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  1. Hey guys!!! Sorry for the delay. I got my pictures back from Diego at Del Sol, they are amazing!! Am I allowed to say so myself?? I just have to give mucho credit to Diego!!  If you want me to send you the link please IM me… I had my wedding and reception at the pool side gazebo. Good luck in your planning!! 
  2. Simistar, it sounds like for the most part things were great!! After reading your review, I had a few additional comments to add from my experience. Meeting Cecilia- We had a scheduled time to meet her as well. I arrived at the resort in the afternoon and had my wedding the following day so it was imperative I meet her the day I arrived. She was a hard lady to meet. In her defense, she did have a “surprise†wedding that day (Seriously she said they planned this wedding in 2 weeks and it was a legal one!!). But, honestly, I spent the whole daylight of the first day (I only had 3 days there) tracking her down.. She does need an assistant! Hair- Okay, it sounds like they love curling hair. My sister-in-law got the tight curl updo and they tried to do my mother’s hair the same.. My hair style had the pinned curls so I was okay, but that does seem to be their specialty! Get to the spa early. It did take longer than expected to do my hair and make-up. I wanted to get my hair and make-up done with my mother. I refused the bridal suite b/c they said they could not do both of our hair and make-up in there. It sounds like Simistar was able to work something out. I would suggest arranging it with the spa’s front desk and not the stylist.. My French manicure and pedicure was good. Cecilia- Cecilia met me at my room on time. My flowers got there JIT which worried me briefly. Flowers- I got the complimentary flowers for the bouquet and centerpiece. Both were VERY beautiful!! Cake- We had the cheesy flowers too. Not sure what to suggest on the cake. I had a picture of the cake I wanted to use and still got the cheesy flowers. You could ask if they have an alternative to the edible flowers for the cake, I am not sure what they have..
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    DJ Bob??

    Two thumbs up for DJ Bob!!! He was great!! He played everything I requested and filled in the rest with matching tunes! His timing for key songs was impeccable! Everyone was on the dance floor and for 9 people and my family that is a HUGE accomplishment!! I was a bit nervous using an offsite vendor for my wedding. DJ Bob was always very easy to get a hold of which helped with planning and ease of mind. He even visited my resort and met with my WC before the wedding!! DJ Bob is a great guy! He will work with you to make your event incredible! His email is- boradem@aim.com
  4. I could hear more pool noise walking to the gazebo than when I was at the gazebo. It all seemed to go away when I turned the corner and saw the gazebo with my now-husband waiting for me… Odd I know.. My guests didn’t seem to notice the pool noise either. And believe me my mother would have told me if she did. The sun set about an hour after the ceremony and the pool area cleared out completely. We had our dinner right by the gazebo; we had the whole area to ourselves!! Simistar!! Have a great trip back!! I can’t wait to see your pictures!
