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  1. Welcome!!! I am getting married in the Riviera Maya in 2 weeks!!! We are staying at the Barcelo and having the ceremmony there i got a lot of information on this forum. You are going to love it. If you need anything let me know. Jessica
  2. Everything looks great!!! I have so much DIY stuff to do and I keep looking at the Forum for more ideas. TOO much great stuff.
  3. Welcome!!! You are going to love this forum
  4. Congradulations and Welcome to the Forum!!!
  5. Welcome!!! You are going to love this forum
  6. Are you guys getting as overwhelmed as me? i feel Like the weeks are flying by and I have a ton of DIY projects to do still!!!!!!!! I am having a hard time finding nice sandals for FI. We originally were going to keep it more casual but now he is wearing a white linen suit and I am not sure that flip flops would look that good. all the sandals i found on Zappos that I like are way to expensive. Any of you have any ideas where to look?
  7. Love the flip flops. May have to look into it.............
  8. Welcome to the Forum. you are going to love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. jessygrl75


    Welcome!!! You are going to love this forum!!!
  10. i am having the same problem. Zappos has a big selection also Like.com
  11. Your going to love this site!Welcome!!!
  12. jessygrl75


    Welcome!!!! You are going to love this Forum!!!
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