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Site Inspections: Step-by-Step


By Yazmin De La Mora


Dear Brides,


We have been living in the area for more than 13 years already and 7 years working for different hotels as a Groups & Conventions Manager or as a Weddings Sales Manager.


There are some Professional Wedding Planners in the area that offer the site inspections service.


Since they live and know all the possible Hotels, Beach Clubs, Villas and Private Locations to hold a wedding in the area, they will help you to find the right location for you, depending on your taste, style, budget, month of the wedding and number of guests attending.


A planned site inspection made from a Professional will save you time, money, stress and car issues than if you do it by yourself.


We can assure than in a most of cases and based on your needs, in one single day, in no more than 6 hours we can find the ideal location for your wedding.


Based on our experience, here are our suggestions before doing a Site Inspection in Mexico:

1. Before visiting Mexico, do your timeline.

Prepare, plan and schedule all the Hotels or Locations you are interested to see. If you hire a Professional Wedding Planner, they will do it for you.


2. Define the locations you are interested to visit.

Decide if they are Private Locations, Hotels, Beach Clubs or all of them.


3. Do a reservation.


For most of Hotels you need to do a reservation.


For most of Beach clubs it is not necessary to do a reservation.


For all Private Locations you need to do a reservation.




If you do a reservation you can get a proper service from them and they have the time to be with you at least two hours and will have to answer all of your questions., offering you all the complete information such availability, room rates for the month you are requesting and the specific locations that are good enough for your wedding party, based on the number of people attending.


If you do not do a reservation, you have a risk of not being able to visit the resort or to do a site inspection with a bell boy or someone that is not in the wedding business, so you will not get the proper answers and once you get back home it might take several days or even weeks to get that info.


4. Rent a car.

Our suggestion will be to rent a car at the airport,


5. Get the right Map

Visiting Hotels is always more easy to find since most of them are along the main highway and private locations are often in neighborhoods that are more difficult to find.


The car rental company will offer a map. Make sure that you get the right map, there are 2 maps one for Cancun and another for the Mayan Riviera.


6. How it works


a. Request in each different hotel, with the reservations or wedding department a special room rate for a site inspection, and a late check out.

b. By staying at their hotel you will get all their attentions, possible up grades, site inspection and possible menu tasting.


Beach Clubs

a. With a reservation you can even arrange to have a menu tasting.


Villas or Private Locations

a. Print the map from the location and ask the property for specific directions,

b. Plan your timeline and schedules with enough time in case you get lost, have car issues, so you can get on time in each location.




Do not forget to wear comfortable clothes, shoes and a cap, bring enough water, snacks, sun block, bug repellant and your camera!


Here is a video from a site inspection that might help you.


Happy planning!

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