'm an esthetician, and especially if your skin is not used to getting facials regularly or if you have a reaction to the skin care line they use, you could end up with a face you're not happy with for the wedding! They bring out impurities. Just FYI This is really great! Thank you so much for sharing! Do you have any particular sunscreen brands which you would recommend? Thanks again!
  6. I just want to thank you ladies (Nikki07, khoyle, ... ) for having this calm attitude. It really helps It's the strangest thing as I'm laid back myself and I'm not worried nor am I planning in as much detail as some brides. However, I do have to agree that disappointed guests seem to be the worse guilt, especially knowing how much money they will spend on it. On the other hand, the guests that want to come will be the ones to whom our wedding really matters and who want to celebrate with us in our love. Everyone will make the best out of it. I agree with khoyle, I've been to resorts where I had the best of fun and the food was really good (even though nowhere near what Azul presents) and afterward I read reviews of other of how horrible the resort is. It will be good, it can only be better !!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Magda&Neil Well, I'm on the plane for my wedding in two weeks so I really hope some of this gets ironed out by then. I'm torn on the makeup service provided as the price seems to be going up - now $165 for bridal makeup. It's hard to think that is worth it! That seems a bit steep. Then again, I've never had my make up "professionally" done. Personally, I thought I'd go to Sephora, speak with them about the make up I usually wear and have them show me how to do a wedding one, buy their product (if I'm really sold on it ) and try to reconstruct it on the day of my wedding. I'd prefer to look like myself, but I will need tips on how to make sure my make up doesn't come off with humidity and for photos... and I don't wear a foundation, so I don't want a cake on my face.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by lenka14 Oh how cool, we'll be there at the same time! Unfortunately the water in the swimming pools was FREEZING! And we only saw a handful of people be brave enough to go in and tough it out. But I am hoping they will figure out a way to heat the pools since all other resorts do. So I wouldn't worry abt it. For the ceremony you could use the garden gazebo which is very pretty and I belive they can figure out a way to have 60 ppl there. (You'd have to fight this out with them, because I believe they say only 30) Or you'd have to purchase the SKY package. The Zocalo terrace is a good reception option and Carolina said it holds 100 people. (I know I read it holds fewer somewhere, but it is big enough for 100). Another great option is the Garden Terrace which also holds about 100. Hope this helps! Thank you for your suggestions! Yes , perhaps if we are not too busy with last minute set ups, guest etc, we could meet up for a drink at Sensatori during the week we are both staying there? Regarding the cake, are there pictures you have to submit before for a specific look/flavour or you only have limited choice? Also, would you know if we could get a tasting once we arrive there (as we unfortunately won't be able to do a site visit before our wedding). I've been wondering about the Zocalo for reception, but I'm curious for the feel of it. The area that the wedding reception can occupy is really the perimeter of the building - terrace? Since that is on a curve, can you really see your guests (we'll have 60-70 people attending). Would you know about music option there and can we party there after? I'm just so confused about where the reception happens/ and then the dancing...? The banquet hall sounds great. I'm really looking forward to seeing your photos if you have a little time to upload these! Thank you for sharing your information! oh, and regarding lighting: I'm not sure if you were considering bringing paper lampions with you... would you have to also bring Christmas lights with you as well or is it something the hotel would provide? ... I think in the end I'll brave the beach :S. I've just been imagining this whole time a beautiful beach set up and walking towards an ocean.. hmm...
  9. Thank you for your post! I will have my wedding just two days before yours Lenka. The beach and toilets sound horrible and I'm seriously getting worried over these. Aside the fact that nothing out of the wedding package is what I imagined in the end to be; it's far more expensive than what we were budgetting for - they seem to be breaking everything into nuts and bolts and this is starting to feel like building Ikea furniture; we have no deals (Canadians don't get the "all about the bride in Sensatori) -> this is another blow. Were the swimming pools really that cold? I'm really happy about the food. It seems to be consistant all across that food is superb. If you have over 60 guests, where else can you have your wedding but the beach?
  10. I feel like I'm going to repeat what everyone else is saying, but truly, your wedding day summary is such an inspiration. I too have problems (not anymore! what to put on the website and welcome brochure. Thank you for sharing! Really! It's very sweet of you! Thanks again
  11. and I did also ask whether by having a party on a beach we can have a party for as long as possible (some of my guests can dance till the next morning), and the answer was pretty much no. I suppose it could bother some guests that are staying close to the ocean, but then I wonder: Tiffany answered me that we can dance and have our reception at the same location, but having between 60-70 guests, we only have Beach, Roof Garden, Zocalo cocktail terrace, ballroom to choose from. Zocalo seems tight as it is. So what happens if we picked Zocalo for dinner? Are we moved for the dancing to the beach - including the tables and chairs?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by beachbride2009 I'm getting a little annoyed about the inflexibility there seems to be with things surrounding the dinner/cocktail party/reception...is anyone else? Our wedding was booked for 4pm in November, but I tried to switch it to 3pm in order to have enough time for pics before the sun starts to go down. Since I wasn't able to switch it to 3pm (JP booked for a year out already!), I asked if I could have a short ceremony at 4pm, then an hour for a cocktail party before sitting down for dinner...but they are not able to adjust any of the times/prices for the cocktail parties so it is basically 2 hours or nothing! If the wedding was at 3pm, 2 hours would work out perfect before dinner, but with a 4pm wedding, if I start the dinner at 630-ish, that only really leaves us with about 2 1/2-3 hours for dancing! And I'd like to also know why if you have your reception on the beach they couldn't extend the time out to midnight. If anyone else has these frustrations, or has addressed them with the WC before, I'd love to hear from you! I don't plan on getting down to serious planning business with Tiffany until next July/August, but maybe in the meantime if there are enough of us requesting some flexibility we can band together and get it done! Sensatori Brides Unite! One of the suggestions that was made to me by my TA was to rent a bus and take our guests to Cancun club. The only problem is fitting 60-70 guests and how much that would cost... It's about 33$ US pp. JENNIK 13: This is a lomas site for a car transfer from Cancun... Transfers & Transportation from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and Cozumel. Sharing and Premier Transfers & Transportation Services.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by jennrenn23 Girls My hotel review is up on TripAdvisor. And I'm warning you. It's longer than the the wedding one! Jenn: Thank you so much for such a thorough review! I really appreciate your "wing it" attitude Le Chique sounds awesome and I hope they fix the water problem permanently.
  14. Jenn: Your photos look amazing (it sucks, I have to leave right now, but I will finish reading your whole review later) - Congratulations on getting married!!!