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  1. Can anyone give me a price range of what an Anjolique dress might cost? I found one I like on the website, but when I google the style number, I can't get anything to come up as far as price. Thanks guys.
  2. We have to start our classes soon too. The priest told us we either had the 6 months of classes option &/or we could do this weekend retreat thing. I haven't heard about any one day courses... but I will definitely ask. I'm not catholic, but FI is, so I have to admit I'm pretty scared about this whole weekend retreat. I have this mental image of them separating us (which you know they won't let us stay together) into these "boys" and "girls" cabins. We also are living together, but I am going to try to avoid that question at all costs!! I glad to know that you all didn't find the classes t
  3. Those are awesome!!! You did such a great job -- those are all the colors I was thinking of using.... they look great together!
  4. You must be sooo excited Congratulations!!
  5. Oh honey, the same thing happened to me only mine was a Vera Wang and I had no idea before I tried it on or I never would have tired it on either. My only suggestion is to try to find it online at craigslist or ebay or some discounted bridal shop. Sometimes you can find samples for 1/2 - 1/4 the original price. If you don't have any luck, take the picture of the dress you love to some bridal shops. Those ladies are experts and might recognize a dress that is very similar. Good luck!
  6. I haven't checked online, but Target had some really cute starfish, sand dollars, and shells in the store this weekend. I think the starfish were $1 something for each one. I bought some at Kohls a while back when they were having a sale and I paid a lot more than that a piece for mine! I think I'm going back to Target to get some more.
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    Welcome to the forum, Kate!
  8. I think you should weart it! I would wear mine all week if I could just because that's the only time you will get to wear your wedding dress!!
  9. Welcome and congrats!
  10. Congratulations and welcome!
  11. bebe


    Welcome to the forum! You will find lots of useful info. on here...these girls (and guys) are great!
  12. bebe

    New bride to be!

    Congratulations on the engagement and welcome to the forum!
  13. Thanks guys for all the words of encouragement.... I feel better already!
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