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Dreams Cancun Wedding Location

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Hi Everyone,


am just new to this site and have been checking thorugh all the advice and information everone has provided is great and is very helpful!!


I think I have decided on Dreams Cancun as my wedding location for next summer (after loads and loads of research!).


If anyone has married there can you send me photographs of the day? I am unsure of what happens with the reception and what site is the best etc ( I have around 30 guests coming hopefully and most will be staying at dreams too).


My e-mail address is lclivingston@hotmail.co.uk.


Thanks very muchsmile03.gif

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thank you!


Well, I had Citlalli from Claudia Rodriguez's studio booked, but she got really sick (I think food poisoning) so her and her husband Erick, who also shoots, were both sick. So claudia called me that morning and told me that she had to send someone else, I can't remember his name but he was very nice and he did a good job, so I was happy.

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Originally Posted by TA Jill View Post
the link to my pictures is under my siggy pic
Hmm, I may be tech challenged here, but I'm trying to look at your pictures and I don't see a link. I'm pretty new on here as you can tell.


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