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  1. Our travel company canceled and WILL NOT refund our money. SO no wedding, and no other choices.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Alexis Mine is too. 106 guests. 1 year of planning and anticipation. It's the exact kind of think you think will never happen to you. I'm so sorry. You are not alone. Are you pushing the date back and keeping the same location? Ya it really sucks. Who would ever think that a PIG FLU would cancel your wedding
  3. thanks everyone. this has been a really hard day. i will keep you posted.
  4. not sure yet. we have to stay with the same vacation company, sunquest... they seem to be booked for at least 2 months. this really sucks
  5. My wedding was just canceled. Actually canceled. I cant even think right now
  6. Thanks everyone, just being able to vent to you all helps
  7. Thanks everyone. I cant even explain how this feels. Its a wait and see game. We might have to rebook to a different destination... if there is space... or just refund the money. hopefully things turn around soon
  8. Because of the swine flu Sunquest Vacations has canceled all flights until June to Mexico.... meaning : MY DREAM WEDDING IS CANCELED. I am in shock right now.... I dont even know what to think
  9. I talked to my travel agent this morning and she said as long as there is no travel advisory issued by the Gov't of Canada it is all a go. If there is a travel warning for Canada then our destination will be relocated or we can get a full refund. I don't want either after all the planning and work that has been done!! Hang in there everyone!
  10. Has anyone used or heard of the company "Cancun Catamarans"?? We are wanting to book a sunset cruise the night of our wedding and have our dance on the catamaran. I have been looking at this company and they have replied to me with a reasonable quote. The only thing is when I look up reviews for them it is only the owners (who are from Britian) that have posted them. Should I be worried?? Cancun, Cancun Catamarans, Snorkeling, jungle tours, speed boat tours, Catamarans, sailing & day trips. What do you think?? Thanks ladies!
  11. I am in Calgary. If you girls find one in Edmonton let me know, I will come get it!!!
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