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  1. @@AllieH Thanks so much for the info! How much did you tip each server at the end of the night for the reception?? Thank you! Holly
  2. Hi everyone! I have been following this post for a while and love it! thank you for all the great info! we are getting married on oct 11th so trying to get everything wrapped up! I have a bunch of questions related to tipping everyone there for their services... How much did you set aside to tip? Who did you tip? Did you tip some people more? Did you tip individually or can you tip all the people working the reception/party in a lump sum? Thanks! I'm totally lost when it comes to that! Holly
  3. Hi everyone! My name's Holly and I'm actually getting married at El dorado Seaside Suites on Oct 11th but i've found this group to be really helpful since they both use lomas travel and alot of the same people! First, Thank you for being so helpful so far! I've been following along and reading posts for almost a year now and everyone has added some really great information! I was wondering if anyone has had the mexican family style meal or the BBQ deluxe menus for the private dinners? we are having about 60 ppl coming and I wanted to get some input for the different menus. Did you like
  4. I was worried at first too, but my fiance put it nicely and said that our closest friends and family will try everything they can to come and if its just me and him, we'll still have an amazing time! thats why i love this guy
  5. Hi! I'm getting married at El dorado seaside suites on oct 11th! We are starting to get into the thick of things now, planning and rsvps and everything, its finally feeling real!
  6. thanks for all the info guys! this helped a ton!
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