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    Ror Wc

    I just spoke to my wc/ta here and she called the riu today to find out what seems to be the problem. They said they can't seem to find any record of my emails that I have sent since the end of January. So my wc/ta sent her the copies of all my emails that I have sent and they said they would be sure to get back to me right away. I sure hope they do!
  2. KimmyKatBride, thats too bad you won't be there yet to see my wedding. I know I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of one that takes place before ours, but I think you are the only bride there at the same time. I'd be happy to give you some tips before your wedding. Every little bit helps when your planning a wedding!
  3. Olivia

    Ror Wc

    I haven't received any emails back from her either. I sent one about three weeks ago and never received a response, so I sent it again the next week, still no answer by the begining of this week, so I sent another email and guess what still no response. My wedding is in 23 days, so i have a little bit more time to get a response, but its still not acceptable for her to take this long to get back to us. For answers to my questions I have for the most part been able to find the answers here on this forum, but now I need her assistance and can't seem to get it.
  4. Olivia

    SMALL wedding...

    We are also having a small wedding @ the ROR. We have 23 guests total so I really didn't think that it was worth having a reception aside from a dinner that evening. We have a rather large reception planned at home a few weeks after we return, so our guests can just enjoy their time while it lasts in jamaica.
  5. Olivia

    Our Wedding Was PERFECT!!!

    Thanks for posting your slideshow. Everything looked perfect, I loved your dress! Seeing this is making me excited now, I will be there in a month and can not wait!
  6. Olivia

    Wedding Packages at the ROR

    I am down for the royal package, but after reading several posts on this site I've emailed Chandlyn about changing my package to the free. It just makes more sense to pay for what i want. I am bringing my flowers with me and the decorations that come with the package are not what I want anyways. And as far as pictures go, I prefer to just pay for Michael's fees and the pictures on the cd with all rights to print when I get home. When I added it up it was cheaper to go the free package route for me.
  7. What a great idea! I had no idea that you could make your own fruit roll-up design. Now I'm trying to make up my mind on ho many I should order.
  8. Olivia

    Back from Wedding at ROR!!

    Congratulations !!! It's so nice to read great reviews like yours. It helps me not to worry so much. Looking forward to seeing the pics!!!
  9. I have added my ROR wedding to the list as well March 21st !!! January 2008 Brides Cherie: wedding January 17th, there January 12th-26th Becky: wedding January 23; there 1/19 - 1/26 Becky (bex1975): wedding Jan 26; there 1/23-2/1 February 2008 Brides Natasha (pouchie) wedding Feb 7th JamaicaBride08: wedding Feb 8th, there 2/3-2/10 Janelle (Jmhein): wedding February 12, there 2/9 - 2/16 Therese (chicago88 ): wedding Feb 15th Mopher: wedding Feb 20th March 2008 Brides Carolena7: Wedding on March 8th, there from 3/5 – 3/12 Anna: Wedding on 14th March, there from 6th March - 21st March Octavia: March 15, dates there 3/12-3/19 Becky(Olivia): Wedding March 21, there 3/17 - 3/27 Kimmykatbride: March 26, 2008-there from 22-29, then in Negril for 1 week April 2008 Brides Heidi: wedding on April 4; there from 4/1-4/8 Jen (J&M): wedding on April 9 Marlon(Ilandking): wedding on April 10' there from 4/7-4/14 Jocelyn: wedding on April 10; there from 4/5-4/12 yboone98: wedding on April 11; there 4/9-1/13 Mandie (pook2b) wedding on April 11; there from 4/8 - 4/22 Amanda: wedding on April 17; there from 4/12-4/19 May 2008 Brides Alexandra (geology_rocks): wedding day May 5, there May 2-9 md_ocr: wedding on May 10 Albrosious: wedding day on May 12th leslie: wedding day on May 14th; there May 10th-24th Lizz: wedding on May 16; there from May 10-19 AlmostMrsForbes: wedding on May 19th; there from May 14th-20th (then off to Couples)! Jenn08: wedding on May 23, there from 19-26 Davina: wedding on May 29; there from May 26-June 1 June 2008 Brides Sara (cantwattobemrs): wedding June 10, there June 6-14 FutureMrsButler08: wedding on June 14 JuneBride2B: wedding on June 14 July 2008 Brides Brittney: Wedding on July 12; there from July 9-14 MrsInTraining: wedding on July 19; there from July 16-23 RiuBride2B: wedding on July 26; there from July 23-28 August 2008 Melissa (Shenmaat): wedding Aug 8th, there Aug 4th - 10th October 2008 Brides Msklee: wedding Oct 25, there Oct 23-27 November 2008 Brides Dara: wedding on November 1st: there from October 27 to November 3 GeminiLibra: wedding on November 15
  10. Olivia

    Newbie Jamaica Bride

    Hello everyone my name is Becky and I am from Kansas. I just happened to find a link to this site the other day and it provided me with a lot of great information. I am getting married March 21st 2008 at the Riu Ocho Rios Jamaica. We only have about 25 guests that will be with us, but when we get back home, we will have a large reception with around 400 guests. So much to do and so little time!!!