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  1. Oh wow, that is frustrating. How long are you all there before you get married. The hard thing is knowing you are going to an AI, and eating sensibly might be hard for her to stick to a diet like the good suggestions mentioned in a few other posts. I do agree with a few other girls though, don't let it stress you out. Everyone will be looking at you and raving about your beauty.
  2. Thanks for the info on the meals. Did you have it prearranged for the staff to move your bouquets to the reception or did you just plan that the day of? I have not mentioned anything to Valeria yet, but will be emailing her tomorrow. Just wondering if I should be worried about it or just ask the staff that day. Thanks
  3. Jilly, thanks for the info. Very helpful. I know what you mean about the sun. We got engaged in Puerto Vallarta and it was amazing how the sun and also the cocktail during the day wore us out on that trip. I think everyone will enjoy spending time just relaxing and being on vacation or if they are the active types there will be plenty to do. I am just looking forward to the sun and no work!!! Did you go snorkeling at all?
  4. I have paid the $500 and hope that is all. They tried to email me and tell me I would also have to pay for a 3 night stay. I have emails from Valeria saying all I have to do for an outside vendor is pay the $500 fee. It is absolutely ridiculous that they are suddenly trying to get more money out of all of us. I am not paying for the 3 night stay, but I really don't want to have to worry about my photographer not being allowed on property the wedding day. This is really a stress I don't need.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by akumalbound i am using cecilia dumas - her rates are about the same as claudia's. Wedding photography | Cecilia Dumas, Cancun Can you tell us how she did? Maybe you already have somewhere, but I am new to this site. thanks
  6. Although I can't tell you it went great, because it is next week. I can say, yes we planned our wedding in about 6 months. We got engaged in Puerto Vallarta in August and couldn't decide on a destination until almost October. Now getting married at EDR with about 14 guests and all planning was done in about 6 months. It is amazing what you can do when you are forced to
  7. I would like to thank you for being so vocal on this subject. Although you are a photographer yourself and therefore going to be very passionate about it, I appreciate it. I already paid the $500 for an outside vendor and then a week ago got an email about needing to also pay for my photographer to stay at the resort for 3 days!!! Absolutely ridiculous. I hate that I even gave in to the $500 BS fee. Thanks for all the brides who gave their opinions and spoke their minds about this subject. It really helped me. I have Cecilia Dumas scheduled, and although can't find much about her, look forward to not having to use the resort photographer.
  8. Great info and thanks. Has anyone used Cecilia Dumas? I tried Elizabeth Medina and Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo, both were booked. Would love to hear someone's personal opinion on Cecilia. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the review. I really appreciated reading it. You mentioned if we had any other questions, well her goes: 1 - You mentioned dinners and horse back riding and a few others, but what else did you guys do while you were there. I am content lying in the sun, but not sure if my fiance will get a little bored. 2 - What about night life, granted you were there on your honeymoon and maybe not interested, but we are going with a few single people for a wedding. Just curious. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the pics!! They are great, it is always good to see something other than the resort brochures.
  11. jessicamo

    My first post :)

    Hello everyone!! My name is Jessica. I found this website about 2 weeks ago, and my wedding is in 1 week. I have been on it nonstop since. But couldn't for the life of me figure out how to post. Well, I am getting married at EDR on 4/12 and have read tons of info on the resort and various info. I would like to say thanks to all for the great advice and info you all have provided. Even though I couldn't change much from when I read most of this, it has helped give me ideas and ease my mind a bit. So thanks all other DW brides!!