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  1. Thank you everyone for all your helpful information! This site rocks (and this thread)! We leave early tomorrow morning, I am so excited!
  2. We'll definetly have to consider it. One more question (for now)! Did they provide lots of hangers for your clothing? I don't want to pack any if they have them provided.
  3. Hello, Did any of you rent a cabana around the pool? From what I hear they are $100/day and you get a special menu with lunch and dinner in the cabana. I'm wondering if the food is even any different and it the cabana is worth it. Thanks
  4. There is no photography fee. You just have to pay for the pictures or package that you choose. We're doing the basic weddingmoon package too.
  5. I am in the same boat. I think the arches add a lot to the look of the beach wedding but they are so expensive, and you can't even keep it I see that no one posted, but did you have any luck finding ideas or pictures? I'd love to see what you found.
  6. Were flying with Continental Airlines. They are a larger company so hopefully I'll have good luck and they'll hang it. Thanks for the info! It is so great having people that have actually been there now!
  7. Thanks hollisandsteph. I'm really hoping that I will be able to hang my dress on the plane. I've heard that some people were lucky and the attendants hung it in a closet or the captains area. I'm scared it will get really wrinkly otherwise! Does anyone know if I could still bring a carry on along with the dress hanging in one of those tall garment protectors? The rule is a carry on and one personal item. But I think the personal item is more like a purse or laptop. Any one know or have experience with this?
  8. Random question- Do they provide adequate amounts of shampoo, conditioner etc.? I don't want to over pack our bags! I've heard it's very easy to go over the new 50 lb. limit. Also, I just booked my hair appt. and Darma told me they'll schedule the time when we get there. Is that what you guys did too? Thanks again!
  9. You said the you don't yet have your professional pics yet. Are you talking about the ones from sandals or did you have a photographer there? Because the other two brides that just got back had their pics before they left jamaica. I'm really curious because I really want my pics for our AHR.
  10. hollisandsteph- I think I'll get that cabbies name and number from you just in case. It sounds like you guys got some good deals from him and had fun. Asteff- You mentioned the beach does start to clear out in the afternoon, about what time does that happen? Our wedding is scheduled for 2, I'm guessing the beach may be still pretty full at that time. Also for both of you, did you notice what the ceremonies on the beach looked like? Like did they all have a arch set up or just go with nothing but the beach? I would really like the bamboo arches but they are sooo expensive. I wonder
  11. Okay, nevermind I now see that both of you posted your pics in a different thread. They were all very beautiful! Congratulations!
  12. The pics are gorgeous! You two look very happy. They make me all that much more excited to go. Did yous bring your own toasting flutes or did Sandals provide them? They were very pretty. Did your husband get really warm in the suit? Mine is also choosing to wear a suit. I hope he doesn't overheat!
  13. Thanks for the info! Do you get to leave the resort with your actual photos and CDs or do they mail them later? Did anyone happen to get a picture of someone having there wedding on the actual beach? This is what I really wanted to do, but I've heard that it is very unprivate. I don't like that idea. Were the weddings right on the beach in front of the resort or off to the side somewhere. My other choice is the gazebo on the other smaller private dock. Did any of you bring your own decorations to decorate the gazebo? We are going to do the sand ceremony, did they provide a table for the
  14. hollisandsteph and all others getting back soon ~ I'm glad there is someone to talk to who has actually been there now! My wedding is the end of June, so i'm getting down to all the last minute stuff. Any info and tips you have would be great! Did you get any of the a la carte pics and how was getting the digital CD of negatives, I heard the CD is $200? Did they do a nice job of doing your hair? How about the off site tours, would you recommend or not recommend any of them? I hope you had a great time! Thanks
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Asteff2001 I'm sure you can get digital negatives instead of actual pics. The price will probably be different. Hopefully not higher, but you never know! I'd just email Darma. Did anyone find an answer to the question above...whether you can get digital negatives instead of actual pics? And would you still pay the set a la carte price and then adjust it as necessary when getting negatives instead?
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