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    Wedding Superstitions

    very interesting. i do not think i could keep up with all of those, especially the ones about which feet to step with. to much to think about!!!
  2. They all look so good. I am still trying to figure out my colors so I do not know if I can go much further. So many decisions to make!! Thanks again!
  3. TaraDM916

    what guys wish their wives did

    that is hilarious!
  4. I am trying to make a logo but I am not very creative. I figured out how to do it but I do not know what I like. May I see some examples to help me out? Thanks!
  5. We are having an AHR. I think I am going to send STDs and then invitations for both the DW and AHR at the same time. Then, people that won't be going to Mexico may still attend the AHR. If I do these kinds of invites, do I enclose two RSVP cards, or one with two blanks?
  6. TaraDM916

    flip flops

    have you also seen the flip flops that make impressions in the sand that say "just married". they are super cute. it would be really neat if you could find a way to get a wedding logo imprinted in them. just ideas.
  7. i appreciate all of the advice. i am just so torn. i think i may have to do the mexico thing but a small "legal" ceremony back home before hand. can you think of a way to do a tiny legal ceremony but still make it meaningful to the close family? what to do, what to do?
  8. we have talked about a AHR but she still does not seemed pleased with that. she also told me she was worried there were other people that would be put off by the mexico wedding. i think that our closest friends will be there if finances and timing allow. if i were to entertain her idea of a beach wedding in the states, does anyone know of anything similar to what they offer at most resorts in mexico? i want somewhere beautiful and all inclusive. i want to relax and party with my closest friends for a few days and then marry the love of my life in a beautiful spot. i heard nags head is pretty but it is very small. i want all inclusive and casual elegance. help me!
  9. I need some honest advice. I am planning on getting married in cancun in may 2009. i went to dreams cancun for a family vacation this may and absolutely fell in love. from the first day there, i knew i wanted to get married in the gazebo. as a little girl i had always imagined myself getting married in my hometown of virginia beach. then, i moved to kentucky three years ago. last year, my mother passed away. now it doesnt feel right to get married in va beach since she isnt there but it doesnt feel right in ky, either. that is why mexico seemed perfect. my one major problem is my FI's mother. she DOES NOT fly. she has never flown but refuses to try. she has told me she will not be mad if we still do a mexico wedding but wishes i could pick a beach within driving distance. the FI says we should do whatever we want. he likes the mexico idea. i know it is my wedding day but how much do i need to consider her wishes. i do not want to start the rest of my life with MIL drama. oh yeah, he is also an only child. help me!!! i need brutally honest advice.
  10. How did the timing work out? How soon after the ceremony did the cocktail hour start? Did you take lots of pictures between the two? Also, how much later did the dinner start? Was there a lot of direction from the staff to help you know where you were supposed to be?
  11. Absolutely beautiful! Does anyone know if Dreams only has certain colors or if they can do whatever you want (for chair bows and such)?
  12. TaraDM916

    Cupcake pic

    I think that cupcakes are the best things ever! I decided I wanted them for my wedding long before I was engaged. They are just so cute.
  13. TaraDM916

    Budget Part 99

    I was wondering if anyone's budget included a reception back home?
  14. All of that makes sense! Thanks for the advice. So much to think about!
  15. all of these really cute ideas are making my head spin! time for me to start making some decisons and get to work!