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  1. I stayed in Da House about a year and a half ago and LOVED it!! Definitely go for it if you want a small boutique feel. Two things to consider: it's four floors with no elevator; its above a popular salsa bar, and the noise echos throughout, so don't plan on getting to bed early.
  2. This is a little weird, but have you ever tried tape?? My friend who was in beauty pagents and bigger busted used to tape those suckers up. It worked great!!!! I'm not sure what kind of tape. OK maybe I'm not really helping...
  3. I've seen lots of moms. It always pulls at my heartstrings...
  4. Eh, as long as it's more about the fashion and less about the sex (without love) I'd be OK with it. Teens these days don't need anymore encouragment! I know, I'm a prude!!!
  5. It's a "Tonal Story". Trust. I pull that crap ALL THE TIME at work!!!
  6. Hello!! I'm Holly. I think I'm gettin married in PR. I think I'm getting married in January 2010. I'm hoping that this forum will help me make up my mind!!!
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