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  1. Thanks for your replies ladies. It's hard to believe we leave in 39 sleeps! wow! This may sound strange, but my future husband is a musician and we are also considering him playing me down the aisle... but.. I think we both might be a little nervous.. besides, I wants his eyes and full attention on ME! haha.
  2. Thank you for your responses. It is just the two of us going.. we really don't want a first dance, can we tell the onsite co-ordinator this?? Surely she'd let us skip it.??
  3. Hi everyone, well it's hard to believe the two of us are eloping to SGOR in Ocho Rios in 55 days!!! Yippee!! I was curious, what song did you walk down the aisle to?? Do they have a decent selection of, traditional wedding songs?? I have no idea what I want to walk to...or do we have to bring our own cd Thank you!!!
  4. Hey all, we leave for Jamaica in 55 days! Yikes! I am wondering what music you walked down the aisle to? Do they have a decent selection?? I have no idea what cd to bring, we have so many favourite songs!!!! There is just the two of us, so I guess they will just play a snippet of the song??
  5. You looked beautiful!! We are eloping and I think the reef terrace would be a perfect place to get married as well. We are going with the smallest package they offer, but I'll probably get more. it's too bad you had a crappy experience with that!!
  6. Yes we are having an AHR,, but not till March, after Christmas, and winter vacations, etc. Our winters are sooo bad here.. we wanted to wait till then. I'll be sad my folks are not there too.. but, like you, finances are tight, plus other issues..and we really wanted a DW.. so to make things simple we just decided we will elope... just the two of us.
  7. Ok thank Melissa, Yes she first asked me to fax in the payment for the $150.00 photo package, on visa... (which now I'm thinking about cancelling.. I just don't know what to do.. I guess I'll get the 6 pics then I can always buy more on a disc...?) I faxed the form with my visa number on it.. (which always worries, me!!!) The form she emailed me to fill out and email or fax back; was password protected, so I had to print it and fax it!! Then this morning she emails me and tells me SHE books the hair appointment and I pay her the $70.00. So darn, have to send another fax.. argh!!! I have sent her an email asking if she got my visa# and am asking for recepts/confirmation of payment for my photos and hair.!!! last think I need is to get to SGOR and there be confusion about whether I paid or not.. and charges being put on my credit card while there!!!!
  8. HI everyone.. I have a question... am i supposed to pay Darma, the Sandals co-ordinator the $70 for my hair appointment? From what I've read.. most brides pay the hairstylist plus tip when they get there!? If I send her the payment I best ask for her to mail me a receipt? Darma just sent me an email telling me the cost of the up-do.. (washing, drying, extra, but I wont need that) and that she can book it for me. ?
  9. Thank you for the awesome review!! I am getting married at the SGOR this November!! It is just the two of us going!! I am trying to decide what is the best place to get married, the reef terrace gazebo? looks nice and private. The only extra I am going with is the hair appointment, and the smallest photo package. $150.00., but it sounds like I can always buy more and get them on disc which is what I really want!!! Is that right?? Because it is only the two of us, we won't be doing the 1st dance stuff, or cutting cake, just get married, do some pictures in the gardens, by the beach (if weather cooperates). Then we can relax in our room, *wink* then have our butler arrange a nice dinner for us somewhere. Did you end up having music to walk down the aisle? My financee is a great trumpet player; maybe he'll play something. hmmm.
  10. Congrats!!! I am stuck at work.. and they block all pictures so can't wait to get home to see yours!! What may I ask did you decide to do for photos? did you pre-purchase a package? or did you just wing it?? Were you able to get them on disc??
  11. I'm from SK. We booked everything through our travel agent. at first I was getting quite the run-around. My travel agent sent out in the mail all our travel info, etc. as well as Darma's phone number.. so I called her.. and then just emailed her (got her email from someone else on this forum i think) which was waaaay faster.. and she emailed me back and told me i have to call 1-800-Sandals and BOOK the WEDDING DATE first... ( i thought that was what she was for..?) Anyways, so I called the number and they told me to have my TA call in... so by this time I was pizzed off.. so I sent a nice, but firm email to my TA.. letting her know what's going on... that i'm already getting a run-around and shouldnt be.. cuz we spent a crapload of money for this trip. Next day my TA emailed me and let me know that we are booked for Nov. 18th (2 days after we arrive) and I got the 4pm spot.. which is what I wanted. Whew!! It is just the two of us going down.. eloping!! So we don't need any upgrades. We are getting the butler service, so that is plenty! I looked at their fancy floral packages, dinners etc. Which look lovely but totally expensive. $180 for a dozen roses?? wow. I'm bringing my own flowers down. How about you?? What are you sending for documentation? I have to get both or our birth certificates ($25.00 each) or its a cert. copy or something .. then get it notarized I guess. Does this sound right??
  12. hey there! We are getting married Nov 18th?? What time are you getting married?? Are you doing any upgrades?
  13. Yay.. my travel agent got a hold of Darma and our wedding is booked! Now.. they want to know if I want any upgrades, book salon etc. No problem... all I want is my hair done. No other extras. We are in a butler/expensive room so we get all the booze/reservations pampering already. I'm very stuck on the photos. I am ok with spending $355 (ouch) for the 18 pics... BUT I want them on disc instead of the 5x7 prints. Do you think this is possible
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