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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Ava Hey you You probably should book the hotel really soon, but how about using one of the travel agents on the forum? I think you're pretty good besides that! I have a travel agent that is helping us (well, somewhat...) I think we will book our travel within the next 2 weeks. Have to wait to see what happens with the FI's job. I'm feeling better today because we have a set plan. We just have to book it now...oh yeah and pay for it
  2. Okay I just had a mini panic attack while reading this forum. We haven't booked our stay yet (wedding is Apr 17th in PV at the Riu Vallarta hotel)! I didn't think we were in a big rush but I guess I should go ahead and do that. We did send out STD's and buy my dress. I think I need to get a photog too. Geezzzzzz....I thought having a destination wedding was less stress. I want someone to do all of this for me!
  3. LuvGrand

    PV Bride!

    Welcome! Nice to see another PV bride. I'm getting married at the Riu Vallarta on April 17th. Good luck with the planning!
  4. Welcome to the forum! We are also getting married at the Riu Vallarta on April 17th, 2009. If you have any questions (or maybe I could ask you some too haha), let me know! I didn't know we could rent out the pool area for an after dinner reception so I will have to check into that....hmmm more to do
  5. Thanks for the review! We are getting married at the Riu Vallarta in April '09. So you had dinner 6-8pm and then rented the bar after that? I didn't even realize that you can rent out the bar area. How much did it cost? Is that something you put together when you get there or do you reserve it beforehand. Thanks so much for all of your help!
  6. I just moved from Des Moines last week! I second all of the things that MikkiStreak said about the Des Moines area. You should really check out the state fair...it's a really big deal and there's tons to do there. Also, if you want to go for a nice, peaceful walk (and if the area is open and isn't under water still), you should go to Gray's lake. There's a nice 2 mile long walk around the lake. It's normally a lot prettier but the floods killed a lot of the plants around that area. If you want to go shopping, movie theater or go out to eat, you should go to Jordan Creek Mall which is in West Des Moines (that's actually the name of the city). Billy Joes Picture Show is a fun theater where you can eat while you watch a movie. billyjoes.com is the website I think. If you are taking a bike, there are tons of bike trails in the area and around downtown. My FI and I are from Texas but moved to Des Moines for me to go to school and we LOVE IT! It's taking all of the nice things out of Texas minus the heat and driving distances and adding the snow. It has the conveniences of a big city and nice people without the traffic. You can PM me if you have any more questions. I hope you enjoy your time there!
  7. I'm actually going to make my STD's this week (wedding is in April) and send them out. THEN, I'm going to send invites with all of the information about the trip to people that are going about 3mos in advance. I'm hoping that is okay
  8. They both look great on you. It kind of sounds like you want the Monqiue Luo dress though. I'm sure you wil be happy with either of them. They both fit you perfectly!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by BarefootBride I dont know ladies, I have been a die hard GA fan since day one. Ive seen every last episode and it just seems like the show is fading. Does anyone feel the same? I can barely see it coming back for another year. The characters just dont feel the same anymore. I cant connect to them. Look how they've changed ... and Im not talking about their personal changes. I was reading that some of the writers are different from the first season. That could be possible. I also missed Addison Burke and McSteamy. Izzy pissed me off that last episode... I cant stand when she whines. She has some attachment issues thats annoying!!! Well I have 10 minutes left of my ITUNES download of GA... I wonder what happens with Rebbecca. I totally feel the same way. My friend and I were talking about how it's going downhill (not that we won't keep watching it lol). She said their ratings went down after Isaah Washington left. I don't know if it was because of him or that nothing much exciting has gone on. I don't know! They also haven't been showing that many medical cases. All of their cases relate to them personally. It seems like they have gone away from the "medicine" part of the show and are only focusing on who's dating who. I hope something exciting happens for the season finale! When is that by the way?
  10. A couple of weeks ago, I went to a speaker over lunch that said he had NINETEEN brothers and sisters. Throughout the rest of the talk, I couldn't focus on the subject because I just kept thinking about how it was possible to have 20 children!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by LC_Rachel haha I always assumed they slept together. Why would Chelsea put on the nightie? That's just teasing the poor guy. LOL I just assumed they slept together too! I was kind of thinking that's why he didn't pick Amanda (that's her name right) because he had slept with Chelsea. My friends and I were REALLY trying to figure out whose hand that was last night. Someone said that Chelsea had the bracelet on but that was not confirmed with the commercial that we saw last night. The suspense is killing me!
  12. Don't feel bad about starting the thread. It's actually making me feel better that other people are having the same issues My mom hasn't really been excited at all. I asked if she wanted to go look for a dress this summer and she said "oh, sure." She was more excited about looking for my prom dress in high school that she is about looking for a wedding dress. My brother gave me the best advice (after he has gotten married and dealt with family stuff) - Do whatever is going to make you happy and don't worry about everyone else. You will stress yourself out and things will work out anyway! I wish you luck!
  13. I just tried to book my wedding for April 18th, 2009 at Dreams and they are already booked. She said they have the 20th and 16th available but I don't think anyone will be very happy about having the wedding on a Monday. I'm really bummed. Did I wait too late to try and book it or what?
  14. I actually got the VS dress last month and ended up returning it. First of all, it was just pretty expensive. Second, there were a few that didn't look good on me so I was left with just a plain dress. And I didn't really like how the bottom of it was uneven. It could potentially be really cute though...just not on me I like the material on that one from Sears though and it looks like it may fit better....not to mention a better price. You will have to let us know how it works out!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by MoWife They just got the crapartment together on this current episode. The end of last season George wanted to move out because of him and Izzie not being together anymore. I was listening to a radio show and they were talking about Callie and Hahn getting together. It does seem to be where they are heading. Addison comes back next week. I love her! I'm excited about Addison coming back too! One of my friends pointed out that she is going to help Meredith get McDreamy back. As annoying as she is, I really want them to be together! I wish I didn't like Rose....
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