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  1. I thought she was a little high but she was great to work with. She may be willing to do a group rate, I would contact her. I am happy with my results.
  2. I just realized I don't have something borrowed either! I would love to borrow a starfish if possible. This site has been such a help to me, it would be so meaningful.
  3. This is what I was sent from Paradisus Punta Cana: Here is a copy of the wedding vow in english: Dear friends, We are here today to celebrate the civil marriage of Mr. and Miss who have decided to change their civil status from single to the honorable status of being married. Marriage is an institution; it’s an honorable status which has it’s in solemn contract celebrated between a man and a woman, who by their own free will wish to get married with the object to love, to honor and to care by each other. To celebrate this marriage it’s necessary that there is not opposition, if anyone present knows any legal reason to prevent this marriage her or she must say that right now or remain quiet forever. Name of the husband do you accept name of wife as your legitimate wife, do you promise to love her, to honor her, to care and protect her in good times and bad times, in richness and poverty, in sickness and health? As a symbol of this promise, please place the ring on the wedding finger of the bride Name of the wife do you accept name of husband as your legitimate husband, do you promise to love him, to honor him, to care and protect him in good times and bad times, in richness and poverty, in sickness and health? As a symbol of this promise, please place the ring on the wedding finger of the groom THE COUPLE SAY THEIR PERSONAL VOWS HERE AND OR DO SAND ,WATER CERAMONIES Name of the judge, an official of the state of Higuey had heard from name of the bride and groom that they wish to marry and having heard not opposition to their marriage and having met with all the legal requirements needed by the matrimonial law, in the name of the Dominican Republic, on the date of the marriage, in front of your witnesses, I declare you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride…..
  4. I think you should ask her. I wouldn't be offended if the shoe were on the other foot. I am just having mine in DR and pretty much planning it but it will be laid back and all the women there are just invited to dinner and then out afterwards.
  5. I used Fedali and they were great. A little pricey but I am really happy with the results!
  6. We did luggage tags, we thought it went with the destination theme!
  7. I have emailed him several times with no response. I wonder why? I even tried leaving a message on his website.
  8. There is a gazebo at Paradisus Punta Cana that looks beautiful. I know Tami (foxytv) was married there. She has pictures in a couple of her threads.
  9. We were looking to book DJ Mannia in Punta Cana but I have not received a response in weeks. Has anyone used another DJ that they liked in Punta Cana? I know most people are using their Ipods but FI and I are not comfortable doing that due to our technology problems!
  10. We were just there on vacation. The Wyndam was really nice. The biggest drawback in my opinion was the beach. It is pretty small and rocky. There isn't much to do on the resort at night either but Red Hook is pretty close. If you would like any specifics feel free to PM me!
  11. I love them, very pretty! I agree, if you don't wear them for the ceremony, you could for the weekend. Where did you get them?
  12. I need 15 as well and checked all the Targets near me and they didn't have any! Would anyone be willing to mail me 15? I would pay shipping too.
  13. Thank you for the recommendation! I emailed them and they won't have rates until January. If you don't mind me asking, what were their rates in Mexico?
  14. I am pretty sure you can bring an outside person to do the ceremony.
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