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Originally Posted by redheaney View Post
Okay, Morgan! How much to "do me" a few cups?! Say, somewhere between 6 & 8?!! Seriously, I love your effort!
I PMed you. Not sure if you are kidding, but I do have extra blue cups & could make you some. I am going to finish mine this weekend.

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Mmmmmmooooorrrrrrgggggaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn!!! Help!


Okay - so I go to walmart and buy some 4 for 97cent hot pink cups. I go over to the aisle where the crafts are and buy an Elmers brand paint pen. It says it works on plastic so I go for it. I already got my rub ons at Michaels with cute beach sayings.


I go home with my stuff all ready to be your little DIY protogee. smile159.gif


After I sit down to do the cups, the paint writes and I am totally pumped ! I'm thinking, the girls are going to love these! cheer2.gif


Then, I pick up the cups that I've written on and I noticed that the paint scratches off and rubs off very easy. wtf.gif


I am SO bummed! hissyfit.gif Do you have a pic of the pen you used or the exact brand?


I think the rub ons did okay - but the paint was a zero! smile27.gif

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I wonder if the cup was different. Is it extra smooth or shiny? I'll check my pen brand when I get home. I think it was Zigg or something like that.

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