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  1. Well we are back from las Caletas wedding. it went great but I don't know how to post the pictures. hmmm or if there is a place I should post them instead of here.
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    Guests inviting guests?

    Quote: Originally Posted by xandrafaye I really don't know hwo I'd react to this. I mean its YOUR wedding so why do you want strangers there.. but then I guess like you said the resort is pretty big... I guess it would depend on your wedding. If you are having a semi-private reception that isn't costing extra then I guess it's not a big deal. But if you're having one that costs per guest then it's strange. I suppose you could tell them that it's okay for these people to come on the trip, but unfortunately you don't have space at the actual wedding for them. So they can spend time with everyone for the rest of the time, but on the actual wedding day, they'll have to fend for themselves & find something else to do.... I dunno! Sorry I'm not more help! I wish you luck with sorting this out! I totally agree w/you. On our invites response card I put Guest(s) and put the name of the guest. If it was Brett that is the only name on there. for my friend Carol I put Carol and Guest...well this was manly because we didn't want Brett to bring his DRAMA GF to our small (7-10 people) intimate wedding. She's one of those "it's all about me, and if not I'll cause a seen to make it about me" person.
  3. we are doing it after because I want the first wedding to mean the most. Civil to me is just for legality and not that much important for a piece of paper. The spiritual was more important to me. My opinion is that a year is to far in advance. Now that's just my opinion.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by LC_Rachel Oh crap- I don't know about a wedding for only 7. My bad- I guess I'm assuming it was the largest package. THey have since changed the packages since I booked. What does your contract say about tips? Mine listed the $10 per person fee (or $300 minimum) whatever was larger. This is paid in cash. They have a package that is for parties no more then 10. I'll have to look at the contract and see what it says. Thanks.
  5. Ok thanks for the info. I'm so afraid to get sea sick. It's such a horrible feeling. Did you take anything before you got on the boat?
  6. hmmm let's do the same to him...i mean, it's art so i'm sure he wouldn't mind right? I HATE when people mistreat animals!!!!!! I say let's do the same to them and see how they feel. I'm sure they will sing a different tune!!!! This just ruined my day!!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by LC_Rachel I really wanted to thank everyone for their nice comments. I know I had said this before in another thread, but I had planned on loosing a bunch of weight before the wedding- obviously that never happened. I have been really insecure about my weight- I've gained like 50lbs (probably more) in the last 5 years and I have no idea why. I will be seeing a doctor soon because my mom and sister have been diagnosed with thyroid problems. Their doctor thinks I have the same problem- we shall see. Anyways, it means a lot to me to read everyone's nice compliments. My weight was probably one of the hardest things I have had to deal with during the planning of the wedding. While I felt beautiful the day of the wedding, I have a hard time looking at pictures. I'm excited to see the pro pics, but also a little scared. In the meantime, thanks for all the compliments. That is my struggle now. Losing weight (need to lose 15 more) and I am trying so hard with the gym and all and i only have 5 weeks left so if i don't lose the weight i at least hope to look as beautiful as you did. Did you get sea sick...I get sea sick and I'm afraid that's what will happen to me and we are having a day wedding so i really won't have time to recover at las caletas.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by LC_Rachel Getting down in our little dance line. BM's turn. Mom's best friend doing the running man I believe. She showed me up! My mom's turn but unfortunately it was only half captured. The owner of the camera must have been drunk. Dancing some more. LOVE the pics...running man...LOL I love the mens shirts, where did you get them? They will be perfect for my man of honor ...LOL (we are only have our 2 best buds who are a couple stand with us and give me away) so we make fun and call Gabe my maid of honor..LOL.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by LC_Rachel $10 per person should already be included in your contract. That goes to the waitstaff and staff that sets up the wedding. This is a minimum of $300 though- so if you don't have 30 guests, you will pay $300. I tipped Nicole $100. Not sure if that was enough, but that's what we did. We tipped Brad the minister $50. Thanks for the tip (advise...LOL) ok so I'm a little confused. They already charge, or should I say include the tip? I only have 7 guests so should I tip extra. Must be the smallest wedding there from the ones I read.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Chelle Hi everyone, After trawling through numerous catalogues and websites I've given up on the idea of buying invites ready made, as there's just nothing that quite fits the bill (and there's the expense...). So, I've decided to come up with something myself. I'm just looking for ideas now and thought I'd ask for your help/suggestions. Our colour scheme is hot pink and orange and we're getting married on the beach in Mexico. I really like starfish but not sure how to incorporate this into the invite. Can anyone suggest anything?? YES!!!! I did mine myself and loved them as i am getting married in PV at Las Caletas on the beach so this is what I chose. I hope you can see these. Then i got them and printed them myself it was sooooo easy and they came out nice. And funny is that i also chose the hot pink and orange. Tie-the-knot Mix & Match Printable Wedding Invitations I hope you can open this. The wording was a bit more of a challenge but this is what we wrote: CONNIE ALICEA & BRADLEY ALLEN DOUGLAS This day I will marry my best friend, the one I laugh with, shares my dreams, life and love with. IT IS WITH JOY THAT WE ASK YOU TO SHARE IN A CELEBRATION OF LOVE AS WE EXCHANGE OUR MARRIAGE VOWS IN PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO. SO PACK YOUR BATHING SUIT, FLIP FLOPS, AND CASUAL DRESS CLOTHES AND JOIN US FOR OUR SPECIAL DAY, VACATION, AND A WHOLE LOT OF FUN THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2008 Our Journey To Find True Love Ends... Our Journey To Cherish True Love Begins. it was nice and affordale only complaint was that it took a bit longer then I expected to receive it. However the product was nice and easy to put together. so if you like them and want any help on how to put it together I'll be more then happy to help you. By the way the orange I did as the back board and the pink the ribbon that went in the middle.
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    Off Your Chest

    now for my real letter. Dear Lord help me lose 15 lbs before my wedding in 5 weeks..i'll even accept 10. but I'd prefer 15-20. where is the miracle PILL. You'd think with all this technology that someone would have found it already. Get off the moon and get on our mircle pill before we all get so big we can't live on this planet because there is no room....
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    Off Your Chest

    we get asked the same thing KIDS...oh please. I don't want any more for he has one girl 12 and I have a boy 13. that's enough for me. He's 40 and I'm 38 do you really think we want to START ALL OVER!!!! well he does but i don't so i fixed that and had him have a vasectomy. NOW ASK!!!!!.....LOL
  13. ok I don't want tobe personal but how do we tip Las Caletas WC and staff? how much and so forth? does anyone know. We are on a budget so we have to put the $$$ in our allowance. Thanks
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    Never Have I Ever

    Never have I ever had a 3some.
  15. I just e-mailed her also. Thank you.