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  1. Hi All! I need help with some sign wording for our bucket with the paint brushes for sandy feet. I plan on having a basket with a 'shoes optional' sign, but I am at a loss for the paint brushes. I've searched the forum, but I can't find anything. Any ideas? tia
  2. susanv66

    New from TN

    Congratulations! Welcome to the forum!!
  3. I think they turned out so well. You did a beautiful job!
  4. I'm going to check this stuff out! I am trying to avoid wearing tips for my wedding too.
  5. susanv66

    Hungrygirl emails

    I get these emails, and I agree with Frazali-there are a lot of processed foods in her recipes. But she does have some good, realistic ideas. It's definitely worth checking out.
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    SGOR Newbie

    Welcome to the forum, Cynthia! Wedding planning can be very frustrating, but this forum has helped a lot to stay sane. Hang in there, and good luck with your planning!
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    Welcome to the forum, Megan! Good luck with all of your planning!
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    Thought I knew what I was doing....

    welcome to the forum, Jennifer! work with a travel agent-they will you great guidance for keeping within your budget. My TA recommended Playa del Carmen for our honeymoon, and we are staying for four days in a four star resort for under $2000. You can definitley do it. Good luck!
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    Welcome to the forum, Cindy! Good luck with your planning!
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    This place is great!!

    Good Luck with your planning!!
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    Stressed out bride to be

    Welcome to the forum! Just keep browsing this forum and you will find lots of ideas and suggestions. Good luck!
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    the date is set

    Welcome to the forum, Missy! YOu will find lots of inspiration here!
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    Hello! January 2011 Wedding... undecided

    Welcome to the forum, Claire! You will find lots of great info here!
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    Congratulations, Aimee, and welcome to the forum! Follow your dreams, girl!
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    Need an amazing beach location...

    Welcome to the forum! I think finding a place to have your wedding is the hardest part. Just keep reading this forum, and I am sure you will get some great ideas. Good luck!