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  1. Thank you ladies, This sight has been great! So excited to look through the DIY'S!
  2. Wow, that website is great, i was just getting ready to spend about $250, and i think i can get everything i need at that one for $130, thanks!
  3. I love your colors, that was the combo I was using when we were going to have the wedding here at home, but it has now changed, I love the layout, great job.
  4. This sounds interesting, looking forward to the details.
  5. Thats a good idea, silly goose didnt even think of that. I wonder if I should buy the boxes they offer, i have no idea how messed up the invites might turn out otherwise... hmmm.
  6. I am thinking of sending out invites to the party we are having for everyone before we go to jamaica in the style of message in a bottle. Invitation In A Bottle - Detail anywho, it says you can just slap a label on it and throw it in the mail, wondering if any of you ladies have done this and how much was the postage on each.
  7. i just love this post, i too am a sandles bride, jamaica we havent picked the location just yet we are leaning towards ocho rios. This post has been great help.
  8. Hello all, I am super excited, I have looked around this forum and found great info. My name is Lila, and we will be getting married in Jamaica in May 2009, we havent picked the exact spot just yet but I think we are pretty sure going to go with sandals. I am so excited about this, although it is very differnt from the original plan of the big hometown wedding. I kinda feel as if there is nothing for me to plan really, but that means less stress. well i am off to look through more post, just thought i would say hello.
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