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  1. I love your dress great for the beach.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by mrsmck2b Hi all Me and my beloved are going to Sunset Jamaica Grande to get married on 25th March 2009!! Cant wait but just would like to get some ideas of what its like to get married there and what kind of prices we will be looking at for the 'extras'!!.thanx We got married at the SJG on 2/26/08. It was beautiful! We did the Pure Elegance package which turned out great! The pictures turned out great! They also made a DVD which was great to show the people who were unable to attend. Also, if you do a package that includes cocktails that means they also serve hors dourves which we did not know and had our dinner scheduled for 6:00pm and our wedding was at 4:30pm. Our wedding planner was Esther she did a great job you just tell her what you want and she takes care of everything.
  3. jnowlan

    sunset jamaica grand weddings

    I had my hair done at the salon. I had brought a picture with me of how I wanted it. We used the hotel photographer. I recieved the 2 tier cake with the package I purchased.
  4. jnowlan

    sunset jamaica grand weddings

    We did the pure elegance package that was $2000.00 that included the cocktail reception I did add on flowers and had my dress steamed. My total was 2200.00. We got married at 4:30pm and had dinner reservation at 6:00pm which was too early if you do the cocktail reception. We felt really rushed to get to our reservation. After dinner we had cocktails at one of the bars and then went to the north bar were they had a band playing and we did some dancing and everyone had a great time. Here is a link to some pictures let me know if you can't open it. Snapfish: Share:Registration
  5. jnowlan

    sunset jamaica grand weddings

    We got married at the SJG in Feb. everything went great! Esther was very easy to work with. We had 25 people we did the pure elegance which included cocktails for 20 people and two tier wedding cake. Well what they mean by cocktails is some h'dourves and you get your own cocktails at the bar. We had an area above the north bar which was very nice. If you have any other questions just let me know.
  6. I did not have Esther help me get dressed, but I'm sure she would. They have a photo album to pick out your flowers and you tell her what colors you would like. I order 2 extra boutonnieres 1 corsage and 1 bridesmaid bouquet and I like it was around $120.00. I order 36 pictures which was $360.00 you get it on a cd plus the 5x7. The DVD was in my package and they did a great job I would recommend this. To have my hair done it was I think $60.00. I paid for my MOH and mine but we had an hour massage also and it was $200.00 for it all. I think they will accomated you on a quite place for you cake. We did not do a romantic meal on the beach we had 25 people with us. Snapfish: Registration:FD:Lite
  7. We had a total of 25 people. We did the Pure Elegance which states cocktails for 20 people which included h'orderve's which I was not aware of until we reached our reception site. We had the reception above the north bar. I did not upgrade my bouquet. Esther was the wedding co-ordinator she was wonderful. I did have my dress pressed at the resort instead of having it done before I went. I did have the spa do my hair but before I went I had my hair dresser do a trail run and we took pictures, they did my hair from the pictures and did a great job. We had the wedding in the gazebo over the ocean it was beautiful. We did not get a room upgrade but we did'nt spend much time in our room we had 25 people with us. We did extend our vacation an extra 4 nights and stayed at the Sandals Inn which was wonderful. Relax and enjoy your wedding day! Pook2b if you have anymore questions just let me know.
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    Opt out of reception?

    At the Sunset Grande we had a cocktail reception after the wedding which included h'orderve's and this was included in our package we puchased and we then had dinner at the Ginger Lily after with everyone. I'm with your FI why should you pay for food which everyone has already paid for. It turned out great everyone had a great time.
  9. No that's not my sister we get that all the time. We have been BF for about 23yrs.
  10. I added some pictures
  11. My wedding was perfect! If you think your not getting enough information from your wedding co-ordinator relax they do usually four weddings a day and everything goes very smooth. If anyone has any questions regarding the Sunset Grande just let me know.
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    Our Wedding Was PERFECT!!!

    Wow! Your day looked beautiful. Congrats! I love you flowers.
  13. Your pictures are amazing. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Congrats!
  14. Congrats! Beautiful pictures looks like you had a great day!
  15. jnowlan

    Hello Everyone

    to the forum. I will be getting married in Jamaica at the Sunset Grande in Ocho Rios in two weeks. You will find a lot of useful information on this site. Happy planning.