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  1. I can't BELIEVE some of you girls waited so long before getting engaged! You guys are much more patient than I am. I waited for 4.5 years before getting engaged. We will be married around our 6 year anniversary.
  2. nano.dogs

    Travel Security Pouch/Safe

    i think it's great that you mentioned Pacsafes! Not very many people know about them. They are a good deterrent against not only people trying to take your things, but also against people trying to use you as a mule to smuggle drugs across customs (which I hear is a real possiblilty in SE Asia). My FI and i plan on using them in the future when we back pack through other countries.
  3. nano.dogs

    Montezuma's Revenge..Cure's & Tips

    LOL when I saw this thread I had to respond!! I've had Montezuma's Revenge TWICE while traveling to developing countries (i.e., Peru and the Philippines). Trust me, once you've had it, you will do anything possible to not get it again! My best advice is to visit the Center of Disease Control website. They have good tips on what to avoid eating when traveling to developing countries. My own top two recommendations are: 1). avoid eating food from street vendors. I'm a pretty adventurous eater, but I did this once and got laid out for 3 days. 2). avoid eating fruits/vegetables that you are not sure were washed with filtered water. The only time I will eat fruits/vegetables in a developing country are when I wash the food myself. When my FI and I went to Peru last year, we got prescriptions for "traveler's diarrhea" (ciprofloxacin HCl--i think it's the cipro everyone else on this forum is talking about) I didn't use it (I'm a believer of just letting this pass their course) because I got sick at the end of my trip, but I wouldn't think twice about using it if it interfered with my wedding day!!!!
  4. Hooray, I figured out how to make your signature picture smaller! You have to resize the photo (I used MS Photo Manager), then save it to Photobucket as a new picture. I initially tried to resize the photo in Photobucket, but the picture didn't shrink. I think it's because Photobucket assigns only one IMG that is linked to the original picture.
  5. so, I FINALLY figured out how to post a picture in my signature, but when I did, the picture was enormous!!! Does anyone know how I can make it smaller?
  6. Your invites are gorgeous! I think you've set the bar on DIY invites.
  7. I was also thinking of ordering market bags, and came across www.delsolstores. The bags are similar, but they just have the colorful plaid design.
  8. nano.dogs

    8mm wedding videos

    I'm so glad to know that the effect can be achieved so easily! Maybe i'll consider it again for my wedding
  9. nano.dogs

    Post your "Must Have" wedding songs

    Between this thread and the one comparing DJ v. IPOD, I've decided on having an IPOD at our wedding. I think I'm going to put my FI in charge of the song list. It'll be the ONE thing he can do for the wedding
  10. nano.dogs

    8mm wedding videos

    This thread totally caught my eye, b/c I was also interested in having a wedding taped with an 8mm. This is a little embarrasing, but how I found out about 8mm taping was that i watched a celebrity show that featured Tori Spelling and Dean McDermot's wedding. I guess they rented one and taped their wedding themselves, and their video looked really cute. I also have a friend who was a film major in college who has an 8mm camera. She taped her brother's wedding, and she said it turned out great. From what I gather, the key to having a great video is to make sure it's edited professionally. She said it cost around $150 to have her brother's video edited properly. So if you are DIY person, you may want to consider renting one and having it edited later on. Hope this helps...
  11. nano.dogs

    Hi :)

    Hello, everyone. My name is Christine, and, after 4 and a half years of dating, I finally got engaged December 2007 (woo-hoo!). We are looking to get married in May 2009 in the Mayan Riviera. So far, this is the best destination wedding website (so the name is totally appropriate) I've encountered. I look forward to filtering though all of great information that has already been posted.