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  1. I am getting married May 7, 09 and our group will be staying at the Riu Palace May 2-9,09! Cant wait!!
  2. hi carrieo- i am getting married at the rprm and i am using a del sol photographer and i have it in writing that i can have an outside vendor come in to take the pictures for 100 dollars. I also have guests coming that are staying at their time shares for 65 dollars that day. i know what you mean about the photographer~ you dont want to have second rate photos so make sure you get that rate! i actually mentioned he was a "close" friend of mine and that he HAD to do if for us (the photographer). del Sol Photography i hope this helps! trust me, i will go bridezilla if i dont get what i want!! i am having 40 ppl stay at this hotel for my wedding so i want nothing less than top notch service!!! if you need any other info let me know, i will be getting what i want and more! thats just me
  3. Thank you Tylersgirl for the information on the chairbows! I got the caprice package and it does come with white covers but no bows (you would think bows would come with but whatev). I am going to look into it, Thanks so much! Jamie, THANK YOU THANK YOU for your review! I am also doing maracas as favors too! So I cant wait to go to playa to get them once we arrive You looked great!!! Jamie, I am also wanting to to botofogo-i heard that if you want a private dinner it would have to be the last seating at 8:30pm. We are doing that and then mariachi during cocktail hour. The DJ seems waayyy too pricey, how did your music situation go? Did you have an ipod? I think we might do that.. My only concern is that I do not get nickeled and dimed once I get to the resort..I dont want prices to change or find out that the package really doesnt cover anything :/ If anyone has answers about that, that would be great..thats my only worry!!
  4. HI- I am getting married at RPRM and I have the caprice package. I am thinking of doing Botofogo but I am concerned about the dj and having a private reception. Does anyone know how much they are expecting us to pay extra for a private reception and also is the dj realllly worth 1,000 Thanks! ALSO- Are the decorations for the caprice package super nice Do chair covers and ribbons come with the package?
  5. Hi! I am getting married at the Riu May 7, 2009. I am now in contact with the Vanessa and she has been able to answer some of my questions so far. I reserved to get married on the beach? Where is everyone getting married? Also, for a reception, is there anyway we can block a time for this part. I dont want to feel like we have to have dinner and then head somewhere else like the disco for the reception (i will have older people that probably wouldnt care for loud music, id like it to be more intimate). Does anyone know how much that would be? Please keep me posted on wedding plans and how they aregoing and then I would love to see pics! So after your weddings I must see your pics and stuff! Getting excited which I am sure you all are too!
  6. Hi everyone, I am getting married May 7, 2009 at the Riu Hotel Palace in Riviera Maya. If anyone has ANY information regarding the hotel and wedding accomadations please feel free to talk to me! I would love to hear about your wedding plans and your experiences at Riu and with the coordinator! THANKS!!
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