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  1. Hello future Iberostar Brides....We are back and it was just amazing. I wish we are still there, but you have to get back to reality at some point. I will post my review soon, but we absolutely had the best time, the wedding and reception was even better than we had imagined it. Thanks for all the well wishes...will post that review soon. Missy
  2. We used DJ Doremixx for our wedding on June 1st and we can not say enough about how awesome they were!! We are both pretty big music fans with a wide taste in music. We e-mailed them a playlist of must have songs and do not play music. They were awesome. Temo- our dj- played all of our must have, none of our do not plays, and even a ton of guest requests. Even during the dinner hour, he played great pics of ours and his own including Radiohead, Dave Matthews, Frank Sinatra & Bob Marley. The energy was great and we had 53 guests at our wedding and there was always a crowd on the dance floor. My husband and I did not even want to leave the dance floor. THey were even better than the best dj we have heard back here at Chicago weddings. We got married at the Iberostar lindo and unfortunately we were not able to use the cold fireworks for our indoor location, but it didn't even matter anyway. They even handed out some balloons to the crowd dancing on the dance floor and had a fun smoke machine that our guests enjoyed. During our 8 day stay we heard some other wedding receptions with other, resort recommended DJs- not even close to being as good as Doremixx! The other resort DJ had like 1 speaker and what sounded like a very limited selection of music. We highly, highly recommend Doremixx for a great, high energy, fun party. It was so worth it!!!
  3. We are leaving in 3 days!! Just a few more errands to run like manicure, pick up rings, my dress, guys gifts & pack. AAHHH so excited to get out of here. Will write a nice review when we get back. Side note- we are using doremixx and we got him for $650. Thanks Talk to you all soon. Missy
  4. Amy we are using resort photographer too. I have seen their work and I am not worried. We would have liked to use an outside photog but now we suprisingly have 60 guests so that is just not in our budget anymore. U can't get scenery like that at home. So we will just have to be prepared w/ our list of shots that we want. No worries right?! Happy planning. We get married 2 weeks from tomorrow!
  5. Congrats! on everything. Sounds like it was a blast. We ended up going with doremixx too- so I'm pumped that he was so great. Enjoy newlywed life and thanks for sharing...
  6. Lindobride14. Yes it Is a nonstop flight. The prices did not really start to down until march which was 4 mos out from our trip. I was pretty happy with the price we did get so just keep checking the prices periodically to make sure they will match it at the low end of prices. Good luck W/ planning. Shannon congrats! Glad to hear it all went well for the most part but I will try to follow ur advice and not stress. I m sure that great attitude helped. U looked beautiful. Can't wait to hear the full review...
  7. Lindobride 14. We got our 7 nights at $1170 Our travel agent was great. Since we got our trip thru apple vacations our ta could give us best price guarantee. The trip started out around $1600 then down to $1300 then down to $1170 each for 2 adults standard room leaving from ord for 7 nights. Hope that helps
  8. Chalean extreme lean 3 workout yesterday and p90 x plyos today
  9. Chalean extreme lean workout 2 yesterday plus abs. Today 4 mile walk
  10. Haven't logged in yet this week. Monday chalean extreme lean #1, Tuesday cardio, Wed. lean # 2, Friday lean # 3, cardio plus abs 3 x this week
  11. Shannon- I have very getting excited for you- the big day is getting so close. Good luck with all of the last minute details!
  12. 30 minute intervals and chalean extreme burn # 3
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