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  1. We had the same problem. I looked this up on theknot.com and they suggested an email or phone call. I ended up sending a mass email and bcc'd everyone so no one could see who it was going to. I got all of the RSVPs we were lacking from that one email! I would suggest doing whatever you are comfortable with. Most of our guests just forgot - oops! I guess we are thinking about our wedding more than they are Good luck!
  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!!! Everything looked so perfect...I wouldn't expect anything less xo - so happy for y'all!
  3. Where did you find the pashminas? Thanks!
  4. We booked Carlos for our wedding in February. All of the great reviews are getting me really excited!!
  5. We are doing this boat cruise for our rehersal dinner and are expecting about 55-60 people. Where to Board at Lobster Dinner Cruise Cancun We worked it out so that we chartered the entire ship and they even threw in an airconditioned bus transportation to and from the port for us for free. Good luck!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by sunshinekc08 I have booked him for my wedding as well! We have 39 booked so far & I am execting about 50 or so! Not small, but I really didnt want to shell out $900 that DJ Mannia quoted me & I don't need fireworks. Just great music. I was trying to decided between an iPod or a DJ & when I spoke with DJ Bob & he quoted me less almost half of DJ Mannia.... I decided to go with a DJ. I spoke with him on the phone for about 45 min. Him & his wife moved from Jersey to Playa Del Carmen about 8 years ago..... so he speaks perfect english, has a cell phone you can contact him on & is currently doing Kareoke at 2 bars in Cancun 2x's a week & weddings on the weekend! He will download any music you want to be played or you can let him choose. I am going for a site visit of our resort & he is going to meet us down there just to say hi. He has also gone to visit the resort & already met with the WC's there to see where he can set up & to get any rules they might have.... & we're not getting married until May! I was very impressed with him so far! Do you have his contact information? I want to get a quote from him....I thought my quote from DJ Mannia was a litte high as well considering my reception is only 4 hours. And this may be a stupid question, but are we supposed to tip the DJ on top of their fee? I'm not sure how that works in Mexico. Do you know what you were planning on doing? Thanks!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by julielynn I have booked DJ Bob for my wedding this weekend. I will let you know. So far he has been very flexible with my schedule and easy to contact. He even visited my resort for me! I will keep you posted! Julie Good luck this weekend, Julie!! I'm sure everything will be perfect Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.
  8. LOVE the luggage tag idea!! That's so creative!
  9. We also booked Mike Cantrall and are so excited! His work looks great!!
  10. Does anyone have an updated review from DJ Bob or has anyone recently booked him for a wedding? Thanks!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Rhonda I'm using the one approved by the resort. I was also concerned about this, but, then, my WC put me in contact with someone who used the DJ and she had all good things to say! I don't know if there is really another option, but, it might be good to find out or at least hear from others. Thanks for the info Rhonda! I thought there might be just one approved for the resort since the Lomas website did not send me to another one, like the approved photogs. I'll wait to hear back from my WC as to who I have to use.
  12. Does anyone out there have an approved DJ list for EDR? Or has anyone hired a DJ for an EDR reception that you loved? I'm looking for a DJ but I want to make sure they are approved by the resort and that they are fantastic, fun and will play good music. Thanks!!
  13. We are paying for our BM and GM attire. They are already paying to travel to be with us so we thought we could cover this cost for them
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