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My Travel Mugs Are Here!

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Thank you for your sweet comments! I really like them a lot, and I was really nervous about them!

Originally Posted by CourtneyV View Post
They look fantastic!! The logo size is perfect (my worry about them...) Did they send you a proof first?
I did get a proof... although it didn't put my mind at ease AT ALL! Since it clearly says that the proof doesn't represent the correct size or positioning. I was terrified they'd print it too small. But, I created the logo in Photoshop using the exact dimensions that were given for the print area, so it worked perfectly!


Originally Posted by jnowlan View Post
Those look great! What site did you get those on? Are you giving them to everyone before you leave or are you bringing them all down with you.
I got them from Discountmugs - Coffee Mugs, Travel Mugs, Water Bottles, Promotional Pens, Glassware, Commemorative Plates, Tiles & Promotional Items. I had a 10% off coupon and it was free shipping so I think they were VERY cheap for how nice they are!

I will be bringing them down with us and filling them with goodies. (i'll post a picture when I officially do that!)

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