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  1. Congratulations and welcome !! It loos like we could be at Dreams the same time !! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask although I'm sure you will find everything you need to know already posted here lol !!.... Have fun planning and one little word ofadvice to start with.... Try to be patient with getting replys from the wedding coordinators, it can take time but they will reply - Happy planning !!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Ryan & Valerie i am getting married november 21 2009. congrats to all of the 2009 brides!! jodey, looks like you are getting married the week before me. Hi there !! Yes you are right !! When do you arrive at Dreams ? We arrive on the 8th Nov fly backon 22nd....
  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to post your reveiw, it looks awesome !! Just out of interest how long roughly do you think it took you guys from start to finishing your meal ? How long did you end up with after the meal for dancing seeing as though we only get 3 hours ?
  4. Welcome back dmarie and CONGRATULATIONS !!! Can't wait for your reveiw and pics, so sorry you had rain but it sounds like you didn't let it spoil your moment !!
  5. I'm appserlutly gutted !! I've just spoken to the tutor of the course I want to enroll on and he tells me its been full for some time when I'd been told there were places available. How pissed am I !! If I was to start the course this year it would take me 3 yrs before I'm qualified ( I would be 28 ) I would now have to wait another year and I've got trying for a baby to think about, I don't want to leave it too late. To me 29 yrs is pushing it, I know women have children later than that and thats fab but what if it takes a long time ?..... What do you guys think I should do stay in my job untill we decide to have children in maybe 1 or 2 years time and use the maternity leave or try to get on the course next year leving trying for children untill I'm 29 ?? ..... I'm all confused !!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Kat81 Early Thursday morning!!! Wow !!! Thats awesome !! I bet your really excited, I hope Dreams is everything you hoped and that your wedding is truly perfect ! We'll be thinking of you !!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Kat81 I just bought a docking station as well. I put Ryan in charge of making the play lists. He just finished last night. Now it doesn't matter if they start clearing stuff out I will have my own party on the beach if need be.... I deffo think thats the way forward unless you have a huge wedding party !! My thoughts exactly ! they can't take away our own music hey ? ! When do you leave, it can't be long now ?
  8. I've just been on trip advisor and there seems to be a mixture of reveiws on Dreams Cancun. Apparently they have had major problems with their computor system that allowd them to over book 50 peopel !! All those people had to stay at different hotels close by so any one leaving soon might want to check that this is now sorted
  9. Well... I think I have part of my reception issue sorted, over the weekend I brought a BOSE docking station that will be sufficiently loud enough for partying so I now have no need to hire dreams equipment for the reception saving me about £150 I'm well chuffed !
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by SIMBASIM Well talked to finance' this am and if Hurricane Gustav hits New orleans then we may be forced to cancel our wedding. Hell we may even be forced to move! Please say a little prayer for us all...Thanks, Jen I hope everything works out for you ! Take care, we're all thinking about you ! Report back when you can to let us know how you are !
  11. Yippeee !! New cars are awsome !! My FI just brought a Ferrari 348 and picked it up yesterday, no photos yet, its red ( of course ) with cream leather !! Its awsome. Hes a big motor head and hes finally got his dream car after lots of hard work. I'm so proud of him, I told him to do it now before we hear the pitter and patter of tiny feet LOL....
  12. Well.... I've been thinking about changing my career for a while as I don't feel very challenged in my current job, I'm no longer learning anything and seem to be stuck in a rut, basically I do administaration. I used to work with horses which I loved but unfortunatly had to move on as it don't pay well. I'm now looking into training to become an electrician. My brother has his own comany and my uncle is an electrician too. I would have to do 3 years training at college plus practical work but its in the evenings which means I can carry on working full time. Does any one know of any women electricians ? I'm a real hands on person and think I would get great satisfaction from this. Fingers crossed, I'm waiting to hear back from the college because the course starts September 15th !!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Bisha We got married at Dreams last year (Nov) and had the reception in the Lobby Tower. We stayed until the bar ran fresh out of Tequila! LOL and then they went and got us more Tequila from another bar until that ran out and so on! The DJ had stayed past their time and so did the bar staff. No one was rushing us away nor were we asked to pay more to stay. We just kept partying until we could party no more The only thing was they asked us to make the music lower around 10:30 or so. I think it also helped that one of my BMs was running around and making everyone including the WC, DJ, waiters, bartenders drink Tequila shots with her. She managed to get EVERYONE around drunk! LOL I think if you're laid back and don't stress about it, everything will work itself out. That sound fantastic !! Just waht we would like, Did you hire Dreams equipment by the hour along with their DJ or was the DJ you used hired separatly ? Gaby the new wedding co-ordinator has actually told me that when our "time is up " the waiters will start clearing away ?? I'm not too fussed about having a DJ just something to plug our IPOD in. I suppose I will have to try and just chill a bit after all its still so far away LOL, Thanks for the advice !
  14. Oh Kat !! Thats awful !! Im so sorry, have you been to that salon before ? Keep us informed, I'm sure you will get it sorted, good luck !
  15. I've just been reading back through some of the past Dreams wedding reveiws ( Jilly's, Paula's, Brenda Star ect... ) and thay all say that they partied untill 11pm ! Does anyone know if they all had to pay the extra $10 + 10% + 15% for the additional open bar / waiter service per person ? I know this is a convirsation I have brought up before in a thread I started but I don't seem to have got very far with it. I know most of you are going to go with the flow and probably move on to one of the bars after your 3 hours of reception are up but I was just wondering how the others that have already got married there got round this music / time issue ?? Did they pay the extra or did they just end up staying with no extra cost ? Any thoughts ?.....
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