  5. I'm having issues attaching the gazebo picture. PM me and I will send it your way..
  6. Okay guys! I tried to be as honest and helpful as I could. Let me know if you need any help! I have attached the free decoration for the gazebo. •Resort- oRooms- We were upgraded to a swim out suit in building 1600. This building was right by the walk way to the gazebo. Our guests had rooms all in the 1500 building. We had all paid for partial ocean view rooms and my guests were upgraded to full ocean view rooms. The rooms were beautiful. The pictures don’t do them justice! No complaints. From the other posts, I hear the rooms to stay away from are in buildings 2100-2400. These are supposed to be shaded rooms and have increased mosquitoes problems. I don’t have any feedback on this though.. oBeach- The sand felt so great on my bare feet!! It looks exactly like the pictures. No seaweed issues, just white sands and very blue water. We didn’t have issues getting chairs or finding shade on the beach as others have experienced. oMosquitoes- I witnessed the resort spraying for mosquitoes on the side of our building the first night I was there. I didn’t have any mosquito issues at any point in the trip. The hotel also provides complimentary repellent and sunscreen. oFood- The breakfast buffet was endless, though it is hard to get seated outside. I didn’t eat at any of the restaraunts for lunch. The hotel had a grill going on one side of the beach and a massive skillet with shrimp on the other!!! We only ate at the Mexican and Japanese restaraunts for dinner. The Mexican service was slow. The food was great but the portion sizes were small so don’t feel bad about ordering a little extra. The Japanese place was nice. We sat by the grill. They do not take reservations so if you have a big group check-in in advance. It’s a small place. But it is a good show. oService- The service was great. Each building was assigned a concierge. I didn’t deal with mine much so have nothing to report. The staff everywhere is very nice! They accept not expect tips. This was a big change for me being in Mexico. They are very gracious when you do tip them. No matter how much.. They are genuinely a great group of people. oEntertainment- I didn’t participate in any night entertainment though they did have a show every night at 9pm. I didn’t witness any shows by the pool, though I have seen pictures and know they exist. They have assigned activities people. Their responsibilities range from arranging volleyball games, salsa lessons, Spanish lessons, yoga, to kayaking. There is always something going on if you need to be entertained. •Wedding- oCecilia- Cecilia is very hard working. I don’t think she ever goes home. She most definitely needs help once this resort gets busier. She was very organized. I met with her when I arrived (1 day before my wedding) to review details. She had everything in order. She even made complimentary place cards to go with my wedding favors. I was very satisfied with Cecilia. She pulled everything off. oDecorations- Ceremony-We had complimentary decorations for the ceremony (I had the most basic wedding package). I requested a red carpet instead of the traditional white one. The centerpiece looked exactly like the picture, no surprises. Everything was very beautifully arranged. I will attach pictures once my guests send some. Reception- I requested red bows, red napkins, and 2 lights under our 1 extra-large round table. The centerpiece was moved from the ceremony table to our dinner table. The wedding favors were on the table with name cards. There were complimentary white table clothes (layered) and white chair covers. In the light everything looked beautiful, not plain at all. However, as the daylight went away, the table was a bit dark. Cecilia brought some spot lights out, which did improve the lighting a little. I would suggest lights or candle on your table. Otherwise, everything was perfect! oComplimentary night before room (for the groom)- I had to pull teeth for this room. Lots of following up with the front desk and I was a bit pushy with Cecilia. However she was always very nice about it. I did get the complimentary room. Checkout was at 12, and my wedding wasn’t until 3. My husband moved to my brother’s room (who was solo for the weekend) after 12 so it wasn’t a big deal. oCake- The cake was beautiful. My wedding package came with a complimentary small wedding cake. However, to please my mother, I requested they make a special cake. I was surprised when they only charge me $130. The cake was VERY beautiful; however, the only real layer on it was the top. It was just enough for 10 people. Luckily, the dinner was so filling no one needed seconds. oViolinist- WOW!! Yes, a bit pricey but he added that extra touch to the evening. Everyone enjoyed it. We used the resort violinist Mr. Molnar. He was very professional. He has you tube video. oFood- The food was a bit late coming out. Enough so, that my mother started to complain to me that I should do something. However, when the food did come it tasted so great everyone forgot about the wait. The food presentation was very fancy; however, it was a bit dark at the table no one got to really enjoy it. oPhotographer- Diego from Del Sol- Diego and his assistant were at my room on time for the prewedding pictures. He was very nice and professional. Gave us suggestions without being pushy. I am not used to having my picture taken. I normally hide from cameras. But the photo session was a ton of fun. Seeing the quality of Del Sol Photography and Diego’s personal portfolio, I am very confident I will be completely satisfied with the pictures. I can’t wait to see the photos!! oDJ Bob- DJ Bob was very reasonably. He played all of my song requests and filled in the gaps with matching tunes. He is great at timing songs. He kept the wedding flowing and helped us with the live wedding schedule. EVERYONE danced at the wedding, which was unexpected. Anyone that can get my brother on the dance floor deserves kudos!! DJ Bob even checked out the resort for me before there were any pictures posted. Very good guy! oSalon- First of all, if anyone got the $100 spa gift card with your room booking heads up!! You get a $40, $20 and $20 gift card for the salon that cannot be used at the same time. In addition, you can’t use it for hair, nails or make-up. It must be used for things like massages. I got my nails, hair and make-up done at the spa. Call the spa when you arrive to confirm you appointment if you make it before you come. It caused some confusion for those that didn’t confirm on arrival. Luckily they had room for everyone on my wedding day. I brought a picture of how I wanted my hair and make-up. They did a great job!! The other girls that got their hair done weren’t as happy with their do as I was with mine. Best advice I can give is bring pictures. There is a definite communication barrier so the more help you can give them the less stress. oMinister- Mr. Monroy was our minister. We had a nonreligious ceremony. I expected it to be short like the JP ceremony but Mr. Monroy has a nice, eloquent ceremony about love and commitment. It was beautiful! He was very genuine when speaking the words to my husband and me. We also did a sand ceremony. I was disappointed after pictures the sand was taken away. I wanted to keep it.. I hope this helps!! If you have any questions email me!! I will attach pictures when I get them! Good luck ladies!! 
