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  1. I love the crystals on your dress, very pretty. And the costumes what a great idea for a bachelorette party, I love it!
  2. Medusa1977

    Family not approving

    I know exactly how you feel, I talked to my mom today and after she asked " How's the wedding planning going?" She said, "You know I was thinking, you should just have the wedding here and go there for your honeymoon.' This is exactly what she said to me a week ago when she offered up her BACKYARD. I am just so frustrated, She has already tod me they are not coming. I have accepted that but i wish she understood that a wedding here would be way more than we want to spend, havig a DW is a way to keep everything romantic, small, affordable, and have the most memorable wedding.
  3. I've never been much a fan of white but I loved the all white. And you my dear looked fabulous!! The parasols were one of my fav pics, what a great idea. The pics against the backdrop of the beach were fun but really pretty. I haven't been a member for long but seeing your pics reminded me of why I want a destination wedding! I mean seriously woud pics in a stuffy reception hall even compare to the beauty of the beach? Congrats again!
  4. Wow, what agreat review! Congratulations!
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    Welcome to the forum! Good luck on all your planning!
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    So I just discovered what an ass I am yesterday. We have been working on a letter that srves as an invite to our closest friends to invite them to stay at the villa we are renting. Jay being a writer was in charge of writing it and doing all the editing. Well he started the letter with buon giorno, and I immediately thought what buon giorno isn't spelled like bonjour with an no at the end? I'm an ass! hehehe
  7. Medusa1977

    Italy 2008

    Yeah another Italy couple!! Congratulations! We are getting married on the Amalfi Coast. I've never been to Italy but Tuscany is supposed to be gorgeous.
  8. Paris is one of my most favourite places on earth and your engagement sounds Perfect!! How romantic! Congratulations!
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    Thanks for all the welcomes! I can't wait to pick everyone's brain
  10. Medusa1977


    Hi Everyone!! 1. My name is Karen, nice to meet everyone! I hope everyone is having good luck and a great time planning your wedding 2. We are getting married Oct 1, 2009Italy. Have not pinpointed the exact location yet. 3. We will be married somewhere along the sorrento or amalfi coast in
  11. Medusa1977

    Emma's Day Out - Part 2

    Emma is absolutely adorable, i wish i had a bunny! hehe