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  1. Me too! I am a "newbie" and I am addicted. I have already gained so much useful info!!!
  2. I am considering a HHI wedding and would love to see some pics and get any advise or suggestions! PLEASE!!
  3. Your wedding was beautiful! I cannot wait for my beach wedding!!!!!
  4. I am so glad you said something! I need to insure my bling ASAP!
  5. A good friend of mine just got back from Playa and her photos are amazing. You're going to have a beautiful weddingmoon!
  6. Hello all, My name is Haddi. I just recently got engaged and I am looking for a destination! There are just too many beautiful places. I am looking for ideas and looking to learn from some your experiences. We plan to get married in May-September of 2009.
  7. If you figure something out...let me know. I do not pack lightly. I am the "bag lady!"
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