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    January 2009 Brides Post Here

    24 Days Away!!!! Nervous! Excited! Happy!
  2. If anyone looking to get their e-pics done in FL, check this out: http://enviphoto.blogspot.com/
  3. IslandBPR

    Puerto Rico Wedding Planner??

    Rosalina from Momentus Momentus Special Events & more Tell her Vanessa from the January 4th wedding sent you.
  4. I'm getting married in PR. Honestly there are many many options but it really depends on what type of venue you want: resort, restaurant, country or city side. Good Options are: El Convento, Rincon Beach Resort, El Faro Hotels, Restaurant Antonio, Water Club. Hope it Helps!
  5. IslandBPR

    Latex Flowers

    Well. The flowers are for my bouquets, the centerpieces won't have flowers, they are birch trees, but I will check to see if any of my BM's has allergies, just in case. Those orchids look really nice, I am going to check out the page. Thanks!
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    My Guestbook

    wow that looks amazing. so original.
  7. I'm thinking of having my bouquet made out of latex flowers. Anyone know a good place to get the flowers? Thanks!
  8. IslandBPR

    January 2009 Brides Post Here

    Hey I'm January 3rd in Puerto Rico.
  9. IslandBPR

    Another newbie!

    welcome! I am getting married in Puerto Rico. If you need any advice.
  10. Hey. gosh Im so sorry this is happening. I have a list of venues I researched that you can check out. you can send me an e-mail at vanyvelez at gmail dot com.
  11. IslandBPR


    Hey!! I'm getting married in Puerto Rico in January 2009. So kool to find PR Brides.
  12. IslandBPR

    Puerto Rico Brides

    I am getting married in Puerto Rico!! January 3rd 2009.I'm so excited!
  13. IslandBPR

    Hi Newbie Here

    thanks everyone! and thanks for the tips! Let's see if I can get the hang of this.
  14. IslandBPR

    Hi Newbie Here

    Hi I'm new here, getting married in Puerto Rico on January 3 2009.