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    cermony inspiration pics...

    everything from outfits to ideas... I am having starfish bouts for the dads- wrist ribbon corsages for all the females beaded anklets for all the females beaded barefoot beach shoes for the moms and me and will be doing my own flowers when I...
  2. cancun1007

    isla pics

    photos from forum friends that are "Isalaholics" - I have use them for invites...website... stds...and to motivate those that are iffy about flying and going out of the country. please note all of these photo were given to me by people on an Isla...
  3. That site may be good- but FH swears by these folks as well as most of the areas forums... check them out! Can-Do Maps and travel guides We have the Cancun one and the Isla Mujers Map- I keep saying I am tired of folding and refolding...joking about hanging them on the LR wall...
  4. cancun1007

    Aisle Runner Ideas

    Here is a gal that I am using to make up a banner...but she does runners as well- Home I did not think her prices were too far out there.
  5. Sorry I do not know much about most of her team- if you ask her for a referral I am sure she can get you in contact or send you some shots... good luck!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by JANET1111 I voted trio only because I don't think that the mariachi brings enough extra value to be worth it. Better to err on the side of: -less money -less overwhelming -more romantic -better ratio of muscians to guests Ditto for me... I could not have said it better myself & exactly the reason we are having a trio
  7. cancun1007

    Candy dessert bar

    I am soooo sorry- I did not read it as at the DW - as I mentioned I had it in mind for back at home. Forgive me.....
  8. cancun1007

    Candy dessert bar

    I am planning on one at my AHR, I am going to use Mexican candies, and the setup will be in this little wagon- It belongs to a friend of mine and I borrowed it once for this event I planned and coordinated. I will wait until later in the night to wheel it out- Not sure of container types, but will us very small simple brown bags with our monogram printed on stickers. Maybe a sombero or two with candies in the brim. I do not have all the details worked out. One of those things I will end up winging in the end.
  9. cancun1007

    Cake Toppers

    I have been thinking about one as well, I think I may end up making it myself- something like this.... I also found the "how to's" in a book at the local craft store. I am going to use the left over beads from my other wedding projects.
  10. cancun1007

    1st attempt Luminaries

    I love the idea of the clear stickers. I was telling my mom about these the other day. We are planning on working on some yet this winter. Thanks for all the words of wisdom!
  11. I agree she is a very nice lady-I spoke with her but she does no weddings in the month of Oct. The WC we are working with is Juilette with Papillon Weddings- great gal- hip and fun I agree about the sunset feeling... that was a big sell of the island and our location- we had some spots we loved on the other side of the island but it is rocky and no sunset shots over there
  12. cancun1007

    1st Attempt Centerpiece

    I love them! Great job- I would maybe hit the thrift stores and look for platters and mirrors, you can always paint them if they are not in the right color. I could also see them inside a grape vine wreath... I think a gal from the other forum I am on did something at a vineyard- let me see if I can find some inspiration pics.
  13. cancun1007

    Newbie - Finally chosen resort DREAMS CANCUN

    Welcome... we are getting married on Isla Mujeres... so we will be taking in the sites in Cancun. FI has been there a number of times... let me know if I can try to help with anything.
  14. Are you working with a WC? If so they should be able to point you in some direction with that. I have heard from some brides that it was not all needed. The WC we are working with is taking care of the translation part, it is part of our package, but we are not working with a resort. Sorry I could not be more help...good luck.