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  1. I'm sorry I'm just getting back to you! I have to change my email notifications. It seems as if they hire competent planners so you should be ok. Be sure to ask if there are any other weddings taking place on your big day and how far they're scheduled apart. That was my only issue with the Hilton. The girls were trying to run back and forth between weddings and I didn't appreciate that at all. Are you getting the jitters yet? Did you mail your guest bags yet? I didn't have any problems with getting my dress there. The airline attendants were really sweet with helping me out with my dress. You shouldn't have any problems (unless you get a not so nice crew) My anniversary is that same weekend and I was hoping to come out to Cancun and celebrate it and also see your wedding while I'm there. So, how many guests do you have coming? Where's your ceremony & reception? I'm excited for you because I remember last year at this time I was preparing too! I hope that you don't mind sharing....
  2. If Candi is still working at the Hilton, you shouldn't have a problem. She is very competent and talented. Are you ready for your big day?
  3. I haven't been to Iberostar Grand Rose Hall but I believe that Excellence PM would beat it by a long shot. You can't beat the service at Excellence! My husband and I honeymooned there last August after our wedding in Cancun and we absolutely loved it!! The people @ Excellence go above and beyond to accomodate you and that's what you want in a Honeymoon. I hope that this helps!
  4. Hi Everyone! We chose to have our wedding in Cancun because we went there when we were dating and everyone thought that we were married. At the time, it was the furthest thing from our minds! So, it's kinda sentimental having it in Cancun. The ceremony, which is next month, is at the Hilton Cancun. We chose the Hilton Cancun because: 1. We wanted a unique wedding. We wanted it to be everything that we wanted and not a cookie cutter type of wedding. You choose all of your services a la carte to suit you. 2. They allow children and we have children coming along. 3. It's on the quiet side of Cancun, closer to the airport. So, if the older folks want a peaceful vacation, they have it. I hope that this helps! If anyone has any questions, or needs any info on the Hilton, I'll be glad to help. Good luck to everyone!
  5. Oh! And I forgot! WELCOME to PetitRouge, HeatherW, and Rizalr731! I've been so busy with my wedding planning that I haven't had a chance to visit the Forum lately. If anyone needs information, just let me know and I'll be glad to give you any info that I have. Happy Planning!
  6. Jessica, I'm glad to hear that everything was wonderful and that you had a fabulous wedding! Congratulations! I can't wait to read your full review and to see your pictures. Did you do a TTD session with Citalli? By the way, did the hotel make your cake? I have 30 days left and I'm a wreck trying to tie up loose ends but Fernanda is such a sweetie and she puts me at ease. Well, I hope that you had a great honeymoon and I'll be waiting for your review! HUGS!
  7. Hey there! I'm tying the knot in 30 days and all I want to do is sleep! I'm exhausted from planning, but I'm really anxious for the day to get here! Is all of your planning done? Best Wishes!
  8. Hi Jessica, I've been meaning to get on here and wish you the best of luck! I guess that we were freaking out at the same time. Hopefully, all of your worries have been washed away and you're moving full steam ahead! I hope that you have a great wedding! I can't wait until you get back to hear all about it and see the pictures! Best wishes!!! Felicia
  9. Hi Margie! WELCOME!! Congratulations on your engagement. You have more than enough time to plan your wedding. I'll give you all of the information that I have so that you can begin. You definitely came to right place. You're right, these ladies have given great information. I'll email you some of the information that I have. Have you contacted the Hilton yet?
  10. Hey Jessica! You're getting very close to your date. Have you finished figuring out the final details of your cocktail hour? A cost effective idea is to have cheese, crackers and fruit, especially if you're going to serve a few courses for your reception. Are you getting nervous yet? Did you plan to have a welcome party or anything like that? I wish you well with the planning!!
  11. Jessica, Could you tell me who you spoke with at Euforia? Also, did she send any price info or pics to you? I'm trying to finalize the budgeting and the flowers are the last piece to the puzzle. I've seen a few other people on the forum say that she is "pricey". In your opinion, do you think so?
  12. I received a proposal from J&S today (the Hilton's in-house dj) and the price in the proposal is about $2200 which I think is outrageous!! Mannia charged $900 for 4 hours and $700 for a lighted dance floor. My former wedding planner negotiated a deal with Carlos to get 10% off for wedding planners. So, all in all, I think that Mannia is definitely a better deal even without the discount. Hey, Vanessa and Opice, did you both use Planner1 events to do the flowers and decorations or did you use someone else?
  13. Congrats to you on securing your location? Have you been on a site visit? Is it a good place to have a honeymoon?
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    Hi! Welcome to the forum! I'm a Cancun bride as well. Happy planning!!
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    I think that I want to buy this one!!