  7. Hey guys I am back!!! It’s crazy at work so I have not written my review. I am working on it though. Don’t worry. But just to ease your mind, it was ALL AMAZING!!! We had no mosquito problem. Cecilia was great!! The food is amazing. The beach is incredible!! My wedding was a dream come true!!! There will be more details to follow. So girls, don’t worry, you made the right choice with Maroma!!
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    DJ Bob??

    I have booked DJ Bob for my wedding this weekend. I will let you know. So far he has been very flexible with my schedule and easy to contact. He even visited my resort for me! I will keep you posted! Julie
  9. I am glad everything has worked out for you Simistar!! Everything has worked out for me as well. My ceremony stayed the same; they moved the Circus Show an hour earlier. I can't believe it is already here!!! Everything starts around Thanksgiving!!! I can't wait!!
  10. How would you handle this? I am pretty upset right now. Probably feel about the same way Simistar did when they told her to have cold food on the beach for her reception!! LOL Below is what I came into Monday morning from Cecilia. The first comment is in response to the $100 spa gift card promotion I got when I booked my wedding (I found it on a disount site). I was going to use this for my hair and make-up, finally a place to save a little money on the all-inclusive wedding... Oh and our wedding is perfectly timed at 3pm so we will have sunset pictures for our couples shoot. Sunset is at 5pm.. Yes, you can get the coupon at your arrival… unfortunately does not apply for saloon services (make up & hairstyle) I was checking our activities program because has a lot of changes due to the hotel is new; and I realize that at 3:00 pm there is a Circus Show been performed by the pool. This really concerns me, due to we like a nice wedding for you, and have the wedding and at the same time the circus show wont be helpful, because they make some noise and could distract the guest attention… My suggestion is move down 1 hr the schedule, and starts the ceremony at 4:00 at this time the natural lighting is perfect for pictures during and after the ceremony… however if this schedule change create any problems, please let me know and I`ll check with the Entertainment Manager what we can do for you … J I told her to try to change the Circus Show so we will see. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!
  11. Hey New York! I am getting married the same weekend as Simistar and am using ole Bob as the DJ. So far he has been really great! Very flexible and even visited the resort for me and met with Cecilia. I wil let you know how it goes..
  12. Thanks for touching base with Cecilia. I don’t know what I would do if I was preprinting menus for my guests. There are just going to be 9 of us at the reception, so I might let her know I will wait until I am on site to decide on the menu. Hopefully the day before should be a small enough window to actually get a correct description but who knows...
  13. She sent me the descriptions on 10-9, so maybe things have changed. Let me know what she says, I might change my salad.
  14. Not sure why she gave me different descriptions?? This is what she gave me.. Cancun Salad: Lettuce Mixed Sea Food Olives Mango Dressing Caribbean Salad: Mixed lettuce Shrimps Mango Cherry Tomato Dreams Salad Eggplant Peppers Seafood Onion Pumpkin Cancun Salad: Lettuce Mixed Sea Food Olives Mango Dressing
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    Secrets Maroma Bride

    Sorry to hear about the last minute move. Hang in there, it is going to be great!!! This resort is top notch!! Check out Tripadvisor for pictures and reviews. People go on-and-on about the food and fantastic beach!! It's going to be amazing!!! Have fun and try not to worry!!