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  1. I have never been to a wedding at the Sandos, but my SIL is getting married there on Feb 2. I recently asked a bride on another site about her experiences...as she was married there..here is what she had to say. Hey there, usually I'm not here but I am listing my wedding dress for sale so you caught me at the right time! Sandos was wonderful...the rooms were great, the beach was awesome and the food pleased all of my guests. Make sure you get the Sandos Gold Bracelet that gives you access to the select club which has the best pool and buffet (with soft serve ice cream yum) Just make sure you don't answer the note they leave you on your door because time share people will take up ALOT of your time. The wedding was perfect, I couldn't ask for better service & weather. The beach reception is totally worth the extra money and that's where we had a BLAST! We were only supposed to have it until 9 pm but we were able to stay and be served until after 11 pm. The WC was an angel, and very organized. My entire group (35) was pleased with the resort, there was lots to do and a lot of variety for food. Some people in the group have already returned to Sandos because they liked it so much! As for reviews, they are usually pretty bad in the off season but once December-jan-feb-mar hits they seem to pull out all the stops because we had no complaints! We were married on March 13, 2008 and that was a perfect time to go because it is the best weather on the Mayan at that time! I had problems getting a hold of the WC in the beginning, but she gets hundreds of emails each day and basically works on the wedding closest, because it is just her. She eventually gets back to you, sometimes I would call just to remind her to get back to me, but the closer it got to my wedding the more responsive she is. She can only work so far in advance and remember she has a wedding almost everyday to plan and coordinate, and then has to answer calls & emails. Hope this helps, let me know if you have more questions and good luck! Hope this helps you Sandos brides to be, I'll be sure to put down my experience at Sandos once we return in Feb.
  2. So for those of you who took your bags to the resort and assembled them there. When did you give them out, or did you work with the hotel to put them in your guests rooms Or did you search each guest out and hand it to them?
  3. So for those of you who took your bags to the resort and assembled them, when did you give them out, or did you work with the hotel to put them in your guests rooms Or did you search each guest out and hand it to them?
  4. A couple more formal...but still look comfy... Nordstroms $65usd ____________________________________ nordstroms $63usd
  5. I found these for my SIL This is cute and only $39.00 at Target, its Isaac Mizrahi _____________________________ This one is a little more casual from Victoria's secret for $19. It measures 18" from the waist, in this pic it looks really short but 18" from the waist on me falls at my knee's... _____________________________________ Another victoria secret for $38 __________________________________________ another victoria Secret $65 ____________________________________ Another one from Victorias secret $58 ______________________________________________ This is from the Fashion bug for $19.99 More to come.....
  6. Jysk, is a sort of everything store in Canada. Almost like an Ikea they sell furniture, and towels, & home stuff. they do have an online store at Jysk.ca, but i don't remember seeing the bags on the site.
  7. For any of you canadian brides, I found these great beach bags at JYSK. They are for my SIL's wedding in Jan. They were on sale at our JYSK for $1.98 each, and are a great size. They come in aqua, pink, orange and I think lime green.
  8. How exciting!!! 6 months to go girls, What have you done, and what still needs to be done?
  9. My SIL is getting married in the Mayan, she has been talking to a TA in her home town. The TA has asked for a deposit of 10% of 10 tickets, which works out to $2000. What if she doesn't get 10 tickets reserved through the TA, some of us will most likely book online, or with our own TA's, because we are all coming from accross canada. I just wondered if this was normal, I just found that to be a lot of money as a deposit.
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